Fabletics Understands How To Stay On Top Of The Retailer Business.

The typical customer has maintained the incorrect assumption that whenever merchandise in an outlet is presented with a hefty price, that this somehow has a connection to the merchandise’s standard of quality being high. Customers also once believed that if merchandise in the outlet was presented with a low price, that this also had a connection to the merchandise’s quality being low. None of these beliefs relating to quality are truly practicable with today’s hurriedly manufactured, globally distributed products.


Because of the latest depression in the economy, the customer of today has to undergo a change with their method of thinking to ensure their money is well used. Instead of the cost for a product being the prime incentive for their purchasing decisions, their main incentive is now the comments and reviews that have been left by prior customers of the merchandise. This offers the prospective customer with a more realistic hope as to the value of the merchandise being worthwhile, before purchasing it. Combine this with the customer’s desire to look for merchandise that has been manufactured in limited amounts, a narrow range of styles and a practically unlimited amount of color variety, and the one remaining incentive for buying the merchandise is reduced to whether or not any of the outlet’s staff will contact the customer after their buy to see if the value met with the customer’s belief.


These types of activities are exactly how Fabletics conducts their business. Fabletics originated in the year 2013 with the funding of Kate Hudson, the prominent television and film actress. Fabletics presents an amazingly diverse array of garments marketed towards the relaxed wear or the active wear style of dressing, which is often used as gym clothes or workout clothing, and now and then used as street fashion, accentuating comfort with a very stylish and casual appearance.


When a prospective consumer is visiting a Fabletics internet retail location, they can join a unique membership policy. The Fabletics membership permits for customer’s online browsing to be documented. This data is extremely profitable to stay current with the quick changes in trends, which are frequently dictated by the customers. The consumers’ data is shared with the physical Fabletics outlets, and products in the store are then added or removed from the store displays according to data relayed by the member data.


This compilation of data has assisted Fabletics to grow and become a trustworthy company to do business at by customers, as their product inventory is constantly kept up to date with the shifting fashion trends. A contender with Fabletics, that has comparable tactics is Amazon. They’re also an online based merchant that presents a diversity of garments. They’re very respected by customers and they possess a 20% stake on the internet retailer industry. Fabletics has equally attained a high level of respect from their customer support. After operating for only 3 years time, Fabletics achieved a $250 million assessment of their value.


Wengie’s marvelous daily creations.

I enjoy watching Wengie’s videos. She is extremely clever while inventing ways to make old worn sweaters to look brand new again. All she does is take a shaver and lightly pass through the sweater until all the lint is removed and presto, you have a sharp looking sweater again. I also admired Wengie’s creativity when she used a paper clip remover in order to remove and place a key in her key ring. I liked this idea very much because it prevents you from damaging your nails and hands. I really admire her original designs in especially when she uses a zip lock bag with a cardboard paper fitted inside in efforts to maintain all important documents and items neatly stored. She reported this was a good way to prevent things being crumbled or torn when shoved inside her backpack. Another great idea was how Wengie marked her shower key with an erasable marker. This enabled her to always have her water temperature at the condition she enjoys without having to constantly be playing around with the water key prior to taking a shower.

Wengie also recommends we place old newspapers at the bottom of garbage bags. Doing this will prevent liquid residue to form and eliminate bad odors to spread in the house. I definitely recommended this to various friends and family after watching her video and they loved it. I especially liked the idea of taking pictures of the inside of your refrigerator and cupboards before going to the supermarket. This way you save time on writing and rebuying things you already have in the house.

If you would like to enjoy Wengie’s fun and creative inventions take a peek at her fabulous videos :

Rona Borre Makes Impressive Moves In Business

Rona Borre is on the board

Rona Borre’s accomplishments are numerous, and she’s known in the Chicago area and nationally for her business acumen and professionalism. Borre is also well known for founding Instant Alliance and she is the CEO of the company. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona, where she received her BS in Business.


Instant Alliance was founded in 2001 and has become a successful woman-owned business that is recognized nationally. The company has consistently increased in revenue year after year and Borre leadership has contributed to this accomplishment.

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Rona Borre is on the board for Instant Alliance, and is also a leader in the Economic Club of Chicago, as well as the Chicago Network and the Young Presidents Organization. Her innovation and creativity have also made her a trusted advisor on the human capital industry, and Borre has been featured CBS 2 Chicago, CNN and CNBC, as well as in USA Today and Crain’s Chicago. Barre has also received the honor of being named an Influential Woman in Business by The Business Ledger and is part of the National Association of Women Business Owners.  Source: vimeo.com


Enterprising Women Magazine also recognized Rona Borre as the Enterprising Woman of the year, and the publication has also awarded several accolades to Instant Alliance.

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Ronna Borre: Encouraging Female Tech Entrepreneurship By Example

Rona Borre actively promotes technology

Rona Borre’s success with her staffing and recruiting firm, Instant Alliance, is due to her insistence that the candidates sent to fill her client’s needs have the personality, as well as abilities, to fit in with the client’s organization. Instant Alliance also follows up with talent, ensuring that their current position is a good match for them. Borre’s talent was evident in the position she held before founding her own firm in 2001; there she consistently exceeded expectations and goals.

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As a leading female entrepreneur in Chicago and owner of a Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE),  Rona Borre actively promotes technology and entrepreneurship in her community and she encourages other women to enter the tech field as well. Her expertise in running a successful business is well known, Rona Borre’s spoken at TechWeek SPARK Women, been featured in Enterprising Woman Magazine and attended the Mayor’s Tech Council meeting in Chicago, where she was touted as a new female founder of a Chicago tech business. Borre is willing to commit much of her free time to pursuits such as commentary for CNN and USA Today, sitting on the board of the Economic Club of Chicago and writing numerous articles in hopes of encouraging more women to become tech entrepreneurs.  Check this on sbnonline.com


For further reading click http://www.instantalliance.com/