John Ostrander Talks About The Suicide Squad Film

Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a very highly anticipated film. The project is a very ambitious release from the D.C. Comics studios because it is, how shall we say, villain-centric.

John Ostrander is the creative genius who came up with the concept of the Suicide Squad. The world of comics certainly appreciated his contribution. His creative brilliance crafted the notion of a “Dirty Dozen with super-villains” and this was a very original theme for the D.C. Comics line. The film based on the original work should really set itself apart from other comic book movies.

Ostrander is now speaking out a bit on the subject of the movie.

Creators and writers of comic books that are adapted into motion pictures do not always discuss the cinema adaptions of their material. Generally, it is bad form to try and interject oneself into someone else’s related project. Sam Tabar is one person who feels that way. That said, it never hurts to hear insightful words from a truly brilliant writer or artist who has nice things to say about the transition from book to screen.

Ostrander has been quick to point out here is thrilled with D.C.’s decision to hire an A-list cast for the film as this shows the studio is taking the project serious and is not just planning a throwaway film for the summer. The casting of Oscar winner Jared Leto is a perfect example of how a studio wants to convey to audiences that a film is a big deal.

Look for the big budget Suicide Squad project to land in theaters in the summer of 2016. Ostrander is hoping that someone from the studio gives him a call for a cameo.

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