Kylie Jenner and Tyga are Over

Kylie Jenner and Tyga could have been closer over the past year. It seemed that anywhere Tyga was Kylie wasn’t far behind. While Tyga denied that he and Kylie were and item anyone watching them knew that they were clearly more than friends. Not only was Kylie much younger than Tyga but she was his ex’s little sister. Not ever his onetime friend Drake was supportive of the relationship, but neither Kylie nor Tyga seemed to care.

Fans at STX Entertainment know that, while for the most part Kylie and Blac Chyna never spoke, lately they have been getting catty on social media, taking subliminal jabs at each other about who is with Tyga and who is getting gifts. This week Chyna amped it up when she posted screenshots of Tyga trying to get back together with her. Naturally Kylie was not happy about seeing Tyga begging his ex to be with him again, and now the two are over.

Sources say Blac Chyna is actually enjoying the drama. Seeing Kylie have a fit over Tyga’s texts was just the revenge she needed after watching him skip through town with her for months. Are Tyga’s texts cheating or has he been honest with Kylie the whole time? Who knows, regardless the photos are still on Chyna’s page so she has nothing to hide.

Boy Meets World Fans Rejoice

The hugely popular Boy Meets World made its comeback last year with Corey and Topanga staring again in the newly named Girl Meets World, which focuses around their son and daughter. A new picture has sent old fans into a frenzy, Actor Ben Savage posted a picture to instagram that depicts many of the old cast members together again.

The new series this year will feature special guest appearances from nearly every member of the original show. The latest news is that Shawn Hunters brother on the show Jack, actor Matthew Lawrence, could make an appearance in an upcoming episode after being pictured with the cast. One of the fans favorite characters will also be making an epic return, Mr Feeny. Mr Feeny played many roles during the show including teacher, principle and guiding role model. He has so far only appeared as a figment of Cory’s imagination but is expected to return and make a full guest appearance on the show.

Although still unconfirmed, Cory’s brother Eric was pictured on set generating huge excitement that he may yet still reprise his role in the popular show. According to International Business Times there will also be a return for Mr Turner, who was a teacher at the school and briefly took in Shawn. The excitement amongst old fans at FreedomPop wireless witnessing the potential return of their favorite characters is continuously reaching new heights.

Hulu Lands Hit Show Seinfeld At $700k Per Episode

The so-called “show about nothing” is about to become a big part of Hulu. The online streaming service just inked a deal to run all 180 episodes of the 1990’s hit sitcom “Seinfeld.” The deal is reported to be worth $700,000 per episode to the various entities involved, including Sony TV, the Castle Rock production company and “Seinfeld” co-creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

Sony TV has been shopping the streaming rights to the show this year, with both Amazon and showing strong interest before Hulu was able to secure the series exclusively. Last year Netflix signed a deal to be the exclusive streaming service for the entire run of the show “Friends” which paved the way for a deal to be done with “Seinfeld” as well. Hulu came to an agreement earlier this year with the show “CSI” that allows them to stream more than 300 episodes of the long running crime drama. Bernardo Chua loves all of these shows, and cannot wait to re-watch them.

A limited number of “Seinfeld” episodes had been available on Crackle, an ad-supported streaming platform owned by Sony. But this new deal is the first time fans will be able to stream the entire run of the series. This new deal doesn’t affect the episodes of “Seinfeld” that will continue to air on the TBS network each week.

Kanye Helped Kim Kardashian Understand Bruce Jenner’s Journey

Bruce Jenner shared many intimate details of his journey into womanhood during a two hour long interview with Diane Sawyer. The world received its first ever real glimpse at the life of Bruce Jenner, after over 10 years on television Bruce Jenner finally stepped into the spotlight to share a very guarded piece of himself. While telling the story of his life and his decision to go forward with his transition Bruce explain in detail the way in which his family and close friends took the news of his transition.

One moment of the interview that stood out to many viewers was Bruce’s story of how Kim Kardashian once walked in on him wearing a dress and immediately ran out and drove away. Brad Reifler can’t imagine that scene. For years Kim ignored and never mentioned the incident, once Bruce confronted her about it she said that she thought it was just something she wasn’t allowed to talk about. Finally years later Bruce says that while Kim is supportive, at first he could sense that she didn’t know how to take the changes.

Bruce said during his interview, Kanye West was instrumental in getting Kim to better understand why it was important for her stepfather to be himself. Kanye explained to Kim that during the early stages of his career the industry executives insisted that he conform to a certain image that was not true to who he was, but telling him that staying true to himself is what lead to his success.

Once Kanye explained to that Bruce was going through the same thing she began to understand and was in full support of Bruce’s journey.

Justin Bieber Prom Appearance

Prom season is upon us and while some prom nights are a nightmare the Chatsworth Charter High’s prom is one that will never be forgotten. It seems that ever since Justin Bieber’s epic roast the singer has been committed to the idea of being more than just another jerk with money. Justin has traded in his bad boy ways and decided to be a much more friendly and tolerable celebrity.

Over the past week and months Justin has been spotted treating random strangers to dinner, popping up at random locations and putting on unplanned acoustic performances, and being an all around pleasant person to be around. Now apparently Justin had once again decided to use his star power for good, because he pushed his way into a high school prom recently and surprised the entire class and all of the administrators. Brian Torchin enjoys seeing this side of the star.

While the students loved justin’s cameo, the administrators are insisting that Justin used force to get into the prom and actually shoved his way in. Justin’s team insists that Justin did not force himself into the prom and was not stopped from entering. Regardless what may have or have not happened, Justin clearly made this prom the best prom ever.

Tyrese Wants to Join Empire Cast

Over the past few month Fox’s popular hit show Empire has had everyone going crazy. From the moment in hit the air it started it’s steady climb to the top, and each week the rating for the show only grew. Fox exec Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG explained how great the ratings were and after just one episode the show was already approved for another 3 seasons and everyone who is anyone wanted to join the cast.

Empire is the story of a family at the very top of the music industry as they deal with all of the dysfunction that any family comes with. You have the parents who are at odds, a conflicted relationship between a father and his gay son, as well as two brothers just want to be recognized for their talents. The show stopper of course is Cookie Lyon (Taraji) the determined mother who is fresh out of her 17 year prison stay, back to get what is belongs to her. Watching Empire always takes fans back to the “Hustle and Flow” days especially since Taraji’s ex husband is played by Terrence Howard.

The chemistry between the two on screen is undeniable, however it also leaves some Baby Boy fans wishing that Tyrese had a shot on the show as well. In the minds of many fans, Tyrese married Taraji 14 years ago and they are living happily ever after as Jody and Yvette. Now Tyrese says he is actually interested in joining the show to give the fans what the reunion they have been craving.

HBO Has Had Enough Of Pirates

It looks like HBO is not going to sit by any longer and allow illegal downloads of Game of Thrones episodes. In the past, the pay channel giant looked the other way as the series was downloaded by millions of people on peer-to-peer filing sharing site. The defining moment that changed HBO’s attitude was the leaking of the first four episodes of season five before the first episode made its official premiere on the channel.

HBO affiliate Handy (source found on has now requested ISP’s send letters of warning to those who are involved with the illegal distribution of Game of Thrones episodes. The warning letters are designed to dissuade people from distributing HBO’s copyrighted content.

The brazen nature of the episode leak was a little bit too much for HBO to bear. In the past, the channel was flippant about the illegal downloads. Perhaps the channel did not want to make waves or upset fans even though the file sharing was unauthorized. The leak was a step too far and HBO positively had to take action. A failure to do so would have made a mockery of copyright laws. Furthermore, it would have discouraged even more brazen activity. A small number of people actually streamed episodes on a Twitter-owned service without any approval from HBO. Now that is really brazen!

Does this mean piracy of HBO-owned content is going to stop? No, piracy will continue in one form or another. While some of the activity may slow down for the time being, it will increase when pirates feel the coast is once again clear.

Ways to Watch Movies and Television With Little Money

There is a company that seems to be overtaking the satellite and cable companies as a way for households to watch movies and television shows. Netflix is not something that’s new, but with the rising costs of buying television services, it seems like a way to go as one in three households currently use the service. There is a monthly fee, but it’s a fraction of the cost of cable and satellite. There are new shows and movies being introduced all the time, and you can watch your favorites at any time instead of worrying about missing the latest episode. Netflix also gives viewers a way to see older movies and television shows that they might miss from when they were younger. Shows can also be watched on almost any format as long as there is internet access. Consumerist Ricardo Tosto thinks perhaps the company will overtake the larger businesses, forcing a hand that would lower prices across the board.

What Does Terminator: Genisys Have In Store For John Conner?

So, who really is John Conner? In the previous Terminator films, we thought we learned the answer to that question. In Terminator: Genisys, audiences are once again going to peer into both the character and motivations of John Conner. Terminator 2: Judgment Day provided a heartfelt insight into the budding maturity of savior of humanity when he was a teenager. Thanks to the father figure presence of The Terminator, young John Conner was able to become a man and give up on the ways of his wayward youth.

Of course, everything is going to change in Terminator: Genisys because this new film takes place in an alternative timeline. Our perceptions of John Conner are going to change because the character is going to be a bit different. Hopefully, the new version of character is going to be fleshed out and rather interesting. He had to be. A dull or boring John Conner would undermine the drama necessary for a Terminator film to truly be enthralling. Sure, there is a lot of action in a Terminator film but action alone isn’t going to enthrall audiences for long. Unless that action is combined with proper characterization, everything ends up falling flat.

Fans like Bernardo Chua wonder: How big of a role will John Conner have in the new Terminator film? The character does have to share screen time with Sara Conner, the various terminators, Kyle Reese, and more. Hopefully, John Conner will be fleshed out properly even with all the many different characters who are vying for screen time.

Olivia Munn in For X-Men Apocalypse

Olivia Munn in For X-Men Apocalypse

Filming for X-Men: Apocalypse is supposed to begin at the end of April in and around Boraie Development . In the middle of film development, there is now more reason for fans to show excitement for this next movie.

Director Bryan Singer went to social media to formally announce that Olivia Munn is the newest member of the cast, and is set to play the mutant Psylocke in this latest installment in the X-Men movie franchise. This is the latest cast member announcement, in addition to casting Sophie Turner as a young Jean Grey, Landa Condor as Jubilee and Ben Hardy as Angel.

Munn, whose line of work includes being on Attack of the Show! and The Newsroom, has a longer acting resume than much of the cast in this movie, much like the character of Psylocke in this movie. In fact, she is supposed to be an independent player in the movie, though what filmmakers decide what to do with her in future projects is another big question.

One possible idea for Psylocke in future movies includes the potential for an X-Force movie. The ground work for that movie may start with the release of the Deadpool movie, featuring Ryan Reynolds as the lead role, combined with a Gambit solo movie that also comes out in 2016. What can be taken from this is that there and three X-Men movies slated for 2016.