Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath Rumored to be Dead

According to the story today on USA Today, there was a rumor floating around for a little while that the 46-year-old singer and television personality was dead. It was reported that news outlets, as well as television, received emails from a publicity firm, which is located in Los Angeles, telling the news of the actor’s demise.

The email had said that McGrath was shot while he was filming for the second season of his show, Hot Package. The email described the shooter as a masked gunman who confronted McGrath before shooting him several times. It then went on to say that he died in the arms of his co-host, Derrick Beckles, while on the set. The publicity firm asked that fans take pictures of themselves with a packet of sugar over their heart to show love for the now-deceased McGrath, #RIPMARKMCGRATH.

So it turns out that Mark McGrath is just fine. All his fans, like Bernardo Chua ( can breathe a little easier now. The publicity firm who sent out the email are not even affiliated with McGrath or his show Hot Package. In fact, it turns out that the email may have just been a publicity stunt. The first episode of the new season of McGrath’s show is that exact storyline.

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