Cancer Treatments Centers Of America Goes Real Time

The perfect storm of the latest cancer treatments and patient information has hit the (CTCA) Cancer Treatments Centers of America. The collaborative efforts of NantHealth and Allscripts with CTCA now allows doctors at the center to access data about what is happening in the world of oncology in real time.

This centralized access contains information about the most current procedures, treatments, and treatment outcomes gives both the physician and patient the best information on how to develop a plan of care. The resource allows the latest input data to the physician so the plan of care can be realized sooner and more efficiently.

The real-time network of data provides:

*Customized treatment regimens for each patient, including their current health and specific type of cancer.
*Comparisons of many treatment options, and the average market cost.
*Touch screen computer order entry
*Recommended by Eviti, each treatment is mapped within the EHR to care plan CTCA order sets. This includes a unique approach for each individual based on their history and needs.
*Reports in real time up-to-date adverse drug reactions, toxicity, response rates, and current guidelines plus shows supporting clinical data.

Cancer Treatments Centers Of America was founded in 1988 to provide hospitals that solely focus on cancer treatment. There are five CTCA hospitals are located in:

Atlanta Ga.
Chicago, Il.
Phoenix, Az.
Tulsa, Ok.

CTCA specializes in these types of cancers including lung, melanoma, cervical breast, prostate, colorectal, throat, lymphomas, ovarian, pancreatic, and more. A personalized care team is assembled for each patient that includes a medical or radiation oncologist, pain management physician, and dietitian to assure the highest quality of care and recovery. CTCA is aware that that cancer can vary with each individual. Each plan is created to best match each patient individual needs and concerns. Their staff of specialists is focused on cancer treatment and recovery.

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Understand Details About David McDonald’s OSI Group

OSI Group is famously recognized as among the largest privately held firms in United States. They endeavor in supply of value-added foodstuffs. OSI is quite extensive in their service provision.

They have expanded their horizons to the point that they operate over 65 facilities across 17 countries. Following their ever-growing popularity, OSI Group can efficiently deliver customized products almost anywhere in the world. David McDonald attributes the rapid company growth to their well-designed operational models. According to them, every successful worldwide brand must have a personal attachment with the clientele in each local country represented. Holding on such a wise move has continually impacted OSI’s incredible success.

OSI Group’s Diverse Markets

As Mr. McDonald explains, they have a unique way through which they ensure complete satisfaction of their customers. As such, they have continually expanded their markets, especially in China. They have been serving in China for over twenty years, and it has been success after success. OSI corporately works with their affiliates to meet their global goals. As it is, they have offices in every locality. The staffs working around there take their time to identify the taste buds of their clients. They then take the initiative to come up with products meeting the exact needs of their customers. Customization has continually made them an ideal choice for many. It was all joyous for OSI China when they satisfactorily supplied foodies in Beijing during the Olympics. After getting high remarks from the organizing committee, OSI China has now become suppliers to highly-ranking brands in China and beyond.

OSI Group’s Progression in Production

Since OSI’s inception, they have always sought to open more branches. As David McDonald OSI Group puts it, even in the years when they did not open more plants, they still had “an appetite for growth.” They operate under the guidance of the codes and ethics governing the food industry. Quality and safety of food come as a priority for them, which get their clients even more attached. Employing high-end technology helps them in maintaining high standards when handling foods. They even have equipment built with X-ray tools to enhance detection of foreign roles.

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The Philosophy of Bruce Bent II

A respected entrepreneur and businessman, Bruce Bent II has been impacting the business world for many years. Bent has been credited as creating some of the most innovative solutions in the financial world. His inventions have helped make the FDIC-Insured cash landscape into a more than trillion dollar industry. Today Bent serves as the Vice Chairman and President Double Rock Corporation, a leading financial services company.

Starting a business began in the early 1970’s for Bent. The invention of first money market mutual fund was central for his business. After growing to a trillion dollar industry, Bent expanded the company to include other types of cash management products, growing it even more. He continued to invent new things along the way, and today he holds well over sixty patents.

A typical day for Bent is spent communicating. He is focused very little on being at his desk, and more and more on delivering to his partners and clients what they need. He is not concerned with who comes with a great idea, but more on how well the entire team works together to make the idea come to life. He furthermore believes that stubbornness is a reason that many entrepreneurs fail. Bent credits his work ethic for much of his success.

As an entrepreneur Bruce Bent is convinced you must have faith in our own ideas in order to be successful. It’s okay to be a little flexible to overcome adversity, but entrepreneurs need to be willing to stick with their vision even sometimes when other don’t see it. Bruce Bent credits his father for helping to shape much of his vision and outlook. He continues to draw on those early life lesson to shape his outlook and planning today. With such an incredible track record it seems reasonable to say he will continue to have success for many more years to come.


Taking Cancer Treatment to the Next Level

The recent partnership of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) with Allscripts and Nanthealth will create powerhouse treatment options. This collaboration will bring a new face to cancer treatment and the technology utilized to help patients. Their program will be called Clinical Pathways and there are some major benefits to its implementation.

The first is that oncologists can customize treatment options and plans. The technology will help doctors consider the type of disease they have and the state they are in. It will also allow for comparing treatments on multiple levels, including cost. The program works in real time and stays up to date with all guidelines, toxicity ratings, and other findings.

This program at the doctor’s’ fingertips will help streamline treatment for cancers and allow doctors to focus on the best treatment options for the patients. The efficiency of Clinical Pathways will keep patients, their treatments, and all risks and costs updated. Clinical Pathways also keeps doctors up to date on the latest findings in cancer care so they can provide the very best and most updated treatment options.

The Clinical Pathways integration is a huge step in cancer treatment for CTCA. And the partnership of CTCA with Nantech and Allscripts means big things in the cancer treatment community.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals that specialize in cancer treatment of adult patients. CTCA utilizes the most up to date and effective cancer treatment practices including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, genomic testing, among others.

The CTCA hospitals are located in Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Atlanta. The doctors and staff at CTCA pride themselves in helping you, as an individual, conquer your unique fight against cancer. This makes them the name to trust in patient centered approaches to treatment.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter @CTCA

Eric Lefkofsky, More Than Just A Name Associated with Groupon- Tempus Helps Patients Suffering with Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a name that most people have not heard of. If you are one of those people, I bet you have heard the name Groupon in the past. If you love to shop and are a avid shopper, you most likely have used this site to help you to save money in the past. If you have used this site before, you should also check out his other business venture, Tempus.The awareness of cancer runs deep as more people are affected by it today than ever before. There is more cases of cancer than there was before. If you have cancer or know someone who does, Tempus should be checked into.

The patients doctor will gather information that will be analyzed to come up with a treatment plan that is aimed specifically to each patient. In the past, the doctors would use a treatment plan that has been used by most to treat each patient with cancer. If you were told you had cervical cancer, your treatment plan was standard to those who all have been treated for cervical cancer. With Tempus, each patient will have their DNA tested and analyzed to come up with a plan that is aimed specifically to each patients DNA.

Eric Lefkofsky stepped down as the CEO of the Groupon business back in 2015 in order to focus the majority of his time on Tempus. With the new business, the focus is to meet with the majority of well known hospitals to build a database of information that is needed for each patient. The doctor or hospital will have access to software that is used to help to treat each patient. The doctor or hospital will log into their database to view all information that pertains to each patient. Instead of all patients being treated the same way and with the same medications, the patient is given their own treatment plan. This helps to allow more patients to live longer than once before.With Tempus, it is possible for more people to receive the right care for their cancer than there has been in the past and for this reason alone, more people need to know about Tempus and this will help more doctors to be aware of what treatment plans are out there for their patients.

Success Academy Efforts of Closing the Gap between the Rich and Poor Kids Recognized


Success Academy has earned a good reputation for setting the bar for education standards in charter schools in New York and America at large. The network has over the recent past helped kids from humble backgrounds to access quality education that was previously seen to be a preserve of the affluent folk. In recognition of these impressive academic performances, the network was awarded the $250,000 Broad Prize during the National Charter Schools Conference in Washington, D.C.


Founder’s Take


CEO Eva Moskowitz, who is also the founder of Success Academy, exuded confidence that zip codes will cease to be the destiny shaper for American kids. She said that there were many possibilities for children, opportunities that can only be realized through education if stakeholders agreed to reinvent and strategize on schooling. She revealed that plans were underway to expand the network to 100 schools that will have the capacity to accommodate approximately 50,000 learners. Today, the network serves about 14,000 students. This move will propel Success Academy to the same status as the Atlanta or Boston school systems. By so doing, the network will have successfully redefined success in charter schools. The award received will be used to initiate college readiness programs within the network.


Magical School Set-up


Ms. Moskowitz believes that a school set-up should be magical. Magical to the point that if kids were given an option of not going to school, they would still opt for school. She said that that belief is what Success Academy is working towards achieving. Speaking during the conference, she said that the network is planning to start sharing academic materials with other charter schools countrywide. In order to make this possible, the network will soon be launching a digital platform that will be hosting relevant content, such as pedagogy, training, and curriculum.



Closing the Gap


The winner of the Broad Prize is selected by a selection committee that is selected by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. The organizers praised Success Academy for managing to close the gap between the rich and the poor. Former education secretary John B. King, who was one of the committee members, said that America ought to work towards closing such gaps.



Beneful Dog Foods Get A New Formula


For any dog owner out there, the current trend hitting the world is feeding pets with pet foods that contain more familiar ingredients. According to surveys, pets are increasingly being treated as family members, so it’s not surprising that the pet owners want the pet food to be more similar to human food. As reported by the Huffington Post, a popular dog food brand, Beneful, has come under scrutiny from both dog lovers and pet food critics. Nestle Purina PetCare makes the brand. Beneful was introduced in 1991 and has grown to become one of the top sellers in the U.S., feeding more than 14 million dogs annually. This is according to Nielsen.

However, bloggers have criticized decisions by the company to include some ingredients such as propylene glycol, commonly confused with ethylene glycol, which is used in making anti-freeze and is considered poisonous to dogs. Propylene glycol is used in the manufacture of both dog and human foods. The FDA also approves it. However, the compound is not used in making cat food.

The brand has also been criticized for the use of colorful dyes. The dyes may appeal to humans but not to dogs. The subject of mycotoxins has also been brought up by critics. To be fair, according to testing, mycotoxins can be found in a vast range of dry pet foods. Both the EU and FDA allow the use of minimal levels of mycotoxins in pet foods.

These were some of the issues raised in a class action suit against Nestle Purina over their dog food brand, Purina. According to the company, the case is still pending and the class action lawyers have had to change their allegations numerous times. Also, nearly a third of the plaintiffs have withdrawn from the case. Nestle Purina also states that there are no plans to settle.

Purina has taken the step of reformulating their Beneful dry dog foods. According to Dr. Janet Jackson, Vice President of PetCare Nutrition Research at the company, the new formula has been in development for over two years and is in no way connected to the class action suit. The new formula is bound to be rolled out starting May 9 and will be available at select outlets in the southwest of the U.S.

Getting the Best Legal Assistance from Experts Such as Ricardo Tosto

Legal tussles have become the order of the day, especially in business. The only way to make sure that you are operating within the law is to hire a competent lawyer on retainer basis. Besides business, there are other cases such as personal injury and family disputes that might need the assistance of a competent attorney in handling. Previously, accessing a good lawyer was hard in Sao Paolo because the sites available at the time did not carry reliable information about competent lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto. However, the association of Sao Paolo Lawyers has come up with measures to help them connect the best lawyers with clients in need.

For a lawyer like Ricardo Tosto to be registered on this website, they need to have the right qualifications and to be members of the Sao Paolo Bar association. The administrators of the site are the ones who look into the credentials of the lawyers and make sure they are genuine. Only lawyers who have proven to be qualified and competent are listed on the site.

When clients need to connect with Ricardo Tosto, they log on to the site. There is a questionnaire that has been set up for them. They are supposed to fill in details about the type of lawyer that they need where they are located; the particulars of their case and other important information that could help them settle the case. When they have filled in all the details, they will be matched up with Ricardo Tosto. Click here to know more.

For instance, a lawyer like Ricardo Tosto has experience in areas such as business law, criminal law and personal injury law. He has been working on such cases for many years now and fully understands the processes to be followed if one is to get a favorable ruling. Through this website, you can access Ricardo Tosto and have him help you with your legal problems.

Samuel Strauch Explains Which Suburban Communities are the Best for Millenials

Samuel Strauch created Metrik Real Estate in 2002, after wanting to lead his own company. He created the company in South Beach, Miami and today it serves a clientele primarily based in the South Florida area and abroad in Spanish speaking Latin America. Strauch’s firm is now considered to be one of the top real estate development, management and equity development firms in terms of its customer service and professionalism.

Number three on Samuel Strauch’s list of top ten best suburban communities for young people to settle in is a suburb of San Francisco called Duplin. This town has homes that cost around 20% less than what you would otherwise pay in San Francisco. In a pricey area such as San Francisco, every bit of savings helps, especially those who are just settling down. Duplin also has excellent schools, cleaner air, mass transit for commuters, and enough nightlife to make things exciting. Expect the area to grew says Samuel Strauch. Builders are already constructing over 2,000 new housing units in the near future in anticipation of new growth.

The number four best suburb for young couples to live according to Samuel Strauch is a small town called Daffan. This community is located outside of one of the fastest growing cities in the country which is Austin, Texas. Daffan has a significantly lower average price for a new home than in nearby Austin. The suburb’s average home price is about $338,000. Meanwhile in Austin, a single family home will cost close to half a million dollars or so. Daffan has rodeos, fairs, concerts at its own exposition center and is considered to be a safe and prosperous community. Via Twitter.

At number five on Strauch’s list is the town of Palm River–Clair Mel which has homes that can be up to 62% less expensive than in Tampa. These homes are located in a good school district and have spacious backyards. Palm River–Clair Mel is one of the best deals in terms of housing for any young professional settling in the Tampa Bay area.

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