How OSI Industries Plans To Up Its Growth

In the corporate circles, OSI Industries is known as one of the leading suppliers of meat products and fast food in the world. If you’ve ever visited some of the biggest restaurants such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Starbucks or even McDonalds, then you must have enjoyed some of the company’s products. Over a century, OSI Industries has maintained the best food processing practices enabling the enterprise to grow and become one of the biggest brands in the global food sector. OSI Industry has been a recipient of several awards given the company’s commitment to quality products and the welfare of the society.

OSI Group Industries has spread its operations throughout the United States. The company has also managed to establish operations in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. OSI’s products are popular in the Chinese and Indian markets. OSI has a history of delivering quality food products at a cost-effective price to the mass market. The enterprise also offers tailored food solutions to large congregations such as the Olympics.

OSI group’s history can be dated back to the days the company was a typical family business called Otto and Sons in 1928. When Sheldon Lavin, the current owner of the firm, joined the company, he held the post of financial consultant. The man used to help the company get funding for some of its projects. His competency at the job was put to the test when he was told to arrange for a credit facility that could enable Otto & Sons increase its production capacity to supply McDonald’s with meat products. Sheldon Lavin carried out this task so well.

Sheldon Lavin has nurtured OSI Industries from the days it was just a family business into one of the biggest privately held companies in the world. The entrepreneur deserves accolades for his outstanding performance in business. Several organizations have recognized Sheldon Lavin’s contribution in the society by honoring him with several awards. For more info about us: click here.

Recently, OSI Industries has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan with the aim of establishing its business presence in various global destinations. Of interest to the company have been the Asian and European Markets. The company acquired renowned British firm, Baho Foods, and a food processing facility in Chicago called Tyson Food. Currently, the company is ranked as one of the biggest private businesses that process food in the United States. According to the President of OSI Industries, David McDonald, the OSI group of companies is on the right path to becoming one of the biggest enterprises in the food industry across the globe.

Norman Pattiz’ Announcement of the New Show, All of The Above With Norman Lear

The entertainment industry is replete with rich history, culture and monumental moments. In the past, there were the great shows that feature the legendary entertainers of the world, with Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole making in the list. One of the enjoyable, entertaining and fascinating entertainment legends today is the World War II veteran and director, Norman Lear. He is also a producer of many stunning sitcoms in the past, and right now his fans will certainly enjoy the news that he is going to make a podcast show to create an avenue for him to share his stories.


In the article from Yahoo Finance, PodcastOne Founder and Executive Powerhouse Chairman Norman Pattiz finally announced that Norman Lear, the star of many great movies, will now helm the podcast show All of the Above with Norman Lear. The show will be a vibrant avenue for him and his fans to share stories, conversation, music and politics, and everything else that Normal Lear wants to share to the world. His wisdom has a lot to offer to his listeners, and with the help of his sidekick that will partner him in the show, Mr. Paul Hipp, he can truly entertain a lot of listeners.


This show has seen a lot of following already, with celebrities like Amy Poehler and America Ferrera as the show’s previous hosts.


About Norman Pattiz

The show with Norman Lear wouldn’t have been possible without the skillset and passion of PodcastOne’s Founder Norman Pattiz, who is the man who makes sure that people enjoy quality content from his podcasts.


He also makes sure that all the content he offers gets filled with in-depth wisdom and material that not only helps people go through their mornings with delight but also educate them with the aid of the knowledge of celebrities. All of these wonderful content is made possible because of Pattiz’ more than forty years of radio syndication experience.


It’s also worth noting that Norman Pattiz is the founder who is responsible for the growth and improvement of Westwood One. It is today America’s most ominous distributor and producer of sports and entertainment media. Westwood One is also the umbrella media network that handles a lot of media channels in the U.S., which include CBS News, Mutual Broadcasting System, March Madness and Summer Olympic Games. Learn more:


With Norman Pattiz’ leadership, many of today’s great entertainment continue to delight viewers and listeners in almost all the broad aspects of the entertainment industry. Pattiz also founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.




Individuals who have been holding off in the forex trade now have many reasons to consider adding forex trading to their investment list. Greg Secker gives pieces of advice about forex trading in the following article below;

Forex trading is also known as the foreign exchange market especially where international currencies are exchanged with twenty-four hours in a day and up to five point five days in one week. Everything in forex trading is handled via computer networks, unlike the stock market. Forex trading is considered to be a high-tech activity. Forex trading has been available for several years. The current world economy is unstable and unpredictable thus making now to be a great time for traders to venture into the forex trading industry.

Many people tend to ask themselves whether having a mathematical mind or innate talents is necessary to be successful on the forex market but the truth is that forex trade is all over the internet thus you can choose a software that will help you navigate things more easily. Therefore, forex trading is accessible to all that are interested in giving it a try.

Benefits Of Venturing Into The Forex Trade

Many individual might not be convinced about forex trading, but the following benefits associated with forex trading might make them be interested;

  1. Starting Forex Trading is easy to start

If you have a total of two hundred and fifty US Dollars in your account, you can start trading in forex. Thus it does not require a bunch of cash to start.

  1. There are many opportunities to practice

Trading platforms and the programs for forex trading comprises of demo accounts that are used to feel how the software and market work thus making you comfortable before actually involving yourself in the forex trade.

  1. One can practice Forex Trading anywhere, anytime

For you to trade on forex, you only need a stable internet connection and an internet-enabled device. A phone is just all you need since many programs include mobile apps.

About Greg Secker

Greg was born on eighteenth February 1975.He is currently a master trader, philanthropist and an international speaker not forgetting he is also a father. He founded the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003.The Group consists of various companies such as Learn to Trade which is a leading global trading education company with offices in London, Manila, and Sydney. It also comprises of SmartCharts Software which provides the latest technology in trading and Capital Index which is a brokerage firm. He also founded The Greg Secker Foundation which is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to positively improving the quality of life for people globally.

Greg Secker’s Life History

Greg began his career at Thomas Cook Financial services. He then decided to venture into the foreign exchange business where he ran a brand new business that is known as the Virtual Trading Desk™. The business was the first online real-time Forex trading platform that was available thus allowing customers to receive quotes for the huge foreign exchange transactions that were taking place. Secker progressed to be a Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation. He then started working at a major Fortune 500 investment bank in the US.Greg has been nominated position one hundred and fifty-one by Richtopia 2017 because of his passion about Philanthropy.

How Eric Pulier Made a Name For Himself

Eric Pulier is a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a polished publisher cum author. Throughout his life, Eric Pulier has been driven by his desire to help others and make the world a better place.

Early Life and Education

Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He pursued his post-primary education at Teaneck High School where he graduated in 1984. He later joined Harvard University where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature. After graduating in 1988, he pursued a much different path when he decided to input his skills in the technology world. His work mainly involved the invention of technological ideas whose primary purpose was to help the needy and promote the businesses of other people.

Business Ideas

His first invention came in 1991 when he founded the People Doing Things company. The primary role of this endeavor was to offer technological ideas to individuals who worked in the educational and medical sectors. The success of People Doing Things helped Pulier start his second company, the Digital Evolution in the year 1994. This was an interactive company which would later merge with the US Interactive LLC in the year 1998.

His technological ideas earned him a role during the 1997 presidential inauguration of President Bill Clinton after he was handpicked by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to complete ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century’ presidential technology exhibition.


As an author, Eric co-authored the “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” journal which was primarily designed to help new entrepreneurs. The journal was published in 2005, marking his full entrance into the authorship industry. Seven years later in March 2012, he authored another article named “The Enterprise Industrial Complex,” which was published in the Forbes Magazine.

His Advice to Entrepreneurs

Eric Pulier is always searching for individuals with new ideas that can positively change the society. He attributes this to be one of his many ways of making money. Once he gets an idea that he is sure will impact the society, he works with those behind the idea and eventually implements the concept into a tangible and productive idea. Eric believes that for any entrepreneur to grow financially and mentally, he or she must input his energy to others.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Woman Cosmetic Surgeon with Empathy for Females

Jennifer Walden is a leading plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. Walden’s star is ever rising in the plastic surgery field with her frequent media commentary and contribution to academia. Presently, Walden runs her private practice, Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery, and Laser Center, based in Austin. At her medical facility, Walden is leveraging on her eight years of experience to assist people in need of cosmetic surgery particularly breast augmentations, facelifts, eyelid lifts, and rhinoplasties. She is also an expert in liposuction and non-surgical procedure such as Botox injection and soft tissue fillers.

Being a surgeon is a great achievement but being a woman plastic surgeon is a huge accomplishment; Walden knows this. America has over 8000 board-certified cosmetic surgeons, but barely 800 of them are female. Also, of the less than 800 women cosmetic surgeons, a few of them, including Walden, are members of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The society is the most revered professional body for certified cosmetic surgeons.

As a woman plastic surgeon who has had some plastic surgery procedures performed on her, Walden has empathy for females in need of plastic surgery. Walden explains that women go for plastic surgery because of genuine reasons. For example, after birth, some parts of a woman’s body may become saggy; plastic surgery will restore the saggy parts helping ladies to regain confidence. Walden stresses that many women in search of plastic surgery are unpleased with males’ preconceived notions of the perfect female body.

Walden attended the University of Texas where she pursued medicine. She was an exceptional student who came second in her class. Walden then attended an esthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Immediately she graduated, Walden moved to New York where she practiced cosmetic surgery for over seven years before moving to her home state—Texas—with her two boys.


The Goal of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is the CEO, president as well as the co-founder of Seattle Genetic. He is a committed man when it comes to his career thus he has become so successful. Other than his business he is also a philanthropist who highly contributes to transforming the society. Dr. Siegall graduated with a Ph.D. from George Washington University in genetics and also a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He is a successful businessman and scientist. He has a great interest in biotechnology. Siegall received an award from Maryland University in the math, natural sciences and computer of the Alumnus of 2013.

Biotechnology in simple terms is the collection of particular microorganisms so that medicine can be made by the process the microorganisms. When the manufacturing is almost done, scientists and physicians thoroughly examine these microorganisms so that they can create a good treatment for cancer. This organization is in collaboration with similar companies for the purpose of creating an excellent antibody drug conjugate (ADC). This devotion of Seattle genetic and other companies motivates the victims of cancer in a way that they will receive the best treatment more importantly good therapy. They have so far come up with Adcetric, this is their first drug and fortunately, it has reached over 60 countries.

Seattle Genetics is impressed by their achievements as a company which includes the amount they make and this indicates that their financial statement is getting higher. The organization has so far supplied more than 20 ADCs to developing clinics. Seattle Genetics has made a record of earning $330 million since it began. Moreover, their patients are well taken care of as it is required.

The next medicine that the firm has created is called SN-CD33A. Cancer type by the name acute myeloid is being treated by this drug. Luckily the medicine is progressing well in the bodies of the patients and they are doing fine. Seattle Genetics does not cease in working hard in order to create the best therapies that will treat cancer. Furthermore, the association of the firm with other organizations is also progressing well for the aim of helping so many patients worldwide.


The Successful Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is an Executive Vice President, as well as, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. He was born in Columbus, Mississippi but does not live there anymore. In 2011, he has also become the CEO.

He attended Tulane University, which is where he obtained his masters degree of architecture. He also obtained a bachelors degree in arts from Sewanee: The University of the South.

Robert Ivy was the editor in chief in the mid 90’s of Architectural Record, which is the journal that he very much helped grow! He has also received many awards such as, the premiere magazine journalism award, the national magazine award, for general excellence, which was an unusual achievement for a professional journalist, and etc. He also received the Crain Award, which was the highest recognition for an individual in his profession. Robert Ivy was also named master architect in 2010 for his effectiveness in implying the value of design.


Robert Ivy has accomplished many things as you can see, in just his career alone, as well as in many different awards. People really show much recognition to him for his work and who can blame them? He is truly amazing. He changed the American Institute of Architects into a very influential organization. He also launched a public awareness campaign “I Look Up,” which gets architects and film makers together to collaborate in making architectural stories real. Another thing he has done that caught many people’s attention was promising the support of the American Institute of Architects to the Donald Trump Administration.

The importance of architecture in everyone’s life is spoken a lot by Robert Ivy. He gives speeches and discussions at both American and international events, which is a very good thing to do to get people to learn a little more about the meaning of architecture. He did this at events such as, the Library of Congress, The National Building Museum, as well as the Monterey Design Conference. He has also been seen on televsion before, on channels like, A&E, CBS’s The Early Show, and the Discovery Channel, as well as BBC World. He also has a biography called “Fay Jones: Architect” and it was put out in 2001 but now it is in its third edition. The biography is about Robert Ivy’s work and also about him being the apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. He has been very appreciated for all of the work he has done and will continue to be recognized.

For more information about Robert Ivy, just click here.

Get A Job With Highland Capital Management Today

Anyone living in Dallas, Texas has the ability to apply for a job with Highland Capital Management. This is a corporation that specializes in investing and helping organizations find solutions to keep their businesses going during hard financial times. Highland Capital Management accepts walk-ins when it comes to filling out an application.

When the organization began, Highland Capital Management was in need of experienced financial professionals. Though they still hire experienced financial professionals, there are countless other jobs that Highland Capital Management offers to the public. Some of these jobs include clerks, human resources personnel, janitors, and so much more. Regardless of the position, employees of Highland Capital Management all start way above the poverty level in regards to salary. In addition to this, Highland Capital Management offers incredible medical benefits, a 401K plan, and even paid vacation.

Since Highland Capital Management receives job application from people all over the world, they decided to make positions where people can work remotely. These jobs are both full time and part time. They may be in the field of website creation, online marketing, online promotional videos, or some other online job. This program has helped thousands of people obtain a job and work right from home. People working from home receive all the benefits of standard employees.

Those interested in working from home for Highland Capital Management should visit Highland Capital Management posts new work from positions on Indeed every single day. There will be a link leading to the application process. Filling an application out online is a fast and easy process.

Improving the state of National Steel Car by Gregory James Aziz

The initial state of the National Steel Car

Before Gregory James Aziz contributed to the purchase of the National Steel Car, the company was very low in production. The number of vehicles produced could not even supply the country as a whole. The company only focused on the Canadian market as they faced a lot of competition from within and without the country. By 1994, the National Steel car could only produce about 3500 vehicles in a year. The number of production was very low as compared to the required threshold to meet the market demands. The production could only be sufficient for the consumers who could order in advance. Because of this low production, the number of employees in the company greatly reduced as well. Since the production of this number of vehicles was not a challenging task, the company only could manage about 600 employees.

How Gregory James changed the company

After taking over from the company in 1994, a lot of changes were seen in the company. Leadership skills were required to improve the production and performance of the National Steel Car. As the CEO, James Aziz made a lot of changes that improved the overall performance of the company. His leadership style provided a way in which production can be increased. He engaged the employees and the management, and the result became very positive.

The focus on production

Greg Aziz understood that production of more cars was possible since there were resources. One of the most surprising facts is that Gregory Aziz did not change the equipment of production. He did not add the number of removed anything. He only ensured that they could perform properly for the benefits of the company. With the focus of increasing the rates of production, James Aziz saw the need for more employees. The production rate was very high to be handled by the 600 employees who were initially in the company. In improving the state of production, Greg Aziz did not fire anyone.

He used the existing team to improve the state of the company. Since most of those employees understood the nature of production, Gregory Aziz only promoted them to different ranks to help with the production process. With these changes, the rate and level of production changed from 3500 per year to over 12000 cars in a single year. The increase in production consequently increased the need for more employees and the population increased from 600 to almost 4000 employees in five years.



Life Line Screening is a private medical institution that was established twenty-four years ago to offer fitness and disease prevention services. It conducts tests to detect diseases such as peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular infections. Some kinds of screenings demand a laborious procedure of preparation, but this is not the case with screenings offered by life line. One needs to wear a shirt with an open collar and short sleeves if they are taking stroke screening and fast for eight hours before taking a diabetes type two and high cholesterol screening.

Additionally, peripheral arterial infection test requires that the patients clad in loose short sleeved clothing and avoid pantyhose. Arterial fibrillation screening demands that the patients should not apply lotion on the body or put on a watch. The patient should instead clad in loose short sleeved clothing.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm requires that one should not take a meal four hours before the screening. In the case of a diabetic person, it is unwise to fast.Thus they should eat a diabetic meal and half a cup of coffee or tea. It is also recommended that one should only take light food and little water four hours prior the screening. For the other types of screening, the patients require no preparation.

When a person thinks of testing, the mind lingers of a hospital. Life Line Screenings are usually done in rooms mostly in community halls, churches, and civic places. Patients expect screenings to last long; however, life line screening is typically fast. The screening is preceded by filling a form. The duration of time taken in screening depends on factors such as the number of tests to be conducted, body type and level of infection.

A patient should expect that their privacy is considered because screening area is different from the waiting area. Additionally, the testing is accurate since their staff is highly trained and they use the best screening tools. Screening is important since it helps prevent rather than cure. The risk factors are identified in time and treated instantly. Furthermore, it also slows down the rise of chroming kidney disease.

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