Cassio Audi’s Outstanding Musical Life

A look at Cassio Audi’s early music career leaves a lot to desire especially in comparison to his 23-year financial careers as a business consultant. He is a man who started his music career as a teenager in the company of four other gentlemen who together they formed a rock band called the Viper in 1985. As a member of this band, he served as the lead drummer: a role that he played more actively with the passion and dedication required of a musician that is on a mission to stardom.
As a Drummer
To his fans, he was only known as one skillful drummer, but to his band members he was more than this. Cassio was just a gem to them. If he was not doing the drums, he was silently composing hit after hit. Additionally, he was the vocalist behind some of the group’s notable tracks such as the Killera, Princess from Hell and many other tracks that rocked the Brazilian airwaves. It should also be evident that from the success of these tracks, the group was able to consolidate and bring forth an album entitled the Soldiers of Sunrise.
Breakthrough for the Band
It is through the huge success of this album that acted as the final breakthrough for the band. They made major strides in international tours, staging performances in all corners of the world and this made their reputation more pronounced as a Brazilian rock band that sings in English, despite it existing as a second language. Instead of such an issue tearing the group apart, it even built them much stronger. It is through this time that Cassio went ahead to compose more songs that leant towards neo-classical styles. These songs were used in their 1989 second album called the Theatre of Fate. After its release, Cassio quit the group to advance his interest in business study.

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