The Good Deeds of One of the World’s Most Brilliant Entrepreneurs; Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a published author, public speaker, and a successful technology entrepreneur. Education played the crucial role of a sharpening tool for Eric Pulier who is naturally intelligent. By the time he was in fourth-grade, he had already started programming computers, and when he cleared high school, Eric had a database computer company.

Eric Pulier went to Harvard University where he became the editor of The Harvard Crimson. His work was insightful and is still found on his Harvard writer profile. Eric Pulier was a brave writer who covered even the most dreaded topics like the dangers of terrorism.

Eric Pulier has funded and co-founded a total of fifteen companies. These include SOA Software, US and Desktone Interactive LLC. He has also received awards that include recognition as one of the thirty e-visionaries by VAR Business. He has been invited as a guest speaker at several technology conferences. One of his most successful publications is the book titled Understanding Enterprise SOA. Eric Pulier provides a simple introduction to the topic. The book is highly rated for its in-depth analysis and insight on the topic.

Eric Pulier has left a positive footprint in the hearts of many people by his philanthropic activities such as helping people who have various medical needs. He worked with Starbright World to build a secure social media platform for children who suffer from chronic illnesses. The network allows the children to interact with others who suffer similar medical conditions to learn more: click here.

He also founded Xprize that offers several competitions and prizes for the winners who are mostly innovative young people. This encourages them to explore their full potential and take advantages of the opportunities they come across in life. Eric Pulier intends to continue supporting others by taking part in innovative business start-ups and developing computing technology. He also worked with President Bill Clinton to create low-cost solutions for cloud computing and is the pioneer of multimedia educational platforms that are used at home. He serves as the board of director of Painted Purple. The organization holds an annual summer camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses.

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