How Adam Sender Grew His Art Collection to $70 Million Dollars

If you were to research Adam Sender back only a decade ago, you would have discovered that he was one of the more successful hedge fund managers around. He was running the fund that generated a very nice profit for himself and for his clients, many who took their money and put it right back to work for them. Sender had his eye on a bigger prize however, wanting to take those profits and explode their growth in a reasonable amount of time. The story of what Sender did next may never be duplicated again because of the sheer volume of work and profits he achieved in that short period of time.

Sender decided to take some of his profits from the hedge fund and buy Contemporary art. When he began shopping around, it became quite evident that he was not doing to have as easy a go at it like he first thought. He found out that the masters were commanding millions of dollars for their best pieces, and he realized he could not make much profit if he was going to focus he time on buying from Warhol and other great artists. This is where the story goes from one extreme to another, as Sender realizes he has to find another way if he is going to really make some serious money.

The point that changed everything for Adam Sender happened when he began considering looking at the best works of some artists who were right there on the verge of being the next big artists. These lesser-known artists were making spectacular works that were just not getting the attention of the bigger artists. Sender saw a great opportunity here because their paintings would eventually go up in value despite what the market was dictating at any given time. Sender could gobble up those pieces for $100,000 on average and just wait to see when the market corrected itself.

To prove his theory, Sender (LinkedIn)
decided to sell off 40 of the pieces in 2006 at auction. he was correct with his assumption, as the pieces sold for $20 million dollars. He put his plan into high gear and continued to buy up these paintings when he could. Today Sender has a collection of 400 pieces from a wide variety of more than 120 different artists. He contacted Sotheby’s auction house to sell off the entire collection as he is making his departure from collecting art as he finally did with his hedge fund. The auction house is expecting that the entire lot of paintings will take the better part of a year and a half to sell, but in the end Adam Sender will walk away having sold them all for $70 million dollars.

Human Trafficking Activist Yeonmi Park To Speak At DePauw

As part of the Depauw University’s Ubben Lecture series, human rights activist Yeonmi Park will share her story of hope, despair and the long journey to freedom. At the age of 22, Park is considered one of the leading authorities on human trafficking and one of the strongest voices of oppressed people around the globe. Park’s speech will take place at 7:30 on Monday, Oct. 5 at the Green Center’s Kregse Auditorium.

The North Korean defector was the keynote speaker at Dublin’s One Young World Summit. She has also published a book on Amazon, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, which chronicles her harrowing escape from North Korea and the terrible hardships that she and her family endured while attempting to evade Chinese authorities.

I read about Park’s story, which was chronicled in the DePauw University’s newsletter. She was born in the North Korean city of Hyesan to well-to-do family. North Korea is a society completely under state control, which means — you have virtually no rights. After watching the film, The Titanic, (which is banned in North Korea) the seeds of freedom were planted in Yeonmi’s mind.

After Yeonmi’s father was arrested for smuggling gold, he was arrested and sentenced to a forced labor camp. This is when Yeonmi and her father both knew they must leave North Korea for good. Over the next three years, Yeonmi, her father, mother and sister faced many tough times while plotting an escape; her father would die of colon cancer in 2009 before the family made it to freedom.

Park says that although she and her family faced many obstacles, she still feels strong. It is her goal to speak for those who have no voices and have been forgotten. She has delivered a number of passionate, heart-felt speeches over the past few years about many things she witnessed in North Korea. She says it is her hope to shed new light on this cause and help others who find themselves in the predicament she was once in.

New Brazilian Authors That Inspire the World

Every country’s distinct way of expressing the uniqueness of their culture has, through centuries, been writing. Nothing has that kind of power; to break boundaries, to change minds or to destroy nations. Writing remained the world’s greatest weapon that can do what no other weapons can – spread ideas.

In modern time, it can be achieved not only through its tridimensional form – books, but it can have a more widespread and active approach – through its virtual dimension. New age brings us Internet writers, bloggers, dreamers, idea-makers, thinkers that enrich our virtual lives.

Modern Brazil has been growing stronger in its cultural influence and as it is a mixture of cultures, races and religions, it is also world’s true goldmine of literature. Widespread use of the Internet and the digital revolution overall, followed by a wave of translations to English, has put Brazil on the pedestal of contemporary writing and literature. This article aims to represent the inspiring new forces on the current Brazilian writing scene.
Vanessa Barbara, a journalist and a writer, published her book “Noites de alface” in 2013, which is a novel dealing with daily life and its difficulties. She is also the site editor for the A hortaliça, translator for Conapnhia das Letras and a columnist for few newspapers

Thais Herédia is a journalist with experience in economics and politics, and works as news editor for the TV Globo . Her opinion is highly respected, and she constantly publishes articles at G1-TV Globo portal.

Michel Laub is the author of five novels and won few prizes. His famous novel Diário da Queda is worth mentioning, since it portrays difficulties in the author’s life that affected every major change in his life.

Jaime Garcia Dias is a well-known journalist and blogger with growing influence and highly visited personal blog. His interests are economics, world politics, travel and health. If you are interested in some ecological subjects such as food waste, or health-related topics such as improving your diet, being active and lowering sugar intake, you should refer to his personal blog.

Ricardo Noblat is a former editor of few journals and is now a famous Brazilian journalist with his personal blog, Blog Do Noblat, on the internet site Globo. The blog has numerous politics-related articles that express the opinion and expertise of this respected author.

Fersen Lambranho is making quite a name for himself as the foremost businessman in modern Brazil

Fersen Lambranho is making quite a name for himself as the foremost businessman in modern Brazil. He has often been hailed as the new face of private equity. He started out by making his education a priority, and first obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and a Masters degree in business administration from Instituto de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Administração (COPPEAD-UFRJ).HE even attended the Harvard Business School, where he completed the Owner President Management Program.
Fersen Lambranho
Along with his business partner, Anthony Bonchristiano, these two business moguls are ahead of the game in brazil and might just take over the world. GP Investments is the investment firm owned by Lambranho and Bonchristiano. Under the firms new leadership, the company was able to raise more private equity funds and expands its activities to investments in real estate and infrastructure, acquiring more wealth than anyone had thought possible. And business just keeps accumulating. With Fersen Lambranho’s keen business sense he is currently the largest business in the country of Brazil and his assets just keep profiting beyond what anyone could have imagined. Fersen Lambranho’s untiring ability to stay focused on buying and controlling stakes in companies with the most profitable future makes him a formidable and impressive figure indeed. Fersen Lambbranho is an intense and hunter, first he started out investing billions to enter the oil and mining sectors where whatever he touches just seems to turn to pure gold. He is also holds the largest control of the country of Brazils shopping malls. I cannot wait to see where his investments and aqcuisitions take him next.Fersen Lambranho

You may imagine that with the amount of money that Fersen Lambranho attains he just sits in his mansion and counts his money all day. But this is not the case. Mr. Lambranho works hard as a mentor to new entrepreneurs from “Endeavor”, a (non-profit) organization that supports and develops high-impact economic entrepreneurship for education in over 20 countries for young entrepreneurs. Fersen Lambranho works hard to make the world a better place through his focus on several non-profit organizations with his gracious wife Paloma Lambranho, including(PIPA),they strive to further the prosperity of Brazil through the arts and for humanity.
Fersen Lambranho

Reveiwing Recent Hit Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is a follow up film of the hit movie Magic Mike. The film picks up where the original left off and is able to seamlessly carry the plot from the original movie. The story line is set that the main character Mike and his group set out to have one last great performance after he has decided to end his stripping career. The movie itself has received rave reviews from audiences who were thrilled for a follow up of the original Magic Mike. The cast members from the first film were happy to work on this second movie and many were back for the new movie. A newcomer to the set of this second film was Crystal Hunt who played Lauren in the film. She captured the role in Magic Mike XXL perfectly, and she left fans pleased with her performance.

Crystal Hunt is an American actress who has starred in a multitude of roles throughout her professional career. Beginning at just age 2, Crystal was already launched into being onstage through her participation in beauty pageants. Her love for being onstage and captivating audiences did not soon fade away after this. Throughout her youth, Crystal was able to land many roles in television commercials. She then was able to eventually move into television and film roles.

Perhaps Crystal’s best known role is that which she played from 2003 – 2006 on CBS’s soap opera Guiding Light. In this role she played the character Lizzie Spaulding. It was during this time frame that Crystal really began to grow as an actress and blossom in her professional career. From this point forward Crystal became much more well known and sought after in the world of acting. Crystal continued to pursue her acting career and landed many more successful roles. Some of her best known roles are those in The Derby Stallion, Sydney White, NYC Underground, 23 Blast, and of course her role in Magic Mike XXL. Crystal also went on to be part of another soap opera, One Life to Live where she played the role of Stacy Morasco.

Crystal has also ventured into other business and professional opportunities outside of acting. She has produced a film entitled Talbot County with Dania Ramirez. Another business venture Crystal has partaken in is opening up a pet boutique in her hometown of Clearwater, FL. Crystal Hunt has achieved great success in her acting career, and has shown she has talents in other fields as well. Whether it be on screen or behind the camera, Crystal Hunt will most definitely use her talents wisely.

Unique Makeup By Doe Deere

Makeup is something that all women like to have on hand. Many women have a makeup collection that they keep in their homes. Other women have a traveling makeup case that they take with them when they are going to work or on a trip. However they store their makeup, they love using it to make themselves look prettier.

Makeup Cases For The Home

Vanities are nice places to store makeup. A vanity has a mirror that can be used for the application process too. Storing the makeup is easy when a woman uses small containers to separate the different types of makeup that she has.

Cases That Can Be Used To Put Makeup In When Traveling

There are all types of makeup cases that can be used for traveling. They come in all different shapes and sizes. A woman can also choose from a wide array of colors. Prices vary with these types of carrying cases. These cases usually have different compartments in them so women can separate their makeup so they can find it quicker. Most women shop a sale in order to get a great price on them, and they use coupons if they have them.

How Much Does Makeup Cost?

The cost for makeup depends on what brand a woman buys. It also depends on what type of makeup she is purchasing. Since she will have a wide choice to pick from, she will want to shop around until she finds the kind that she likes the best. When she wants to buy online, she may find that she can get some really great deals on makeup, especially if she buys in certain quantities.

What Brands Should A Woman Purchase?

This depends on what brand she likes. There are many different brands that she can pick from. Some women like to study the ingredients that are put into the different brands and that will give them a better idea of which brand they wish to go with.

Doe Deere Has Unique Makeup For Women

For women that are looking for a different brand of makeup, they can look into the Doe Deere brand. She has a line that includes makeup for eyes, lips and cheeks. They can add some of this to her makeup to their collection so they have even more to choose from.

Keeping makeup organized is a good idea. It’s important for a woman to know the makeup that she has on hand so she can use it on a regular basis.

Life Changing Event for Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson’s net worth as of earlier this year, 2015 before selling the NBA Atlanta Hawks was estimated to be $500M. As one of the founding shareholders of Tech Target and the NBA Atlanta Hawks Team Managing Director. The sale of the Atlanta Hawks before expenses was in the neighborhood of $850M, so his net worth changed a little since the ink dried on the document of sale. The Atlanta Hawks, purchased by a group led by Tony Ressler in July of this year. Previous owners of the Atlanta Hawks include Ted Turner when they relocated to Atlanta, and the team has resided in Atlanta ever since 1965. After Ted Turner, the team was owned by Atlanta Spirit LLC.

With the new ownership, there has been a change in the team logo “Atlanta Hawks.” The new uniform was unveiled in June and is a modern version of their old ‘Pacman’.

[The net worth figure mentioned was received from a credible source, and not taken from Levenson’s personal accounts or personal records, and should be noted it is before expenses and taxes.]

It goes without saying that Bruce’s love for basketball will never diminish, and he will probably be seen at many games if you watch the coverage on television or attend the Atlanta games. The upside is that Bruce will have more time to spend with his wife and family, including those grandchildren, and this opens his calendar for more family events and travel, which is probably long overdue.

As does his wife, Karen, he devotes time to his philanthropic charities. One of those philanthropic endeavors is the “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Washington, DC., Hoop Dreams Foundation, and a growing program at the University of Maryland that trains and teaches every undergrad the knowledge needed to work at a non-profit organization. After graduation, every graduating student has been trained in the School of Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management. This is certainly a field where skill sets are needed to keep these worthy organizations working for their cause and remain solvent working for their community.

Bruce Levenson is a board member on several boards specializing in the information industry. Bruce always has his responsibilities at UCG where he and his partner Ed Peskowitz are still very active in the business end of this venture they started thirty-eight years ago in a storage room over Bruce’s father’s liquor store in Maryland. Since Bruce’s background is in business management and journalism, he could easily open new doors for UCG and many of its subsidiaries with his creativity.

What’s around the corner for Bruce Levenson is totally up to Bruce. I’m sure he has ideas in the works and plans to remain active in the world of sports.

Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks

Who is Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson was born on October first of 1949 in Washington D.C. Bruce Levenson was born to a family that practiced the Jewish faith. Soon after birth his family moved to Chevy Chase, Maryland where he spent most of his childhood.

Bruce Levenson had quite an active collect career. He attended Washington University located in St. Louis but earned his degree in law from American University. Bruce Levenson was quite proactive in his schooling and career. He started working as a journalist for the Washington Star during the day while he was going to law school at night.

Today Bruce Levenson has a beautiful wife named Karen Boyarsky and three amazing boys. The family owns two homes in Maryland and live a very happy and fulfilled life.

The Atlanta Hawks
Most people recognize the name Bruce Levenson. It is a common household name for anyone who is really into basketball and sports in general. This is because Bruce Levenson was at one point a co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks.

In 2004 Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz came together to form the Atlanta Spirit LLC. The Atlanta Spirit LLC was eventually renamed the Atlantic Hawks LLC. The Atlanta Spirit LLC was the original purchaser of the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers. In 2011 the Atlanta Thrashers were sold to an NHL team buyer.

Unfortunately, Bruce Levenson decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks in 2014. Many people were very sad to see that he was selling the team, but they showed him great support in making that tough decision.

What Else?
Bruce Levenson is most notably known for his involvement with the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. Still, there is much more to Bruce Levenson than many people realize. He is an absolutely brilliant man with drive, determination, and a heart of gold.

Bruce Levenson co-owned the Atlanta Hawks with a man he knew very well. This man was Ed Peskowitz. Not many people know that Bruce Levenson had known Ed Peskowitz for quite a while before purchasing the Atlanta Hawks in 2001. Bruce Levenson had actually already done a great deal with Ed Peskowitz when they co-founded the United Communications Group in 1977. The United Communications Group was actually based out of Bruce Levenson’s apartment in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The United Communications Group was a company that published a newsletter called the Oil Express. The Oil Express focused exclusively on the developments that were currently happening in the oil industry.

To this day many people refer to Bruce Levenson as an absolutely brilliant person. He is known as a business owner and a philanthropist. Others describe him as a loving father and an attentive husband to his wife and children. Not many people can say that they have started their own business out of an apartment and watched it succeed while also acknowledging that they were a co-owner of a popular sports team. Even though all of this is in Bruce Levenson’s past he still currently owns 2 homes in Maryland, has kept a faithful relationship with his family, and continues to impress most who know him.

Start Shopping For Some Amazing New York City Real Estate

If you’re a person who doesn’t look at money as an object when it comes to moving to a different home, then you should have no problem when it comes to finding a new place to live in New York City right? This is not necessarily true because even those with a lot of money may find it difficult to find a new home, especially in a place like New York City. New York City properties has limited space, similar to any other big city around the USA. Since New York City is such a desirable place to live, you may find that it’s difficult to find a new home, especially if you want one that is superior in its amenities and features.

Typically, finding a home can be something that’s done by a person looking through different resources, but it may be better if the person chooses to hire a real estate agent. No matter what the person’s budget is, a real estate agent should be hired because they can save a person untold amounts of time. Let’s say it may take a person several weeks to find a new home that they finally decide to move into. Hiring a real estate agent can cut that time in half or even less, and this is because the real estate agent can dedicate all their time to finding a new home for that person.

Any person that’s looking for a new home will only have so much time that they can dedicate to the process. A real estate agent has the job of only looking for a home for their clients, so they have more time available to do so. If a real estate agent is dedicated enough, and they know their area well, then they can find some great homes for their clients, and they’ll do it in a shorter period of time. If you know what type of place you want to live in, even if it’s a penthouse, a condo, an apartment or any other type of dwelling, then you need to give Town Real Estate a call.

The reason why Town Real Estate should be your first choice is because of the fact that they are incredibly knowledgeable about the New York City area as well as the homes the city has to offer. If you’re looking for a great place that has some amenities that are very enviable, then why not hire an agency that knows where to find these places? A balcony with a great view is not impossible, especially if you hire the right agency that knows where to find it. Ease some of your house hunting woes by calling Town Real Estate today.

S’well founder Sarah Kauss is an accidental entrepreneur


Sarah Kauss has never anticipated being an entrepreneur and fell into creating the S’well brand of insulated metal water bottles after finding inspiration in a 2009 lecture about damaging water shortages. Kauss has been a strong supporter of the need to reduce plastic water bottle waste for many years, which prompted her to carry a metal water bottle of her own throughout her career working as a financial expert.

Kauss explained to CNN she had always had difficulties finding a water bottle that suited her own sense of style and would keep her water cold throughout the day. After finding inspiration in the lecture Kauss looked at ways of redesigning the metal water bottle to suit her own needs and to look more stylish than the bulky versions produced by sports companies. The insulated bottles produced by S’well offer the chance to keep iced water cool for 24 hours and hot liquids warm for 12 hours in a bid to reduce the level of waste associated with carrying water around for prolonged periods of time. 

The launch of S’well in 2010 has now seen three different sizes of bottle produced and a number of different designs. These designs have been created for those who want a visible design that is simple to use and features many different options for looking stylish with different sizes and styles. Revenue has reached $10 million for S’well in 2014, which is a handsome return on the $30,000 investment Kauss made to launch the company.