Dr. Gregory Finch Knows Crumbling Bones

Dr. Gregory Finch, a fellow in the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, specializes in spinal surgery. An orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Finch diagnoses and treats ailments related the musculoskeletal system. He is renowned in the field and currently practices in Australia. However, Dr. Finch has studied and practiced in Germany, the United States and several other countries. Among the conditions he treats are arthritis and osteoporosis.


According to WebMD’s entry about arthritis, the condition includes over 100 diseases, all involving the joints. Hip and knee joint replacements are the most common surgeries related to arthritis and surgeons perform replacements when swelling and pain make ambulation difficult or impossible. This joint replacement procedure involves cutting the bone to remove one or both joint heads. The surgeon then grafts an artificial joint head replacement onto the remaining bone. As noted on the reference website, Doctoralia, Dr. Greg Finch specializes in treating arthritis.


Dr. Greg Finch shared an article from The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in OrthoInfo explaining osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs when bones deplete calcium faster than they produce it causing holes to form in the bone structure; the term means “porous bone.” Osteoporosis of the spine, hips and knees may cause fractures in those joints or connecting bones. Resulting compression fractures in the spine are particularly severe. Orthopedic surgeons treat this condition with vertebroplasty, a procedure where an acrylic compound is injected into the porous, weak vertebrae to reinforce it and prevent spinal column collapse.


In addition to his membership with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Dr. Finch also belongs to the North American Spine Society and the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery among other organizations. His education began at the University of Auckland, where he attended from 1986 through 1991 although he continues to train and practice under the tutelage of the organizations to which he belongs.


The Best Wines Come From UKV PLC

There is always a demand for good quality wines from around the world. And this demand is growing all the time. Hence the number of wineries, along with the vineyards, is increasing in accordance with the world.

The spiritual base has always been England for the wine merchants. This is because it has a reputation of being aware of the demands and needs of the wine market. Some of the finest wines come from England and are supplied all across the world. UKV PLC is a well-reputed vintner. They have earned a reputation in this field. In addition, they provide perfect guidance to investors along with the consumers of fine wines. UKV PLC provides services to all those members of this who have to source wines for meeting their own specific needs.

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There is a wide range of services being offered by UKV PLC, all around the world. They provide ample guidance to all those who want to source the best wines. Since UKV PLC employs knowledgeable staff hence it is able to provide the best recommendations to its patients regarding those wines which will meet all their specific needs.

Another market of interest that is growing at a tremendous pace is of wines being bought for investment purposes. A number of clients of UKV PLC invest in the wine market. This is why the company buys and stores wines for all these customers. They may be located at any place in the world. In addition, UKV PLC provides services to those customers from across the globe who would like to enter this wines market in the UK for investment purposes.

Honey Birdette-Adds Something More

Honey Birdette just opened its US e-commerce site and has revealed its plans to expand its UK retail stores to 40 in total by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette was originally founded in Brisbane by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 and decided to launch its US site after seeing a 374% increase in US sales alone in just 12 months. The new site is going to offer faster shipping, easier returns, and have a wider range of products available to US customers. It will also offer free shipping on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette is wanting to expand its retail stores into the US and has opened its first store outside of Australia last year in London’s Covent Garden. It has also opened two additional stores with one located in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and the other located in Westfield White City.

Honey Birdette has 10 more stores planned in the UK including at Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Westfield Stratford. It is targeting 40 additional stores by the end of the next year. Within Australia, Honey Birdette already has 55 retail stores and plans to expand into Europe.

Honey Birdette got its start in 2006 when two friends were talking about how lingerie and bedroom accessories were really lacking and needed sprucing up. They decided that they needed to come up with something better. And they did. Honey Birdette was born and the rest is history. When you walk through the doors of a Honey Birdette boutique, you will find that it is not your average intimate store, but instead a sensual experience. You will have champagne on call, stroll through the lush décor and browse the collections of intimate apparel like no other. you will also find many other items that will bring the spark back into your love life.

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The Rise of Vincent Parascandola

For those unaware, Vincent Parascandola remains a prominent figure in the business world. For years, Parascandola used his leadership skills to open doors. As a result, he rose to the top of his company AXA Advisors, LLC. At a young age, Parascandola knew that he was going to become largely successful. Therefore, he had to make numerous sacrifices. Currently, Vincent Parascandola serves as the Senior Executive Vice President of the company. To expound further, Parascandola has numerous responsibilities.


So far, the results remain impressive. In addition, Vincent Parascandola remains responsible for sales of the company. Furthermore, he remains responsible for management development, talent recruitment, productivity, creating top-notch financial professionals, and so forth. What makes Parascandola such an effective leader includes his extensive work history. Moreover, Parascandola’s career spans over 25 years. Throughout his career, Parascandola remained a pioneer in his industry.


Moreover, he created new and thoughtful solutions regarding business leadership. Since his arrival at AXA Advisors, he remains highly respected and an inspiration to his co-workers. During 1987, Parascandola jump-started his career in sales. Prior to his ascendancy at AXA Advisors, Parascandola worked as an agent for Prudential. As a result, he quickly gained a lot of notoriety. In fact, Mr. Parascandola received the distinction of being the National Rookie of the Year. Although Parascandola remained an asset at Prudential, he continued to advance his business acumen.


In 1990, Parascandola parted ways with Prudential and worked for the MONY Life Insurance Company. Moreover, his job description consisted of several high-ranking positions. To name a few, these included field management positions. In addition, he held these positions both locally and regionally. In 2004, Parascandola assumed a position at AXA Advisors. Before he became the divisional president, Mr. Parascandola served as the president of The Advantage Group.


For those unaware, The Advantage Group remained a division of AXA Equitable. Moreover, the company’s goal consisted of attracting the most premier professionals in the industry. Before he assumed that position, he served as the co-manager at the company’s New York Metro location. Moreover, it staffed an estimated 400 people in the tri-state region.

Why Julie Zuckerberg is an Acclaimed Executive Recruiter in the Financial Sector

For most individuals who are interested in joining the financial sector, finding the right company to work for can be a daunting task. Nonetheless, the existence of people like Julie Zuckerberg has made things easier. Julie works at Deutsche Bank as the vice president and executive talent hiring director for Deutsche Bank.


Career Background


Julie embarked on her career in 2002 as the hiring manager at Hudson. During her tenure at the Hudson, she recruited ancillary staff, case managers, paralegals and attorneys in either permanent or temporary positions. As a person who is committed to his or her work, Julie Zuckerberg spared time to teach her employees and clients on various matters such as how to redeem company benefits and win promotions. Additionally, she ensured that all the tax and legal requirements at the Hudson were filed.


At the end of 2007, Julie Zuckerberg moved from Hudson to Citi Global Functions and Citi Global Consumer Banks in New York to serve as an executive recruiter. Through her top notch recruiting skills, she provided recruiting services for director roles and managing director for CitiCards Consumer Marketing and Citi Global. Julie also taught senior business executives on competitive markets, hiring strategies, new compensation trends and on how to retain talent in their firms. Later in April 2014, Deutsche Bank hired her not only as an executive recruiter but also as the head of talent acquisition.


Apart from recruiting, Julie engages in other personal activities like jogging. Some of her other hobbies include photography, cooking or eating out, discovering new technology and visiting art galleries. Julie also volunteers for programs that are related to animal welfare, economic empowerments among other matters.


Deutsche Bank


Over the years, Julie Zuckerberg has demonstrated advanced skills in her recruiting efforts in various companies that she has served. Currently, leads the executive staffing efforts at one of the leading financial institutions in the world, Deutsche Bank. The bank boasts of operations in more than 70 nations globally since its inception in 1870 in Berlin, Germany. Julie Zuckerberg operates from the institution’s downtown office in New York City.


Julie’s Roles at Deutsche Bank


Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management group is responsible for protecting client’s portfolios. The global technology division deals with all the financial technology requirements for the entire institution. Alternatively, the private wealth and commercial clients section focuses on the banking needs of commercial customers in some of the globe’s leading businesses along with high net worth individuals. Julie Zuckerberg caters to the entire process of recruiting for the three divisions, which involves sourcing, presentation and hiring some of the financial industry’s acclaimed managing directors. In most cases, she deals with intricate legal immigration issues and international variations of the expatriation process.


At Deutsche Bank, Julie is responsible for not only training coaches but also leading the efforts of recruiting teams. In this case, she supervises and offers strategic direction to various employees such as front line recruiters, candidate sources and recruiting coordinators. Through her vast experience and expertise in the financial sector, Julie counsels other individuals and her teams on competitive markets, leading hiring practices and compensation trends. As such, this allows her employer to lure the best potential candidates for the top positions.


Goettl Pushes For A New level Of Success Within Local Communities

The success of the Goettl brand in recent years has been down to the innovations of newly installed owner Ken Goodrich who has sought to become a major part of the local community in the areas served by the Goettl brand. The Goettl brand now understands the importance of involving the community in the work of Goettl as Ken Goodrich hopes to, once again, become a business that is looked to for local community leadership; technicians from Goettl recently provided an elderly local woman with a new HVAC unit to replace the outdated one she has been using for a number of years.


Goettl does not only look to aid its customers with service and maintenance of HVAC units and systems, but the company also seeks to develop a range of new systems that are impressive for their ability to save on utility bills for all customers. Ken Goodrich understands the history of Goettl’s success was always based on keeping customers as happy as possible, which is a tradition he has attempted to continue over the course of recent years with a major focus placed upon customer service over focusing on the individual profit made by each technician working for the brand.


The Goettl brand was established in 1939 by bothers Adam and Gust Goettl who had moved to Phoenix, Arizona in a bid to find success during the Great Depression; the development of HVAC technology by Goettl was so great that Ken Goodrich states his technicians are still servicing and repairing Goettl brand units manufactured over 30 years earlier.


Despite once holding more than 100 HVAC patents Goettl now focuses on bringing the best repair and servicing options to its customers who can be sure they will always be comfortable when their HVAC systems are cared for by Goettl brand technicians.


Strategic M&A Conference: How Many Banks Failed in 2016?

“Why do banks merge?” There can be positive reasons, such as growth, filling a product line or adding talented executives. There are also negative reasons, such as insolvency. These issues were discussed at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, which ran from November 6 to 8, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


“Fed Anticipates Problems”


Even during the best times, some banks fail. The Federal Reserve has been appointed as “receiver” of insolvent banks under its FDIC powers. The official “2016 FDIC Failed Bank List” included 5 banks: Allied (AR), Woodbury (GA), First Cornerstone Bank (PA), Trust Company (TN) and North Milwaukee State Bank (WI). Each of these was merged with a solvent bank.


Bank mergers must be approved by the Fed. Fed bank merger approval takes on average six months to a year. On March 17, 2017, the Fed made the process easier by increasing the asset amount, which would trigger closer scrutiny from $25 billion to $100 billion. This only makes sense since banks continue to grow in size.


“Offering Solutions & Growing Banks”


NexBank CEO John Holt spoke as a panelist of the Strategic M&A Conference sub-group called “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” Technological financial innovations are likely to be patented and could be a key reason for an acquisition. Certain executives might also have expertise selling special exotic financial instruments.


“Stable NexBank Ratings”


NexBank is in a great position due to its healthy bottom line. It enjoys an “A+” Bank Tracker Rating and “A” Deposit Accounts Health Rating. The NexBank asset amount for December 31, 2016 was $4.6 billion. Hopefully, this conference has helped bankers identify M&A opportunities. This could increase bank industry growth rates, if the failed bank had innovative technology or financial products.


Where To Find The Top Plastic Surgeons In Texas

There is no greater risk than trusting a stranger to put you under and perform a medical procedure, elective or not, and hope everything comes out okay. With the increase in noninvasive aesthetic surgeries the need for plastic surgeons at the top of their field has grown as well. The residents of Texas seem to have a pool of the finest plastic surgeons at their disposal, but here a the few many can’t stop talking about.


Dr. Rod Rohrich completed his residency years in Michigan and then continued his education at Oxford where he studied pediatric plastic surgery techniques before accepting a microvascular fellowship at Harvard Medical School.He offers a myriad of surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, face lift, neck lift, breast reduction, breast life, and body contouring. His practice also offers chemical and laser peels to help rejuvenate skin and give it a natural healthy glow.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most talked about female plastic surgeons in her field. As a native Texan Walden obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Texas and graduated salutatorian from the Medical Branch of the University. Walden continued her education in Texas and completed both her internship and residency years in her native home. Her skills were noticed by many of her colleagues and talk made its way across the country to Dr. Sherrell Aston, a widely celebrated and prestigious plastic surgeon.


Walden generously accepted a fellowship with Dr. Aston at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital where she studied under his hand and perfected his techniques. Walden left the hospital after a few years and opened up her own practice on the Upper East Side where she stayed for eight years. After her twins were born she moved her practice back to Texas and opened up an office in Marble Falls with a satellite office in Dallas. Her phenomenal skill set has attracted people from all over the country to fly in just for a consult. Dr. Walden has published multiple research articles in medical journals as well as co-authoring a book about plastic surgery.

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Clay Siegall and his battle against Cancer

Clay Siegall is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm. He is the co-founder of the firm that was established in 1988. On a recent interview with Ideamensch, Clay talks about his idea of creating Seattle Genetics. According to Clay Siegall, he saw the devastating effects of cancer on his father when he was still a teenager. After realizing the resources and tools that are used by cancer treatment specialists and oncologists, he decided to improve them so as to offer improved cancer treatment. Clay says that this is the main reason he started Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall also told Ideamensch that he seeks a lot of information from his co-workers so as to make himself to be more productive. An author, he has managed to write more than 70 scientific and medical publications. Clay is also involved with the Washington Roundtable which is anon-profit organization. Clay Siegall is a recipient of the Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, natural Sciences and Math. He acquired this ward due to his contributions to the research of cancer and also pioneering in biotechnology. The success of Seattle Genetics also saw Clay receive the award for the Pacific Northwest Ernst & young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Clay Siegall has worked in therapeutic drug development and cancer research field for more than 20 years and has acquired massive experience and skills. He formerly worked as the Senior Research Investigator at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical research institute. He also worked as the company’s Principal Scientist. Until April, 2004, Clay Siegall served as the Interim Chairman at the Seattle Genetics. He is also the former Director of the Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc and Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Clay Siegall once worked at the National cancer Institute where he was a Biotechnology Fellow. Because of his efforts in the sector of targeted toxins, Clay Siegall received the Pierce Award.

Clay Siegall attended the George Washington University where he got his Ph.D in Genetics. He also studied at the University of Maryland where he acquired BS in Zoology. He is committed to see a society that is cancer-free.


The Passionate Scientist Against Cancer, Clay Siegall

Career choices may be shaped by different factors or variables that one encounters in life. For instance, a professional footballer may have grown up in an area where the game was not only played but also treasured and cherished. A teacher could have come from a family background of teachers, and therefore choose to fulfill the lineage status. Hence, experiences and settings seem to have a lot to do with what one is today. It has not been different for Clay Siegall.


Clay Siegall has dedicated his life to the service of patients. Growing up, he watched his father battle with cancer to his ultimate demise. It dawned on him that if more tools were available for the oncologists’ use, there would have been a better chance that his father’s life would have been prolonged. As a result, a desire surged in him to improve these tools. He proceeded to George Washington University where he earned a Doctorate in Genetics and spent the next year working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Here, he acquired not only significant industrial experience but also management skills that would later be of help when running his company.


Clay Siegall is the Co-founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics. He is a scientist with a keen eye on cancer therapies. His dedication and commitment have seen the company to its current global position, where it is developing an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) and that gained FDA the approval. Under his able direction, the company has secured multiple strategic licenses for its unique ADC technology. Moreover, he has remarkably raised its capital levels, having secured over 1.2 billion dollars through public and private financing.


Clay Siegall has also worked with the National Cancer Institute and also the National Institute of Health. Presently, he serves on the Boards of Washington Roundtable, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Alder BioPharmaceutical. His tremendous work has earned him recognition and numerous awards like the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year, among others. Besides, he has authored over 70 publications, and he is a holder of 15 patents. He insists that alliances with other industry leaders and innovators extend the reach of any business towards fulfilling its set goals and objectives.