The Art Collection of Adam Sender

Former hedge fund manager and art collector Adam Sender has been collecting art since 1988. At the age of 45, he has pieced together over 800 paintings by hundreds top contemporary artists. Today, he is planning to sell 400 pieces of these collections. Last year, Sender closed a huge hedge company that he founded, Exis Capital Management. His reason for closing the company is to get ample time to sell art.

Sender says he exclusively bought the pieces from artists who have had an extensive experience in the art industry. His collection features a number of past movements such as conceptual art and appropriation. With the help of Todd Levin, his art adviser, Sender worked very hard to find pieces that were intellectually stimulating and visually appealing and ultimately succeeded despite the common perception that doing so is an almost impossible endeavor. Due to Sender’s persistence and passion for art, he managed to find art pieces that perfectly fit the criteria. Also, the collection features pieces by renowned female artists thanks to the rapport that he has with the leading female artists including Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, and Mickalane Thomas.

Sender planned to have a historic art exhibition in one of his houses in Miami Beach this year. He says he wants to use the event to show the public the collection, instead of hiding it, to create one of the best learning opportunities in the region. Sender, unlike other collectors, has actively been sharing his collection with the public. That sets him apart from the crowd. During the exhibition, Sender intends to feature pieces that were chosen by the curator Sarah Aibel that include arts from Chris Ofili, Rasid Johnson, and Richard Prince.

Adam Sender’s resolve to continue sharing the collection reveals his appreciation that the collection has turned into the incredible collection that it is today. When he started collecting art, he had no idea that the efforts would result in a collection that can be loaned or donated to museums. He has stated that he will donate some of the pieces. The avid art collector says he is proud of the collections. But he is also proud of what he bought. He intends to continue buying more pieces of contemporary art.

Sender owns an art piece worth one to three million dollars called Untitled #93 (1981) by Cindy Sherman. His career as a hedge manager enabled him to raise most of the money that helped him purchase the art. With profits from the trading desk, the passionate art collector was an early buyer of Contemporary Art. At the same time, Sender was an early mover when it came to selling, and now that he has closed his hedge fund he is prepared to liquidate his position in art as well.

My Favorite Lime Crime Products

Lime Crime has a wide variety of products in their product line that I genuinely love because of how they’re crafted and the way they are designed. The truth about Lime Crime is the fact that they never fail to come up with new ideas, new inventions, and new innovative ways to improve and make you look better. Their ever growing colors and changes in design is what makes this brand so unique in its own little way. They are continuing their designs by adding new products throughout every single year.

– Eyeliner

They eyeliners in so many different colors. I get excited every time I buy them because of their silky color and strength whenever I place them on yet eyes. The bold and hyper-pigmented designs allows it to pack more than enough on your face. Look your best, smile with your eyes just a little but more, and turn your beautiful eyes into shining and shimmering eyes. They utilize a bold and beautiful color that truly helps you shine through and showcases personality.


The colors that can be found from this specific product is completely one of they go most unique things you will ever see. Whether it’s the ICON, REBIRTH, DIVINE, or the VENUS option, each and every color brings that shiny flow to your face. I use this for all kinds of events when I want my look to be up re and natural. VENUA emerges with exactly 8 unique and unconventional neutral colors that give you that full flow. These eyeshadows mesh beautifully with any type of look that you you may be giving from. I like the artwork on the mirrored box because it’s quite the artifact that goes well with the overall design.

Choosing Lime Crime Products

Since they have such a wide variety in their list of products, you will come to find that they are always trying to change what they are doing. It’s also a bit tougher now to choose which products will suit you best considering there are so many different types of products in their program. It’s hard at times to know what will work best for you and your overall look, but the key is to see what will truly benefit you in the long run. Lime Crime on Amazon knows how to give people the best products in the business no matter what you are trying to achieve. My last tip is to go through their product line and go through the ingredients to see what best shits your skin specifically.

Lime Crime is known for giving guests top of the line products that can be used for all kinds of events. I love the brand because Doe is always very creative with what she puts out. Her team is just so energetic and upbeat with what they sell, and you can see it in what they provide their customers that they come up with some of the most unique products in the world of makeup.

Status Labs: Choosing A Good Online Reputation Management

Creating and building a reputation is one of the hardest aspects of any business. Once you have established a reputation, you need to take appropriate steps to maintain your reputation online. Many a times, businesses and individuals fail to learn or understand how poor or unreliable reputation management can have a damaging effect on their company’s success.

It is a well known fact that consumers nowadays will use review websites when they have had a negative experience. This goes to indicate that people are more likely to read reviews for a service or product when they have had a negative experience. Because of this it is imperative that you maintain a positive image about your business. Prominently displayed negative reviews can make prospects or potential customers pass on what you’re offering.

So, if you need to suppress negative information or clean up your online reputation, it’s important to hire a reliable service so you can be assured of good result. Status Labs is a clear choice when it comes to reputation management service.

If this is not a serious matter or was posted online a long time ago, chances are after several months of work that material can be removed or suppressed. If you are reluctant about your online reputation or you continue to ignore increasing negative reviews about your company, then it’s likely going to cause a lot of damage to your business. You should be proactive in getting rid of your negative image and stop creating new ones.

Ideally, the most effective way for an individual or company to get rid of a bad reputation and establish a good online reputation is to create, good, newsworthy information that attract the attention of renowned news sites and networking websites.

You’ve got to appreciate the positive outcome. If you want an impressive reputation online, you need to establish or re-establish a good one offline as well. There are many ways to go about cleaning up online reputation, establishing a great reputation online and maintaining an impressive reputation that gains world wide attention and boost your credibility and brand image.

With Status Labs, you get the only effective solution to eliminate damaging material. Their service offers a long term solution that suppresses the visibility of the negative information and provides protection against future threats. Their service works quickly and efficiently, minimizing or pushing down derogatory information.

Doe Deere Shines

Business women Doe Deere is passionate about beauty and art. She is the owner of her own makeup line Lime Crime. She believes every women can say something beautiful and different with cosmetics. Once in a band and also a former model Doe knows about fashion and creating the right look. Her strong personality and dazzling looks give inspiration to all her followers.

The Unicorn Queen as she is called has develop a line of makeup that is different from all the rest. Blue lipsticks and lime green liquid liner is a world of fun for the girls who love to create unique looks. Doe is from Russia and came to the states to follow all her dreams. She realized how most makeup lines were lacking in daring colors and so she decided to create her own brand. Lime Crime is jam packed with stunning bold colors that should be in every girls makeup collection.

Doe feels that every girl can create unlimited looks with her cosmetic brand. Easy to use and cruelty free she gives countless look ideas in her website. Doe Deere packages her cosmetics in pretty glitter and unicorns. The nail polishes are rich and creamy and are available in lovely vivid colors like yellow, lavender, and light blues.

The collection has a bright young feeling to it but can be used by females of all ages. Lime Crime products on is all about fantasy and creating a story with makeup. The online store is so enjoyable. It is loaded with information and facts about fashion and diverse look ideas. Each and every color is special and different and many customers send in photos of themselves wearing the makeup products. There is a vibrant hair color line that offers pretty shades like green, mermaid and purple.

Doe loves playing with makeup and hair colors herself and has been featured in many pictures throughout the internet. She really enjoys what she does and is looking forward to the future of her business. Doe Deere is a professional who has given makeup lovers and opportunity to embrace whimsical looks with cosmetics. Making a daring statement is important to Doe and motivates her customers to think outside the box. She is all about self confidence and adores shocking everyone who sees her. Her store features creative stories that showcase her makeup.

There is also blogs about fashion and the newest developments in beauty. Doe Deere makes certain that her makeup is special to all that use it. This is just one particular thing that is important to her. She loves her cats and enjoys spending time with them. Lime Crime delivers colorful cosmetics alternatives for women and fashion. Doe hopes to one day be a house hold name in make-up all over the world. I can see many fashion designers using Lime Crime in their runway shows. This serious but highly creative entrepreneur is always working on expanding her brand and name. Doe Deere as already accomplished a lot in her business and loves empowering women.

Maintaining Excellence and Integrity; Dr Jennifer Walden

The medical field is quite competitive. Recognition has to be earned through an established history of not only academic excellence, but also excellence in practice. Not many can attribute success to family ties or nepotism. One such case of earned excellence and recognition for sch is Dr Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Walden runs and owns a very successful cosmetic surgery center in Austin Texas. She is a native of the area and was quite thrilled when opportunity opened the door for her to be able to return to the area with her twin sons. She has collaborated a very successful team that aids with not only women’s health issues, but also in developing both laser and traditional procedures.

A graduate from Texas schools, Dr. Walden garnered for herself, through academic excellence, a fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery in New York City. After completing the fellowship, she stayed on in New York with NYU Langone Medical Center for almost 1 years. There she was given the tutilage of experts in the field to develop not only compassion for her patients, but excellence in the surgery room.

She ended up earning the position of Clinical Instructor of surgery at the Medical Center. Through this position she has shared her expertise with up and coming surgeons to help them hone their skills and knowledge.

Dr. Walden’s Twitter account shows that she has also served on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has also served a term as their Vice Commissioner of Communications. Her long list of accolades can be found at her personal websites and the website for her Austin clinic.

She is also an accomplished author. Many of her papers have been published in medical journals and have significantly added to the expertise in the fields of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Walden’s body of work also includes a number of articles in popular magazines.

Writing and surgical procedures are not the only ways in which Dr. Walden has aided the community. She is also a well sought out expert for many different talk shows and interviews with the televised media. She has aided in increasing both media and public knowledge of surgical procedures and risks.

As a physician she and her staff strive to offer the best experience for every patient. They are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and care for all. Truly an asset to the medical world, Dr Jenifer Walden has earned the recognition that she gets.

James Dondero: A force in the business world

James Dondero is a huge leader in the business world. He has been in the credit marketers industry for more than three decades. He is the co-founder of the widely established Highland Capital Management.His company is worth over 20 billion dollars. James Dondero specializes in the areas of common stocks, emerging markets, derivatives, investment grade corporates, and much more. Many other individuals that are in the business look up to him.He is widely known in the enterprise, and everyone look to him for career advice. His career had first taken off when he was a partner with Mark Okada in the credit sector. He had made significant investments like investing in vehicles like the Collateralized Loam Obligation.

Before he was the co-founder of his company Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was a part of the team at the Protective Life’s GIC. During his time at the company, he was responsible for raising a considerable amount of money. It was noted that he had raised more than 2 billion dollars in assets. Between the years 1985 to 1989, he had worked at American Express. While he was working at American Express, Dondero was able to manage 1 billion dollars on fixed incomes.

He receives his education from the University of Virginia. His primary focus while at school was accounting and finance. He graduated with honors.He is the owner of two prestigious accomplishment. He has the designation of Certified Management Accountant and he is also the Chartered Financial Analyst.

Dondero is the Chairman of V. Cornerstone Healthcare, as well as CCS Medical and Nexbank. He is a core member of the American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is also an extremely active philanthropic.There are many different organizations he support. He supports organizations that have to do with education, veteran affairs, and public policies.Throughout his career, he has donated millions of dollars to all of the various charities.

He is a businessperson that many should inspire to become if they choose the same career path. He apparently has figured out the right formula for someone to be successful and had longevity. He had the skills and determination to help build a billion dollar business. He is proof that a person is more likely to gain success if they start early on in their field. He was always great in the business world, and as the years went on, he became a force to be reckoned. When his time is over on this world, he would indeed leave a legacy.

How to Handle Management

One of the most important factors when it comes to running a business is also one of the most mishandled factors. When it comes to running a business, one needs to know how to manage his workers. This is a big issue for business owners because it is important to find a middle ground or a balance in order to make things workout in the favor of the business owner. If the business owner is too nice, then people will walk all over her and run her business into the ground. Also, if one is too domineering as a business owner, then that can cause people to walk out. Fortunately, there are people to look to for an example.

One example of a good manager is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla has found the perfect balance as a manager. For one thing, she is clear in what she expects, and she is clear in the consequence that the worker will face if she is not meeting her expectations. She is also very levelheaded when dealing with people who work under her. Management can eb a very stressful job to take on and it could really overwhelm someone if she can’t take it.

One very important aspect of being a business owner is fairness. Susan McGalla is a shining example of fairness. For one thing, she does not play favorites. Playing favorites can cause a lot of disharmony in the workplace for the manager, and even her favorite worker. Susan McGalla understands all of the pitfalls that could result from playing favorites at work. Instead, she looks at the problem at work. She follows a procedure that is fair. She is also willing to work with her employees if they are struggling to meet an expectation. She looks at the task and responds according to the task, not to the person.

Management should also be very professional. There should be no personal feelings involved in the management of people. In other words, even if the manager has personal feelings for or against her worker, she does not act on it in the workforce. Susan McGalla keeps her personal feelings out of the workplace and treats her employees according to their performance and what they do for the company overall. She talks to them in a professional manner and deals with them according to the procedure that she has set up in dealing with an unsatisfactory performance.

Susan McGalla also knows how to keep a level head. She does not resort to insults and sarcasm and mocking. Instead, they make sure that their employees have an understanding. They also do not blow at their employees due to the fact that the employees could take certain actions against the employer or manager depending on the circumstance. She does the best she can in order to make sure that the employee feels welcome on the job. She is also there to help the employee adjust and do the job in a way that is best for the company.

AnastasiaDate Is Love Around The World

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being shy. In fact, more people in the world struggle with this problem than they’d like to admit. It’s understandable, however. Shyness can really take a told on a persons life. It can cause such anxiety that a person is nervous to have interactions with people in day to day life. Shyness and anxiety can take a toll on a persons friendships and love life. Fortunately, there is a way around this. Those who are shy should try online dating.

Online dating doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can actually be quite simple. All it takes is one person to start up a conversation with someone online. After that, it’s easy. The two people just need to go with the flow and see where things go. There is a large variety of online dating sites and apps. In fact, it almost seems like there is an online dating site for almost any category. There are ones for people of a certain ethnicity, religious age group, background, and so much more.

There is also a great site that is now for people who have a taste for someone of a different culture. It’s for those who crave someone that was otherwise unattainable due to geographic location. I’m talking about AnastasiaDate. AnastasiaDate works to connect singles from all across the globe. Unlike other dating sites, this one does not focus on geographical location. This one solely connects people with who they wanted to be connected with! AnastasiaDate understands that two individuals can form a connection no matter what they live.

With all the technological advancements, geographic proximity no longer seems to be an issue. There’s messaging, video chat, and so many other options for people. AnastasiaDate brings two people together and then it’s up to them to decide what their next moves are when it comes to meeting. Due to the fact that members are signed up from all over the world, there are so many different options of people to talk too! Users will never be left waiting and wondering if someone will message them. There are countless options for users to connect.

Overall, this site is truly a technological advancement. Users are forming connections with one another each and every day. People are forming friendships and even relationships. There are so many different types of people with different thoughts, beliefs, and personalities. No longer does a person have to talk to someone just because they are there. If someone isn’t feeling the connection on AnastasiaDate, they can close out the chat and find someone new.

FreedomPop Entices Mobile Freebie Seekers

To compete with TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile, Stephen Stokols has obtained great advice and venture capital to set up FreedomPop in the United Kingdom. FreedomPop is located and founded in the United States since 2011. That territory is not big enough for Mr. Stokols’ liking, so he will pursue the market of free stuff seekers in Great Britain with the help of his former boss at BT, Gavin Patterson. Initially, this venture was proposed and then rejected by chief executive, Patterson when it was put on the table at a BT board of directors meeting.

Stokols would not be discouraged by this but instead with the help of Patterson as an adviser, he decided to head up the launch when the timing was right. Once the stars aligned, Gavin Patterson stepped aside as an adviser due to conflict of interest as BT is a competitor in the mobile markets in the UK. BT has an MVNO agreement with EE. FreedomPop will also be an MVNO or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that leases masts and other infrastructure services to power its mobile customer subscribers. In fact, FreedomPop is going to rely on alternative connectivity to reduce early start up costs. The traffic on its network will be mainly on WiFi networks instead of mobile networks that use microwave towers networks.

Stokols will be traveling to the UK to complete the negotiations for this new access by meeting with BT over the details for their WiFi networks. They can service the new group of WiFi based subscriptions as there are more than five million hotspots available for such a service. The sign up process will take place online. There is a gathering wave of initial users to the sum of 250,000 in England. They have become intrigued with the free subscription details of a one time sign on fee of 7 pounds with no monthly fee at first with 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200 MB of data offer. Once users run out of these initial free products they will be offered a range of monthly plans from 4.99 Pounds to 16.00 Pounds per month.

It will be possible for subscribers to earn free stuff again by participating in various marketing surveys from third-parties. The target mobile consumer is of the low price product market. The idea was born when Stokols noticed that the users in the United States only habitually used up half of their ‘buy extra capcity.’

Activist Yeonmi Park Tells Her Story of Human Rights and North Korean Life

When North Korean activist Yeonmi Park tells her incredible story about her life and escape from North Korea it’s an amazing tale. Even though she’s barely old enough to be out of college, she has lived an incredibly amazing life. She now tells others about her years in her former country, her subsequent escape and her ongoing campaign against the injustices of the North Korea government.

Park grew up in a middle-class area of North Korea with her parents, both government workers. Her father was gainfully employed by the government in an executive job within the North Korean Workers Party, and her mother served the government as a nurse for the North Korean army. She remembers that her life growing up was one of joy and peace. She hadn’t yet experienced what the other side of North Korean life had to offer. She recalls doing typical things that children do, like playing with her friends, laughing and having fun.

But in later years, she vividly remembers the first time she saw the iron hand of the North Korean government. She recalls a time when a family friend was beaten by the police in front of her and her mother. Before then, she had never witnessed brutality of that nature, but it left an indelible mark upon her psyche, one that she remembers to this day.

Park’s carefree life took a sudden turn when her entire family was relocated to another area of the country. Once she lived in a area that was affluent. Now, her family was forced to live in an area where food and supply rationing were commonplace. In many cases, they did not have enough food to eat their to prevent the family from starving, Park’s father undertook illegal activities to bring more money into the household. While conducting one of these activities, he was caught by the state police, put on trial and sentenced to 16 years of hard labor in prison. After serving a substantial amount of time, Park’s father became seriously ill. The state released him from prison to die at home.

When Park’s father returned home, he realized that life was going to be no better in North Korea, and he had to do something to better his family and their situation. He decided that the entire family should leave North Korea and seek a better life elsewhere. Unfortunately, Park’s father was too sick to accompany them on their journey, and ended up passing away in North Korea.

Park and her mother set out on a dangerous journey to sneak out of the country. They crossed the North Korean border into China, where they received help from Chinese smugglers. Unfortunately, the smugglers were even more corrupt than the government. Park and her mother endured many hardships at the hands of the Chinese smugglers as they were smuggled across China. At one point, one of the smugglers raped Park’s mother with Park watching the entire event. They still continued, confident that they would be able to get through China and reach Mongolia. Finally, they reached their destination and crossed into Mongolia. From there, they made arrangements with South Korean diplomats and received safe passage into their country.

Park now spends as much time as possible lecturing and telling people her story of survival. She has spoken at major conferences around the world, including conferences for TED and other notable human rights groups and organizations. She has just completed a book all about her life in North Korea and her escape that will be released later on this year.