Burgers, Chinese, and Italian: A Few Fab Options for Private Dining in the Big Apple

New York City has to be one of the most popular places in the world to host private events. And, due to this global popularity, there are a ton of private dining spaces for consumers to choose from. Obviously, this can make picking the perfect spot for a wedding, birthday, business conference a ridiculously difficult task. To help people looking for a great venue in NYC, this article will detail some of the best locations to host a private dining event.

First off, for readers who are interested in a more relaxed atmosphere, one of the most informal locations for private dining is at The Spotted Pig. Located in the trendy West Village, this restaurant is known for its very intimate top floor private room as well as its feel-good cuisine. Their menu offers some of the best burgers and fries in all of NYC. This is a perfect venue for more informal events.

People who need a more formal setting for their events might want to take a peek into China Blue. This restaurant can be found on Watts Street in the Tribeca area of NYC. When people walk into this restaurant, they are struck by how well the designers of China Blue captured the Jazz Age feel of 1920s Shanghai. Of course, the main courses offered here all have a distinctly Shanghainese flair. There are multiple private rooms available throughout this wonderfully nostalgic restaurant for guests to relax in and admire the food and ambience.

Finally, Tarallucci e Vino, as you could probably tell from the name, is a wonderful spot for people in the market for Italian restaurants. Tarallucci e Vino has many convenient locations around NYC, including in East Village, the Upper West Side, at Cooper Hewitt, and in Union Square. The staff at Tarallucci e Vino take great pride in providing all their customers with an authentically Italian private dining experience.

Some of the special features Tarallucci e Vino offers for their private dining experiences include a choice of wines from their own family-run vineyards, specialized service, and an exceptional range of high quality Italian dishes. From pan-seared salmon to numerous delightful pasta combinations, everyone is bound to find at least one dish to satisfy them. Tarallucci e Vino specializes in family brunches, business conferences, and wedding events. Their venue at Union Square overlooks the historic district of Manhattan, while the Cooper Hewitt space has a grand historic feel within Tarallucci e Vino’s dining area. Tarallucci e Vino also offers off-site catering on request.

All of these fabulous private dining venues will not disappoint their clients. Each restaurant here takes customer service very seriously, and they will ensure that everyone paying for their service will have an exceptional dining experience in the Big Apple.

Selecting A Fine Lake Tahoe Resort For A Vacation

Lake Tahoe has a certain glamour in its name that is not attached to other locations around the United States. Skiers from across the globe routinely trek to Lake Tahoe for the California ski season, and they may stay in ski resorts that rest on the summits of mountains in the valleys below. This is a brief look at how ski resorts such as Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley offer a relaxing ski vacation to travelers.

#1: Lake Tahoe Has A Large Ski Culture

Lake Tahoe Resort has cultivated a massive ski culture since settlers moved to the area during the expansion of America. Settlers who began to grow California and Nevada flocked to Lake Tahoe to ski when they realized there was a great potential in the region. It is as if the earliest American chose to recreate the Alps in California/Nevada.

#2: Ski Resorts Offer A Stunning Experience

Ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area offer luxury accommodations that may be found in ports around the world. The traveler who takes their trips quite seriously will quickly uncover several favored slopes that skiers may enjoy, and the traveler who undertakes a vacation to Lake Tahoe may stay at Alpine Meadows or Squaw Valley for a preferred ski experience.

#3: Where Are Squaw Valley And Alpine Meadows?

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows rest on opposite sides of a majestic hill outside Lake Tahoe, and their guests may travel between the two resorts using a gondola. Skiing and luxury are expertly-combined at the resorts, and travelers may travel into the valley for further exploration. Skiing is quickly supplemented with shopping and dining in the most exclusive resorts, and the Lake Tahoe area is dotted with resorts on a similar scale.

#4: Why Are Ski Vacations Relaxing?

Ski resorts such as Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley allow skiers to cuddle by the fire, eat well and relax in one location. The area is a beautiful site to behold, and there are quite a few historic sites that offer a relaxing learning experience.

Lake Tahoe ski vacations are offered in several locations in the area. There are quite a few resorts to select from that offer smooth slopes, luxury appointments and the calm of a California snowfall.

Kyle Bass Has Some Fishy Predictions

There is more fishy about financier Kyle Bass than a mispronunciation of his last name. The man has been vacillating strongly about China over the last month or two. He came out guns blazing in October of 2015, when he predicted by the end of 2016, China would experience financial collapse so terrible, it would diminish America’s own economy by something like twenty percent. In April, Bass was saying there was a “forty to fifty percent” likelihood China’s debt bubble would deflate by the end of 2016, further emphasizing that he fully expected a financial crisis of small variety–not a “Lehman Brothers Moment”–within the next two to three years. Then, a recent Bloomberg article reported Bass saying that it wouldn’t be “Armageddon”, and that if China could “materially” apply devaluation to her currency, it might be a historically exciting time to invest in Asia.

When taken in aggregate, Bass’ noises over the last nine to ten months amount to: “I think China might do bad, but they might not.” This is nothing worth saying, but the way Bass has said this nothing invites the perceiver to have a negative outlook toward China’s future, and thus curtail their own financial investments.

It seems there are three reasons Bass could be doing this. Firstly, he could have his own investments, and be discouraging competition. Secondly, he could be legitimately concerned about fallout from a market poised to implode. Thirdly, he could have an imperative to discourage Chinese investment in order that the collapse may be artificially facilitated, validating whatever investments he’s made prompting such media rhetoric as unstable as Bass’s.

The third alternative is the most likely in light of Bass’ career choices, which include a “front” organization posing as humanitarian that only acts as a means of dropping stock value so Bass can short-sell (CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs), and close involvement with a socialist despot. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is either terrible with money, or trying to destroy Argentina’s economy. She’s defaulted the country twice in only thirteen years, and Bass has never criticized her economic choices, suggesting complicity. These points were originally reported by UsefulStooges, who have written extensively about Kyle Bass.

The Significance of Online Reputation Management Today


It’s not hard to recall the days when managing your online reputation was simply a matter of making several phone calls to the aggrieved parties, apologizing and possibly replacing a product with a new or better one. Today, any business person knows that apart from having to exchange products, there are new challenges as the customer is online keeping an eye on what you are doing all the time.

Building a solid business brand can take many years, but a negative review can bring it all down overnight. The answer to today’s problems can be found in Online Reputation Management (ORM). Today the scope of ORM is no longer merely restricted to getting rid of any negative customer comments. It now entails the development of an online strategy that will positively impact on how your entire business brand is perceived.

Why is ORM critical?

Any business stands to gain much from positive customer reviews. However, the damage that can come from negative and bad publicity can cause up to 5 times more damage, especially if such is coming from peers and friends.Negative and bad reputation will not just affect how customers perceive your business but it also has the potential of negatively affecting your bottom line in a very short period.

Efforts directed towards managing your business online reputation must not only focus on your local market, but also on the wider global impact. Even a small business today may one day decide to go international and this may become hard if your reputation out there is already damaged particularly on social media.

Negative comments and reviews that extend beyond useful criticism, those that borders on accusations, have the potential of generating negative perception, as your prospective customers can easily be swayed by such opinions.

Take Action

Today, among the easiest solutions when it comes to building a solid online reputation is by engaging the services of professional reputation management firms. An outfit like The Search Fixers (http://thesearchfixers.com) can easily come up with a good online reputation for your business, making sure that you draw the right kind of customers.

Besides, The Search Fixers (@TheSearchFixers) are experts at fixing and restoring damaged online reputations. If your business desires, their online reputation repair services can assemble and manage all your business social media accounts. This will not only ensure you get good publicity but it saves you time.

Nothing is more pleasing to a business owner than to see the fruits of all their labors. On the other hand, nothing can bring down all your efforts faster than a damaged online reputation. This is what makes it extremely vital to manage your online reputation and if possible engage professional reputation managers like The Search Fixers to fix a bad online reputation.

Hair Care Made Easy With Wen by Chaz

For many people, finding hair products that work is a long process of trial and error. Usually, one particular brand will work better than others and most will stick to it. By staying with one product for an extended period of time, people often experience a buildup of sulfates and do not realize that this can be avoided by switching shampoos ever once and a while. Though print ads and commercials boast about how their brands work better than the competition, there is no guarantee that it will work for every hair type. Wen by Chaz offers a line of products on total beauty that have different options for everything from thick wavy locks to thin straight tresses.

Wen by Chaz gives customers a completely unique experience while washing their hair. The sephora healthy hair line of Cleansing Conditioners use a specialized blend of herbs and essential oils to make sure hair gets exactly what it needs to stay shine and healthy. While people usually have to purchase quite a few different products to get their hair looking the way they want, Wen hair by Chaz combines everything together in one bottle. When used separately, shampoo, conditioner, detangler and styling products take a long time to use and can get expensive. The Cleansing Conditioner has a blend for every type of hair and will make shampoo commercials a reality.
In an article from Bustle.com, a writer for the fashion and beauty section decided to try Wen out for herself. She discovered that after using the sweet almond scented Cleansing Conditioner, her hair was softer with more bounce. Seeing as her hair was normally thin and limp, this was a welcome change. The pictures she provided showed a definite difference in the before and after shots. It just goes to show that Wen by Chaz was worth the trial for her, and it can do the same for others.

For more info, see http://www.wenhaircare.com/.