New York Real Estate Faces First Effects Of A Slowing Economy

The slowing real estate markets of the world have traditionally had little effect on the markets of New York City, but the growth of the markets looks set to stall in some areas as rising interest rates begin to affect the ability of people to buy new homes. The rental market in New York, and particularly in Brooklyn looks set to remain dominant as thousands of new rental units become available in newly opened properties across the city.

Alongside the strong rental markets available the luxury properties of New York will also remain a successful area for real estate professionals to take advantage of, the New York Daily News reports. Rising interest rates will have little effect on luxury properties priced at $10 million and above; alongside the most expensive properties available in New York the entry level luxury market priced between $1 and $3 million should also remain strong.

Town Residential is looking to retain its position as one of the top real estate agencies in the city, a position the company has reached in just a few short years of business. Much of the success of Town is located in the management structure developed by CEO Andrew Heiberger who also ensures the company operates across almost every market in the city.

The work of Town Residential sees agents specializing in both NYC real estate, sales and rental markets, which should allow the company to retain its richly deserved position over the course of 2016. To ensure the health of Town Residential Heiberger has made sure the company operates across the residential and commercial markets and in almost every area of the city itself.

If the slowdown predicted by the New York Daily News does occur those agents with experience in the most important areas of the city will see themselves prosper; location will become an even more important aspect for the real estate markets with Manhattan and Brooklyn remaining the most important locations in the city.

Dick DeVos Expands His Empire With Distillery Acquisition

The DeVos holding company, Windcrest Group, is set to purchase Coppercraft Distillery within the next 6 months. Prior to meeting Dick and Betsy DeVos, Coppercraft’s present owner, Walter Catton III, had been looking for an investor to expand the distillery’s business operations. This meeting was a perfect match because Coppercraft is not just confined to the manufacturing of spirits it also includes a large 50 seat tasting room along with plans to add a kitchen to pair custom appetizers with its cocktails. All of this activity is located in the Michigan township of Holland. Coppercraft is also in the process of building up its inventory for the start of the Tulip Time Festival which runs every year May 7th through the 14th in Holland Michigan. 

Coppercraft distributes its spirits to over 100 locales across the State of Michigan in addition to supplying customers in Colorado and Illinois. The spirits that are sold through Coppercraft contain a number of specialty drinks which include Genever and Citrus Vodka to the more traditional aged spirits of corn, rye and wheat whiskeys and apple jack. Coppercraft is also planning to expand its reach into handcrafted Beer and wines. 

Dick DeVos was born in grand Rapids Michigan the son of the co-founder of the Amway Corporation. Starting as a young man, he spent many years of his early career working in several executive positions with Amway including acting as the company’s president from 1993-2002. During that time, Dick held the responsibility for all aspects of the company’s operations in the 50 countries it operated in. His leadership was a success because in his final year in office Amway reported sales of $4.5 billion. In addition, during his tenure Amway open many new markets, and tripled international sales which exceeded its domestic sales. This was a dramatic first for the company. Read more about the Amway heir here:

Dick has also been a leader in many Michigan community organizations and associations. He has been active in initiating an Education Freedom Fund which was responsible for awarding over 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged Michigan children. The West Michigan Aviation Academy which is a specialty high school with an aviation focus and various other philanthropies, including his own foundation. Some of these include regional health care centers, a heart hospital, medical schools a convention center and a downtown revitalization project. 

In addition to all the work he has done to improve the lives of others, he has also been a Republican candidate for the Governor of Michigan. Dick regularly gives to politicians and his family’s givings have even been referenced in House of Cards which he addresses in this MLive article. He has also written a New York Times best-selling novel, “Rediscovering American Values” become a national champion sailor, and a qualified jet aircraft and helicopter pilot.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

He has been happily married to his wife Betsy for 35 years and he and his wife have seven children and 5 grandchildren. 

Learn more about Dick on New Netherland Institute’s profile of his career and life.

Yeonmi Park: Escaping North Korea

Yeonmi Park, author of Amazon released: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, began her journey in North Korea on March 21, 2007. She was thirteen years old and was starting a long, harrowing expedition that would take her through the Gobi desert, across China and along the Mongolian border before traveling by plane to South Korea.

Yeonmi says that she didn’t know what freedom was, or what the concept of the word even meant. The happiest thing she experienced was simply having food to eat. Yeonmi’s journey took great strength during which she was subjected to starvation, thoughts of suicide and continuous abuse. During this journey, Yeonmi lost her father to untreated cancer. She said that he died without knowing what kind of democracy existed in America.

Yeonmi Park‘s story has fascinated thousands of readers and put her in a spotlight around the world but some have wondered how much of her story is actually true. Critics have claimed to have found discrepancies of Yeonmi’s story about her native country. Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot, claims that Yeonmi and her mother were agents of the United States and others have accused Yeonmi of lying.

Yeonmi claims that certain details of her story were changed to protect family members that still resided in North Korea and other details have simply remained hidden due to shame. North Korean refugees face many problems and depend on verifiable stories to undermine their human rights abuse and political persecution. Yeonmi says that she knows the truth of North Korea and the oppression and the tragedy cannot be silenced. For more information on Yeonmi Park, click here.



Zika Virus Impacting the United States


Days after the World Health Organization declared the Zika virus outbreak a Global Health Emergency of International Concern, Florida Governor Rick Scott also declared a health emergency as the state has seen nine cases of Zika. While the cases of Zika in the United States have all been the result of individuals contracting the virus through travel and bringing it home, the outbreak has had a ripple effect in the United States. Thanks to experts like Sergio Cortes, it is now known that Zika virus can spread through sexual contact and blood transfusions, making in-country transmission possible. As a result, the Red Cross has asked those who have traveled to Latin America or the Caribbean to refrain from donating blood for 28 days. In addition, the CDC is preparing to issue recommendations aimed at preventing the spread of Zika through sexual contact. In addition, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant are being advised to avoid travel to effected countries, prompting many major U.S. airlines to offer full refunds or waive change fees for concerned travelers. While there have been only indirect effects here in the United States, this is expected to change as the weather warms up and the Zika carrying mosquitos spread north. With this spread, no doubt the United States will see intensifying effects unless mitigation efforts can be successfully implemented.

Wengie Ranks Among The YouTube Elite

Looking for something to pass some time? Why not watch some videos on YouTube? This venue offers a wide variety of videos from horror to cute and adorable. These videos are made by some very inventive and creative minds. Some of the more famous people on youtube can offer new videos every day.

If looking for really experience and favored people who make videos on YouTube, why not try some of these:

These are just five of the ore famous youtube video makers. They rack up millions of views and even make money off of their craft.

Wengie has many different venues that she offers other than youtube. Although youtube and her blog appear to be the most followed venues. She offers a lot of fun videos that range in variety from makeup tips, dealing with school, holidays, cooking, and even slumber parties. She loves to travel and lives in Australia.

Wengie offers more of a real world, real life type of video. Other youtubers like Markiplier offer videos that review games and movies more. Markiplier uses his sharp wit and from the hip editorial style to review a wide range of games, offer tips to cheat codes, and generally has a ton of fun with what he is doing. So much fun that he is practically infectious.

Smosh is a comedy team that produces videos skits and even has some games based on those skits. They welcome feedback to help them develop new plot lines and keep the laughs coming. ERB is Epic Rap Battles. This youtube celebrity does just that. He shows the biggest and best rap battles throughout the history of the art.

SkyDoesMinecraft reviews and shows a number of different videos that surround the popular game Minecraft. They offer products like t-shirts and game memorabilia as well as producing a number of don’t laugh videos. They are out of the state of Washington in the USA. Wengie holds her own among these and many other video makers on youtube. Her unique style and presentation has earned her a permanent niche.

Janet Took Control 30 Years Ago

Most Janet Jackson fans are going to instantly point to her “Control” album as the very beginning of her singing career. This is technically not true, but in a way it is a defining moment for Jackson as a singer.

Many young fans (Jon Urbana being one of them) that go back to video footage will find Janet singing with her brothers on their variety show. She also did some singing on sitcoms that she starting. There was even an album before this album that put Janet on the map as a singer. It was the “Control,” album that set for a new standard for young Janet as a budding female artist in control of her own career. This also sparked the beginning of a lifelong relationship in music with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Janet took this time to prove that she had what it took to become a major artist on her own. Many of her brothers would fall under the shadow of the young brother Michael, but Janet refuse to live in the big brother Michael spotlight. She became a talent of her own and produced many hits after releasing this album. The year of 2016 marks the 30 year anniversary of this era. Janet is 49 years old and she will turn 50 this year. This album highlights the break away from the family structure of entertainment and a newfound independence of a young 20-year-old Janet.