George Soros Weights In on Trump In Explosive Interview

In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV’s primary editor at large, Francine Lacqua, outspoken hedge fund mogul and political commentator, Forbes billionaire George Soros made some rather heated remarks about presidential candidate and fellow billionaire, Donald J. Trump. What sparked the event was a line of questioning from Ms. Lacqua about Soros’ opinion the presidential field, specifically in regards to their immigration policies, he replied by saying that, “Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS.” Naturally, this sparked a great deal of consternation from the conservative party with many of George Soros detractors calling his comments inappropriate, in-delicate and just plain untrue.

But Donald Trump was not the only one in Soros’ crosshairs that day, as he went on to harshly critique presidential candidate, Ted Cruz for similar reasons. Saying that his immigration policy was no better than Trumps. Soros elaborated on his comments during the interview at the urging of Ms. Lacqua, saying that the anti Muslim rhetoric and subsequent anti immigration policies would only convince more and more Muslims that what ISIS has been saying all along is true – there there is a war of culture and identity between the East and the West and that only one side can come out standing while the other must be left in the rubble.

Curiously, Soros, who has long been immensely supportive, both ideologically and financially, of the liberal, democratic party in the United States, did not spare the Dems the same treatment and criticism he showed to the conservatives. He went on in the interview to say that he believed that Germany opening it’s gates to migrants during the immigration crisis was a huge mistake and that, “Angela Merkel risked political capital and lost.” Despite his harsh criticisms towards Germany he finally stated that he remained immensely optimistic about the countries future.

Successful Wikipedia Business Page Creation Tips

In this booming age of technology, advances are made every day. The majority of people own a computer, or at least have access to a computer and the internet at either the library, their favorite hangout, or even an internet cafe that is set up specifically for this purpose. If you’re interested in creating a Wikipedia page for your business, this article will tell you how ridiculously easy it is.

Welcome To The 21st Century

Even you’ve heard of Wikipedia, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. While some people claim that Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source for information, that isn’t always necessarily true. While there are some subjects that haven’t been covered on Wikipedia, there are countless others that have been covered, and in a lengthy yet professional, interesting fashion. The disclaimer that Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source of information lets you know just how popular this website is, regardless of what disclaimers state. 

Have All Of Your Information At The Ready

When creating a Wikipedia page, it’s important to have accurate, reliable information to include on the page. By the same token, don’t make a Wikipedia page that is exaggerated or downright untrue. To do so will permanently tarnish your reputation, at least to the readers who will undoubtedly read your page.

Visit This Site To See Just How Easy It is

By visiting, you’ll discover what countless other Wikipedia page creators have–how easy it is to create a page that will be attractive, informative, and interesting, minus the headaches that come along with creating such a page. This is the Wikipedia writing service that professionals and amateurs alike use in order to create a page that will drive traffic to your business, whether it’s an online or brick-and-mortar business. And that’s what every business owner wants to hear and see.

White Shark Media Doesn’t Just Listen They Take Action

People and companies learn from their mistakes or errors they make along their growth journey. It is also a common understanding that not all errors will be identified through self-evaluation and that in some instances; it takes third party interference through corrections for an individual or company to realize the mistakes and faults within them or their systems. White shark media understands these two theorems. The company doesn’t, therefore, ignore client complaints or recommendations and neither are two treated similarly.
Just like in any other company, client complaints just like compliments are not uncommon. What makes white shark media different is the approach it takes in handling them. With white shark, they are first of all accepted and appreciated as an indicator of the company’s impact on the society. The company then embarks on addressing them not just to solve the current situation but to ensure they don’t recur in future to the same or another party. Here are two key complaints received by White shark media in the past that serve as an example of how the company deals with its customer complaint.
I am no longer in touch with my marketing campaign reports.
This has been common with new clients or those with less experienced in online marketing strategies. This mainly includes the small business owners who either aren’t able to review their marketing campaign or just those that don’t know how to interpret it. Initially, some felt that the reporting system adopted by the company was somehow complicated.
To solve this, the company resulted to first orienting each and every client before launching the campaign. This implies that the client gets an idea of what they are to expect with their campaign before it even starts. Going forward, they are better equipped with the report as it grows.
Inadequate communication between clients and content managers
Some other clients felt like white shark media’s communication process was bureaucratic. They weren’t in direct touch with their marketing campaign experts. They felt the process of linking with their campaign managers was long or tedious.
In response, the company adopted a raft of measures to ease communication between clients and their content management experts. Firstly, the company initiated the monthly status calls between clients and managers where they get to link up and review the campaign reports for the last 30 days. To further make the communication easy, the company came up with direct lines forms of communications where clients can directly contact their content managers whenever need be.

Company’s Growth Figures Reach Stunningly Impressive Levels

An over 900% increase in revenues over the course of a three-year period is not something many businesses can boast about. Status Labs of Austin, TX is able to do so. The recent release of 2015 revenue figures show a 900+% increase in revenues from the company’s 2012 debut. The charting of revenue increases was impressive in 2013 and 2014, but 2015 displayed amazing exponential growth.

Status Labs has grown beyond the wildest expectations of even those who thought they truly knew the “ins and outs” of public relations and digital marketing. Perhaps this is because they see promotions and marketing as means of selling products and services. Brands do need the support of an online campaign and not just to establish a name. Sometimes, an already established name needs some fixing.

Yes, brands do suffer damage. The branded name of a person, place, or thing. Reputation management is a strongly desirable service for any name or brand that has been besmirched.

Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, notes that search engine results and social media chatter can hamper or even ruin a reputation. News moves very quickly in the modern information age. Embarrassing or harmful information not only spreads quickly, but it hangs on the search engine results until something is done to displace the offending material.

Upon calling a reputation management expert, work will immediately commence on reversing the damage the situation has inflicted. No matter what problem is causing public embarrassments or stumbling blocks, public relations strategies could dull the impact. More and more people are learning about the value of reputation management work. Darius Fisher’s interviews and profiles on top websites has helped raised the awareness of Status Labs and what it can do.

Revenues are increasing because no one wants to suffer from a ruined reputation. Status Labs knows what to do to fix things. The Austin, TX company now has offices in Manhattan and San Paulo. The client list for Status Labs continues to grow and boasts people from upwards of 35 countries. Considering the importance of the service Status Labs offers, the incredible growth the company has experienced may break even more records.

The North Korean Defector

Imagine never knowing what freedom is. Imagine the happiest moment in your childhood life is when you receive food. That is Yeonmi Park’s reality. The North Korean girl told the entire story. She spoke on her years-long journey from North Korea to South Korea. Her and her mother leaving in the frozen night time weather they would make through a number of countries to see their freedom. As her father succumbed to cancer, it was just her alone with her mother as they lived out side of the law. With no food or shelter the two were subject to all sorts of rape and abuse. her survival throughout these trials are amazing, but some say they may be lies. Reports show that Yeonmi may have been an agent for the United States government. North Koreans are stating that she in inaccurate of her descriptions and depictions of her native country and she is lying about what she went though. Yeonmi states that she has nothing to lie about and everything she says happened to her in fact did. Yeonmi also tell reporters on The Reason that she kept most of the horrible events and rapes to herself for she did not want people to know she was raped at the age of thirteen. She also says that there may have been a mix up in the story because of her horrible English. North Korea is one of the world most secretive places and Yeonmi wants to speak out on all the human right issues going on causing thousands of North Korean refugees to spread worldwide.

Healthy Pet Food Manufactured Using New Innovations

The CEO of Freshpet Inc., a dog manufacturing company Richard Thompson is highly obsessed about the products manufactured by his company. The company uses fresh ingredients and also ensures that meals have not stayed for long in the shelves before they are distributed. In fact, the manufacturing chief of the company Mr. Michael Hieger took a slice and tasted a slice to prove the safety of their products. Freshpet Inc. is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and is the only company known for producing refrigerated pet food. Freshpet Inc. is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of pet food in an industry that has about $23.7 of investment. The company has won the hearts of many dog and cat owners who prefer to give their animals high quality and fresh food. Today, traditional pet-manufacturing companies are improving their marketing strategies as a result of stiff competition that has been brought by upcoming companies like Freshpet and others. Freshpet products are manufactured in a similar way like those made for people, and they are a bit costly as compared to other lower priced foods available on the market. Although, the company’s products are costly, its sale in the past year increased by 37 percent. According to the Chief Executive Officer, Richard Thompson, he expects the company to make profit in 2016 after three years of making loss. He is very confidence their brand will succeed in future as it has show a positive potential so far. The company has about 15,000 stores that are used to display branded refrigerated products.

About Beneful

Beneful dog food is a high quality pet food manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare. Beneful is available in a number of products like dry food, wet food as well as dog treats. In the year 2012, Beneful was ranked fourth among the most popular brands of dog food, with annual revenues of over $1.5billion. Beneful brand was first introduced in the market in the year 2001. The branding was done based on its nutrition and appearance. The company introduced Prepared Meals in March 2006, and they featured eight flavors and they were packed in containers which were used as dog food bowl.

The Beginning of the Visual Search Era

According to recent research conducted by MIT, the use of AI technology, as well as image search, has revolutionized the way people go about shopping nowadays. Since the advent of online shopping, clients, and customers have to rely on text-based searching meaning that they had to describe the item they needed in great detail

Most retailers are now having an easy time delivering products to their customers in an efficient and timely manner primarily because of the visual search aid. The technology means that people are able to use the camera component of their smart phones to search for items they want.

This means that they are able to find anything they want to their exact specifications provided that their images match the over one billion other images in the AI’s database. This is especially useful when there is a communication barrier, or the client is far from the items point of sale or origin.

According to the researchers at MIT, the technology is a leap in the right direction as producers and middlemen will know exactly what the client wants and deliver the item in the right form, shape, colour and size.

Slyce is one of the interfaces that has made a name for itself when it comes to these kinds of searches. It employs the use of certain tools that enable it to search the internet to find a match for a particular item or the closest match to it. Slyce have a 24-hour customer care department and they use the personnel employed here to help potential clients navigate through the app as well as helping them find the product that they desire. In addition to having their own dedicated website, Slyce users can also reach the customer care department through chat messenger that is a feature on the mobile phone app.

To take it a notch higher, Slyce developed a system that aims to help its users find any item they need even if the item is currently out of stock. This feature is particularly important for items that are hard to find such as antiques and limited edition items. Depending on the picture that the users upload, the results will vary in number, but they are arranged from the closest result to the original photo to the least likely. This app is especially useful around the holidays when people are trying to buy items while avoiding lines at the malls.