Rona Borre: Top Level Entrepreneur

Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona

It is difficult to find a better example of what an entrepreneur should be than Rona Borre. She is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a staffing company based in Chicago. Rona has made her path through a great work ethic and attitude and is one of the leading entrepreneurs in all of Chicago.


Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in business. From there, she would go on to work at a global recruiting firm. At this firm, she built a $30 million book of businesses. She left this company to start Instant Technology in 2001. During the first five years of the company’s existence, Borre saw a double in profits each year. Instant Technology now goes by the name of Instant Alliance and is one of the largest IT staffing companies in the Chicago area.


Instant Alliance is a great success and Borre is at the forefront of this. She started the company from her basement in Chicago and has overseen the growth as CEO. As the CEO, it is her job to build strong relationships between companies and the top IT talent. By building these relationships, she has shown she has what it takes to lead a business into the future.

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It will be interesting to see the heights that Borre can reach with Instant Alliance. She already has a proven track record of top quality leadership and entrepreneurship. Rona Borre is without a doubt the model of what a successful entrepreneur and business leader should be.



Rona Borre is learned individual

Rona , Founder and CEO of Instant Alliance has been on the front line as one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the country. The company since its founding in 2001 has grown increasing its returns providing the best in its IT services on the handing improving the country revenue by mainly contributing to it.


She gained great personality over the years in her career and in her lifetime in school. She is been leadership opportunity to serve the Chicago Comminity clubs where she leads about three of them that are; Young Presidents Organizaton, Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago network. Also Rona has been featured in tv stations like CBS 2 Chicago ,CNBS USA Today CNN and Crains Chicago so many ties where she earned herself a honor as the an influential woman in business by the national association of women business owners and business ledger.  Check this site.


Due to her hard work she has received an acknowledgement by the Enterprising woman magazine as the enterprising woman of the year this thus has brought to her adding and addition to their very won trophies.   According to, literally Rona Borre is learned individual he obtained her BS in Business from University of Arizona. Live to your dream and make the best you can.

How Arthur Becker is gradually proving to be a real tech guru.

To many, Arthur Becker is a tech guru. The reason behind being a tech guru was his capabilities of handling different projects. Currently, Mr. Arthur is the CEO and Chairman of Zinio Company that is a digital marketing firm. However, his interest and engagement in real estate investments are what have made him famous.

When it comes to real estate market, Arthur is not new. Moreover, he has been ranked among the top ten individuals who have invested in New York City. Mr. Arthur is the managing director of a company dealing with real estate, Atlanta Investors Company. He was a student of Bennington College where he earned a degree in bachelor of administration before joining Tuck school of Business.

In most instances, he has been seen to score big when it came to real estate industry. For example, he became the sole owner of three townhouses back in mid-2016. Though these houses were next to each other on the Sullivan Street, they were different. With reference to Sullivan Street, Mr. Becker has invested in 10 Sullivan Street that has gained him ownership of thirty, forty and fifty in Sullivan Street. See,

These townhouses he owns are among the four houses developed by the Property Markets group and Madison Equities. When he was purchasing these homes, they were not complete but when they were, he decided to live in one. With his involvement in the real estate Industry, we can say he made the right move of purchasing the townhouses. This is because; he got the better part of the bargain as he exchanged his stake at condominium development with the ownership of the townhouses. When completed, these townhouses are expected to increase in value which proves Arthur made a good and safe deal.

His career journey can be described in one word as interesting. In 2002, he was the CEO and Board Member of Navisite where he worked for nearly eight years. The firm was a tech company, and it is in this company his mark in tech career was made. Apart from being the CEO of Company, he is also the managing director of two more companies. One of them is Madison Technology group and Atlantis Investors Company. Not many people can be able to manage various companies like Arthur Becker does which proves he is a real tech guru.


How Is The UK Wine Industry Excelling?

The UK wine industry is excelling in recent years due to an influx of online orders and sales. The companies that have their vineyards on the isles of Britain are serving wine that is truly special, and they have found a way to reach the public with their wines more easily. They have their own form of the grapes to make each wine, and this article explains how the wines in the UK are so unique in the industry.

#1: The Wines Have Unique Soil

The soil at each vineyard in the UK is quite unique to the islands. The soil offers a different flavor in each grape, and people who are drinking the wines will notice they taste quite a lot different than what they are accustomed to. They have a good flavor, but it is not standard. UK vintners are building wines knowing their soil offers them an advantage.

#2: Selling Online

UK vintners are selling online to meet more customers, and they are making it simple for the customer to buy from them at any time. The online ordering process is easy, and the wines may be shipped around the world. Someone who is willing to order online will have instant access to any wine they want, and it will make its way to their dinner table in a few days.

#3: How Does One Tour The Vineyards?

The vineyards in the UK have their own tasting rooms, and they are lovely to tour in the spring and summer. The vineyards offer tours of their grape crops, and they show how they make their wines. UK Vintners wish to share how committed they are to making wine, and they are attempting to help customers learn why wine is a beautiful product.

The UK vintners on the islands are making wines that are different from everything in Italy and France. The wine tradition in Britain is different because of the differing growing conditions. They have different weather, and they have a soil that makes their wines taste like they came from the UK.
UK Vintners distinct product is one of the most-wanted in the world today.

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Magnises, McFarland and the Genesis of the New Millennial Model

Millennial’s share a couple of traits in common, most of the love to party and all carry credit cards to do so. It was this simple but quite noteworthy realization that catapulted Billy McFarland, the creator of the extremely popular tech firm, Spling, into the world of the black card social club market and from their to the creation of Magnises. Magnises might sound like a intergalactic space station but in all actuality it is a networking club for young and busy millennials who love to play as much as they work.

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Magnises works like this: once you sign up you will be given a Maginses membership card, a little black square of metal which can be swiped at any Magnises affiliated business. Once the card is accepted the card holder will be given a sizable financial discount as well as instant VIP access. So, if for instance, you were to go to a concert venue that was affiliated with the Magnises network and displayed your black card, not only would you get a price cut on the concert itself, you would also be allowed into otherwise inaccessible areas, such as the backstage rooms and would be able to meet with the musicians, DJ’s and stage managers.   For added info read 


The tech entrepreneur behind it all, Billy McFarland, has explained in various public interviews that one of the main reasons that he believes Magnises has been so successful is the fact that many other similar businesses, like credit card companies such as American Express, really do not offer any benefits to millennials (especially those 22 to around 35 years of age), and those that are offered are pretty unappealing. However,based on,  Magnises is completely different, as it’s affiliated companies and venues are specifically tailored to appeal to the previously mentioned age range. So not only will Magnises help young millennials save money and have fun, it will also help them network at little to no cost. Thus far the company has been a smash hit success and things look as if they are only going to get better moving forward.  This according to

4 Qualities You Need in Your Lip Balm

One of the most important beauty routine essentials is lip balm. Lip balm can rejuvenate your face by hydrating, smoothing, and softening your lips. Beside its basic use, there are an incredibly diverse variety of lip balms on the market. In order to make your lip balm choice a bit easier, we’ve narrowed down the top 4 qualities to look for.

  1. Good Ingredients. Lip balm is a unique beauty product because it is placed directly around your mouth. Thus, you must keep in mind there is always the possibility of ingestion. Make sure your lip balm is made from quality ingredients that will help your lips, without damaging your body. Many cosmetic companies offer organic and even gluten-free varieties.
  1. Texture. Your lip balm should leave your lips feeling smooth, not sticky. The product should be soft, but apply without unsightly chunks or globs.
  1. Container. Today, lip balm comes in a number of different receptacles. From tins and tubes, to glass rounds and spherical containers. Make sure your lip gloss won’t get lost at the bottom of your purse, and is still easy to open and apply.
  1. Flavor. While we talked about accidental ingestion, there is not doubt that flavor is an important component of our favorite lip balms. When it comes to lip balm, keep it simple. Lightly sweetened citrus fruits, berries, melon, and mint are our personal favorites.

A great example of a lip balm that meets these qualities is EOS lip balm smooth spheres. These eye-catching spheres are cute, easy to use, and quite a bargain considering the quality of the product.

Take, for example, EOS’s Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm. This balm packs the fruity anti-oxidant rich flavor into a smooth, organic balm, whose ingredients you can definetly pronounce! For more information, visit

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Important Living by Josh Verne

Josh Verne is an American businessman and an entrepreneur. He is the current CEO of the This company helps students with their reading, writing as well as socializing. According to him, there are two important pillars of good living.


The importance of having a balance in your life


Life is not about money only; there are other things like health and family. Being rich and having poor health or family is not okay. Neither is having good health and family without money going to be enjoyable. To be prosperous, you need to spend your time and resources proportionately to meet all those needs. You should always work towards ensuring improvement in all your spheres of life.


Identify your passion


You should always work towards finding something you are passionate about to be successful. Though passion does not guarantee success, the majority of successful people are passionate about something. Identifying your passion will inspire you. Identification of passion is critical in having a good life.


To illustrate his life lessons, he gives the story of Andrew Ferebee. Andrew had the passion for creating his own brand. After leaving employment, he ventured in entrepreneurship with a lot of optimism and aggressiveness. He was ready to learn new ideas and skills that would lead to the success of his business. Andrew ventured failed severally but he never gave up. He accepted his weaknesses, capitalized on his strengths, and took the relevant action. After a long struggle, he finally realized his purpose was in entrepreneurship.


It implies that the business success should be felt like a shared outcome across the board. The shared success is not limited to employees and the management but also the society.


Josh advocates for managers and business owners to adopt leadership core competencies rather than acting boss-like. According to Josh Verne, a business leader is a person who wins employee respect, prioritizes employee needs, and focuses on improvement of teamwork spirit in an organization. The common goals should be clear and practical to every team member.

Securus Technology names as finalist in 2017 Stevie Awards

Securus Technology, one of the leading prison communications providers in the U.S., has recently been named as a finalist in the 2017 Stevie Business Awards. This prestigious honor is given to those companies that have displayed a level of commitment to their customers and excellence in their products that goes above and beyond anyone else in their respective industries. In this case, Securus beat out 1,000 competitors to snatch the title, giving it unrestricted bragging rights as the best company operating in the prison communications space today.



Innovative products, real value for inmates


Prior to the widespread adoption of VoIP technology, making an outgoing phone call in prisons was a very expensive affair. Inmates, forming a captive market, were frequently gouged of their meager savings, grossly restricting the amount of time they were able to spend in communication with their loved ones on the outside. This led to many inmates losing touch with the outside world and falling into the vicious cycles of temptation and violence inherent to the prison experience. Many of these inmates lost hope, becoming major discipline problems to the prison and, ultimately, ending up recidivating and spending their lives as habitual criminals, unable to escape the downward spiral of self-destructive criminality to which isolated despair tends to lead.


Video visitation changed all that. Suddenly, inmates who, in decades past, wouldn’t have likely ever talked to anyone on the outside were now able to maintain the relationships from the civilian world which filled their lives with meaning and gave them hope. Since over 95% of U.S. prison inmates will be released, these inmates comprise the vast majority of the prison population. Instilling hope and giving them a reason to continue on the straight and narrow has proven one of the greatest boosts to overall prison safety and the fight against recidivism in the entire history of the U.S. prison system. And it was made possible by cheap, available video visitation from Securus Technologies.

Adam Milstein Believes In Doing Something Others Won’t Do

Adam Milstein is the Managing Partner of a very successful real estate investment firm, Hager Pacific Properties. He currently resides in Los Angeles but has spent a good amount of his life in Israel where his family is originally from. Adam Milstein helped start his company because he wasn’t happy with other opportunities available at the time and sat down with Ideamensch, an independent business idea blog to talk about it.


Adam Milstein told Ideamensch in his interview that if nobody else can do something, “you should do it yourself.” That has been the theme he has driven home in his work both in business and philanthropy. He got into commercial real estate brokerage first, and then partnered with David Hager in the real estate investment industry. Milstein says he believes philanthropy is important to being productive on a daily basis, and he has given back to the Jewish community both financially and by being personally involved with community leaders through the Milstein Foundation. Adam Milstein believes in following up with every contact he makes and recommends Constant Contact for entrepreneurs.


Adam Milstein made the Jerusalem Post’s top 50 list of the most influential Jews of 2016. That list included individuals such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Senator Chuck Schumer, philanthropists Haim Saban and Lynn Schusterman and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Adam Milstein’s foundation espouses active philanthropy in every organization they support. Their path life impact pillar is manifest through Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a program that teaches Hebrew and Jewish traditions to Jewish families across America. And they call for unity among Jewish community and philanthropy leaders through philanthropic synergy.


Adam Milstein was born in Israel back in 1952 not long after the young nation-state was established. His father had fought in the nation’s first war and had settled down to become a building framer, a trade that Adam himself learned growing up. Adam fought in the Yom Kippur War, a part of the unit that invaded Egypt under then Commander Ariel Sharon. After the war, Adam got his degree from Israel’s Technion Insstitute of Technology prior to enrolling at USC where he got his MBA. In addition to co-founding Hager Pacific Properties and the Milstein Foundation, Adam Milstein is also Chairman of several Israeli international public policy foundations including Israeli-American Council, AIPAC, Birthright Israel, Hillel International and StandWithUs.

Talk Fusion Wins Prestigious Technology Award

Talk Fusion is a company that has experienced a lot of growth. It has become an international success, and it is still a fairly new company. No one expects this type of high praise from a company that was started by a criminal justice major. It has become a very exciting company though. There are so many people that are talking about Talk Fusion and the way that this company is making communication easier. It didn’t happen overnight, but it is has quickly risen to the top with awards like the Communications Solutions Product of the year.


This is a huge honor for Bob Reina, the Talk Fusion CEO that simply wanted to send a video email to someone. He was told that he could not do this by his Internet service provider and that started a mission to get the Talk Fusion brand off and running. He has never looked back from that starting point. He knew that he didn’t have the same type of technology background that other leaders of technology companies had, but Reina knew that he was on to something. He knew that there were other people in the world that needed this type of technology. Bob also knew that people would come and patronize this type of application if he could get this off the ground and running. This is just an early example of the dedication that was in place to bring Talk Fusion into the light. All of this hard work would pay off. It is like there was all of this dedication to getting a single application to work properly, and Bob and his team did an excellent job of getting to this place.


What he would do is create teams that would be responsible for bringing video email and a host of other products for the mainstream. What appears to be the common thread between all of the products is the dedication that is put into making quality applications. That is why Talk Fusion has been able to win an abundant number of awards since the time of inception.

A North Carolinian's Renaissance Effort