Kanye Helped Kim Kardashian Understand Bruce Jenner’s Journey

Bruce Jenner shared many intimate details of his journey into womanhood during a two hour long interview with Diane Sawyer. The world received its first ever real glimpse at the life of Bruce Jenner, after over 10 years on television Bruce Jenner finally stepped into the spotlight to share a very guarded piece of himself. While telling the story of his life and his decision to go forward with his transition Bruce explain in detail the way in which his family and close friends took the news of his transition.

One moment of the interview that stood out to many viewers was Bruce’s story of how Kim Kardashian once walked in on him wearing a dress and immediately ran out and drove away. Brad Reifler can’t imagine that scene. For years Kim ignored and never mentioned the incident, once Bruce confronted her about it she said that she thought it was just something she wasn’t allowed to talk about. Finally years later Bruce says that while Kim is supportive, at first he could sense that she didn’t know how to take the changes.

Bruce said during his interview, Kanye West was instrumental in getting Kim to better understand why it was important for her stepfather to be himself. Kanye explained to Kim that during the early stages of his career the industry executives insisted that he conform to a certain image that was not true to who he was, but telling him that staying true to himself is what lead to his success.

Once Kanye explained to that Bruce was going through the same thing she began to understand and was in full support of Bruce’s journey.

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