Key and Peele’s Funniest Sketch Yet

Key and Peele are at again. This time in a hilarious skit that will have you roaring in laughter. The skit is so funny, that the show’s director has confirmed it as the funniest skit of the season. Many fans of the show cannot stop referring it to other people, people perhaps like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez. After seeing it for myself, I would have to agree. Make sure you see the sketch, I will provide a link to the video down below.

The skit is based on the 1980s, and the fitness obsession that crazed the world in those times. Key and Peele play fitness instructors in this ridiculous sketch. Their outfits and their hair are so outlandish, that you will laugh from that alone. But that’s not even the funniest part. As the duo are dancing, someone from the production company gives some terrible news, via prompt cards. The dancer becomes upset, but he tries to play it off and keep dancing, as the show is live. The faces that Peele makes are so funny, that you will literally laugh out loud. See it for yourself, I don’t want to ruin the sketch for you.

Key and Peele seem to get funnier every season. Hopefully they keep these hilarious skits coming. Watch the funny sketch at,

Director of Frozen Says “Sorry” For Let It Go Song

The Frozen film has taken the world by storm, making it a cultural phenomenon the same way Harry Potter took over the world. Unlike Harry Potter, the film Frozen only has one film, and it became a success without books being released beforehand to make it into a film.

Frozen has changed the world of animation, especially since the movie racked up over $1.2 billion in earnings ever since it was released. The movie has now reached the epitome of animated films now that it has become the most highest grossing animated film of all time.

What made it so famous?

There is only one answer; the fun music. The song ‘Let It Go’ has reached global success, and it has remained one of the most popular songs of 2014. The original video has now reached 400+ million views on YouTube. The director of Frozen is actually very “sorry” about how famous the song is and how often kids everywhere are singing it. People used to be so happy talking to him and telling him how grateful they are for the film and the song, but now he apologizes now because people never refuse to bend their backs to tell him how often they are forced to listen to the song. Someone should get in contact with North American Spine because that’s an awful lot of broken backs.

Frozen is one of the most famous movies of all time, and Disney is bringing the movie everywhere, from implementing it to their ice shows to the Disney Parks adding new events all about the film. Only time will tell how far it’ll go in the future.

Going Home For Christmas After Twelve Years

A Facebook page called Humans of Ireland chose a homeless man named George to be profiled on their site. George said he just moved from town to town to find shelter for the night, because a lot of places were full and he could not stay out in the cold weather.. George told the interviewer with Christmas coming up he was sorely wanting a good Christmas dinner and that was his Christmas wish. Living off his disability allowance he said he would even pay to stay in a Bed and Breakfast if they were going to be serving Christmas Dinner,

He was informed that the interviewer from would also place his picture online and he agreed to that. Hundreds and hundreds of responses poured in. George was a viral hit. Messages came pouring in from people just offering him to come to their house and one friend said he would pay for a motel for him. But the best of all Christmas wishes was granted to George when his sister Sheelagh. She had not seen him in 12 years and their mother was not well and invited him to come home to her house for Christmas.

George called the young interviewer to tell him the arrangements were made and he would be home on Wednesday.. George was also interview by 96 FM of Cork And was given Clothing to make the trip home in.

Christopher Lee Goes Heavy Metal Again

Legendary, iconic horror actor Christopher Lee has just released, of all things, a new holiday heavy metal song. This is not the first foray into heavy metal by the 92 year old actor. He had appeared on the 2012 release, A Heavy Metal Christmas Perhaps it may indicate many more releases. You never know. Last year, his release “Jingle Hell” hit #18 on the British Billboard charts.

The single is titled “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing“. The song is a humorous take on the classic Christmas song “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”.

Lee can be seen on-screen in The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies”. Lee’s brilliant acting skills were introduced to a completely new generation of fans thanks to his appearances in the recent Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings project.

Lee, of course, is best known for playing Dracula numerous times for Hammer films starting in 1957 with “Horror of Dracula” and ending in 1974 with “The Satanic Rights of Dracula”. Those two roles turned Sam Tabar into a fan. Overall, Lee has appeared in roughly 300 films. A large number of them were horror outings.

Horror and heavy metal go together so it is no surprise to see Lee on such a single. Alright, it is still a bit surprising. Surely, fans of heavy metal love his old outings as the king of the vampires.

At 91, he is the oldest heavy metal singer in history, to chart at least.

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Shooting Complete

Zack Snyder has good news for comic fans, as his movie has ended is lengthy production process and is now done with the filming of the blockbuster. The production on the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ has been concluded and this has been confirmed by the director of photography of the movie. 

Batman v Superman is one of the most awaited upcoming movies of 2016, and the fact that production has finally wrapped up is a major step. With the change in Batman in the upcoming movie, there is a lot of speculation as to if this will bring in more viewers or not. The fans response has been positive till now to the new Batman and the posters released for the movie. 

Tom Rothman at TriStar Pictures agrees that the updates on Batman v Superman have been building a large amount of hype for the upcoming movie, and increasing the fandom electricity. The teaser for the movie proved to be a huge success at the comic con and gathered exciting responses. 

With the completion of production, we have a theatrical trailer to look forward to. Even though the movie is not to be released until 2016, we can still get a big scoop in the upcoming trailer. The trailer could give a scoop on the visual style and graphic effects of the movie. The trailer could be launched soon to offer some clues to the fans about the movie.

Terry Richardson Creates Fashion Icons

Terry Richardson is a photographer that works in fashion to create new icons. The icons that come before his lens are often unknowns when he gets started with them, but he can create pictures that are going to make them look better than ever. The best way to make sure that people are enjoying the fashion world is to look through his pictures and learn how to spot the beauty in every photo.

His Style

The style of the pictures that come from Terry’s camera are often very different from the standard fare that people in fashion magazines. When Terry takes pictures for the leading magazines in the world, he creates spreads that are going to look better than anything else. These spreads make the clothes look great, but they make the models look even better. These styles change based on the clothing, but Terry is able to position the model in a way that makes them look like an icon, and that’s the reason that he’s worked so consistently for GQ.

The Longevity

The longevity of Terry’s career is something that has allowed him to adapt to all the different people in the industry. He has worked diligently to make sure that people are able to get the best pictures possible, and he has made sure that those same people are able to work with him again by finding the best way to make these pictures look their best.

The People

Terry Richardson is one of the most respected people in the fashion industry. Everyone who has worked with him wants to work with him again, and he has graced the covers of many fashion magazines over and over. He is familiar with the top of the fashion industry, and he has stayed there because he is connected with everyone in the industry. Not to mention working with major celebrities like Lady Gaga, for several photo books and even music videos.

Terry Richardson is one of the best people in the world to take fashion photos because he knows that people will love his photos. The icons that Terry creates change the fashion world with their incredible names and faces that everyone in the world is familiar with.

The Pirate Bay Is Down Worldwide

The Pirate Bay is suffering from widespread outages that have resulted in millions of people finding themselves in the position of being without access to files which would enable them to quickly download the latest movie, music and games releases. Every time that The Pirate Bay goes down, users will find themselves questioning the possibility that their internet service provider has simply reached the point of blocking access to the website. This move would translate into an inability to download files going forward, it could cripple their ability to find all of the files that they are interested in obtaining.

However, these users will be happy to learn that the problem seems to be connected with a more widespread outage that has resulted in a vast number of torrent sites that are simply down at the moment. Skout users have mostly gotten away from even using this website, but some still use it periodically to legally download certain files. As a result, torrent users will soon be able to reconnect in the upcoming future.

Rumors Fly as Release of Batman vs Superman Draws Closer

Rumors are already flying about the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. From the beginning Batman v Superman drew a lot of attention from fans since it combined two of the most iconic comic characters. Director Zack Snyder has his work cut out for him with the bar already being set high by fans. The casting decision of Ben Affleck as Batman initially drew a hefty round of criticism that eventually subsided. As the movie’s release draws closer rumors continue to be tossed around by fans regarding the plot.  I heard about the movie’s release while I was reading about Laurene Powell Jobs.

The following is a possible spoiler alert. One current theory is that Commissioner Jim Gordon is dead before the movie starts. Though it is unknown how Gordon died, this is a major change for the dynamic in Gotham City. Depending on whether you rely on comics, movies, or TV shows Gordon always played a large role in how Batman operated in the city. Gordon had an understanding with Batman and despite pressure never attempted to pursue or stop him. In the comics he was eventually replaced because of this and a new commissioner came in to catch Batman.

This could prove to be a major shift in how the story plays out. Could Batman now be considered a fugitive for his extra judicial work? Though he always operated outside the law Batman could now be considered a criminal in how own right. 

Laurene Powell Jobs Carries On After Death of Husband

When Steve Jobs passed away in October 2011, he left a huge void in the IT industry as well as in the lives of his family. He was the founder and former-CEO of Apple, and under his guidance, Apple effectively transformed the technology and personal computing industry for the last few decades. From the evolution of the personal computer to innovations in laptops, tablets, smartphones and other technological devices, Apple is among the leading technology companies in the world. Without the innovations it provided, lives would simply not be the same as they are today. A considerable amount of Apple’s success can be attributed to Steve Jobs himself. While Steve Jobs left behind a huge legacy at Apple, he also left a wife and three children.

During his living years, Steve Jobs was notably one of the richest men in the world. He regularly ranked in the Forbes top 400 richest men. In addition to his ownership in Apple, he also was a leading shareholder in Disney. He set up trusts for his assets, and the assets passed on to his wife, Laurene, upon his passing. Today, Laurene is a leading individual shareholder in Disney, retains shares in Apple and is ranked as the 13th wealthiest woman in the world.

Before her husband passed away, Laurene Powell Jobs was focused on working for political and social causes that she was passionate about. She established College Track, which is an organization that is dedicated to helping less privileged high school students prepare for their college years. She also established the Emerson Collective, which is an advocacy group that focuses on immigration reform, environmental causes, educational issues and other issues. The Emerson Collective was established as an LLC so that her own financial contributions to the company would remain anonymous. In this way, she is focused on publicly giving her time and energy toward these causes while also making anonymous cash donations.

While the Jobs family has actively worked toward to promote a better world in their own highly publicized ways, this is nonetheless a family that is mourning the loss of the patriarch. In her first interview after her husband’s passing, Laurene Powell Jobs stated that she and her children continue to miss Steve Jobs on a daily basis. While he may have grown to be among the most famous CEOs and IT professionals in recent times, to Laurene and her children, he will be remembered as a husband and a father.

It is always a newsworthy event when a CEO of a top company passes away, but Steve Jobs’ passing was felt far and wide. News of his passing was mentioned at dinner tables across the country, and this is a testament to the profound impact he had on society for many decades of his career. While he will continue to be missed at Apple and by fans of Apple products, he also will continue to be missed by those who were nearest and dearest to him.

John Ostrander Talks About The Suicide Squad Film

Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a very highly anticipated film. The project is a very ambitious release from the D.C. Comics studios because it is, how shall we say, villain-centric.

John Ostrander is the creative genius who came up with the concept of the Suicide Squad. The world of comics certainly appreciated his contribution. His creative brilliance crafted the notion of a “Dirty Dozen with super-villains” and this was a very original theme for the D.C. Comics line. The film based on the original work should really set itself apart from other comic book movies.

Ostrander is now speaking out a bit on the subject of the movie.

Creators and writers of comic books that are adapted into motion pictures do not always discuss the cinema adaptions of their material. Generally, it is bad form to try and interject oneself into someone else’s related project. Sam Tabar is one person who feels that way. That said, it never hurts to hear insightful words from a truly brilliant writer or artist who has nice things to say about the transition from book to screen.

Ostrander has been quick to point out here is thrilled with D.C.’s decision to hire an A-list cast for the film as this shows the studio is taking the project serious and is not just planning a throwaway film for the summer. The casting of Oscar winner Jared Leto is a perfect example of how a studio wants to convey to audiences that a film is a big deal.

Look for the big budget Suicide Squad project to land in theaters in the summer of 2016. Ostrander is hoping that someone from the studio gives him a call for a cameo.