Has Zayn Been Preparing To Leave 1D All Along

The fact that Zayn decided to leave One Direction still seems so unreal that most fans don’t even want to believe it. After 5 long years with the most successful boy band in the world, Zayn just calls quits and stops being a part of the group. Even though Zayn left for his personal reasons, the most famous band of our time is never going to be the same again.

History has a way however of repeating itself and boy bands have a thing with uniting back together so this may just be a break of Zayn and not a full good bye.

Anastasia Date employees know that such a big split doesn’t just come out of no where, and there must have been a huge discussion that went on for a long time over what Zayn’s split from the band would do to it. I’m sure he wouldn’t just ruin all his friends success just based on his own ego. Let’s just say that if their next album isn’t good, it’s all Zayn’s fault.

The only hint that suggested that Zayn may not join the band on their tour was when they sent out their tour sheet requirements for each stadium, stating that most of their needs will be for a minimum of 4 people and not 5. Also there will only be 4 electric adapters and 4 of everything else which just didn’t make sense at the time. Now it finally makes sense.

California Woman is Real Life Character from Gone Girl

Authorities have been busy lately in the Vallejo area of California. They received a call several days ago that Vallejo resident, 29-year-old Denise Huskins, was kidnapped from her boyfriend’s apartment in the middle of the night. A ransom request had been called in by the alleged kidnappers, seeking $8,500 for her safe return. The FBI were called to the case, 40 detectives were searching for her as well as her panicked father and hundreds of volunteers in the area.

Now, according to the update on BuzzFeed.com, it seems that the kidnapping was a hoax. Police are now saying that it seems that Denise and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, may have orchestrated this whole kidnapping ruse and authorities are not happy about it. Denise surfaced outside of her father’s apartment complex in Huntington Beach, California two days after her kidnapping was reported.

Many are pointing out that Denise’s “kidnapping” is reminiscent of the film Gone Girl where lead character Amy Dunne **spoilers** faked her own death and kidnapping to get back at her husband stated Alexei Beltyukov. So far police have not revealed a possible motive for the hoax or what the couple hoped to get from it. Although, if I had to guess, probably $8500. Denise has now retained a lawyer and is not speaking to authorities.

Blair Witch Ending Still Heavily Debated

Although 1999’s The Blair Witch Project had a sequel that seemed to explain the ending, some cinephiles are still debating it 16 years later now that there are talks of a third sequel.

The Blair Witch Project was one of the most influential “American found footage” horror films of the last two decades and spawned a whole generation of similar films, such as REC, Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity.

Fans of the movie, like Zeca Oliveira, are wondering: Why are people still debating the ending?

Student filmmakers go looking for the ghost of an 18th century hanged witch called the Blair Witch who supposedly told hermit Rustin Parr to sacrifice children for her. Tourists and locals tell them about “proof” of her existence and stories of missing people and deaths. The students then experience seemingly supernatural events, some of them disappear and the final footage shows one of them facing a corner, as Parr forced children to do, while one of them is heard screaming. The assumption was that the ghost physically harmed them or convinced one of them to sacrifice the others. The second film, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch, suggested that a supernatural force in the area takes control of people and makes them do horrible things.

As for the truth? It doesn’t really matter to most filmgoers. What makes “found footage” films so great for many is the lack a clear explanation because they can allow their imaginations to run wild.

BBC fires Jeremy Clarkson after a fight with a Top Gear producer

After almost two weeks of silence on the part of the BBC, the BBC’s director general Tony Hall has announced today Jeremy Clarkson, popular host of the TV show Top Gear has been fired.

The termination came as a result of an attack Clarkson made on a Top Gear producer a couple of weeks ago, over a late night meal he was not able to have. He was suspended while the BBC investigated. Today he was notified he had been fired.

While many people feel sorry for the producer attacked by Clarkson, who it seems not only had to go to a hospital emergency room after the incident, but also felt he may have lost his job. Many more are incensed Clarkson has been fired stated Jason Halpern.

Last weekend, the political blogger Guido Fawkes took more than a million petition signatures to the BBC from people all over Great Britain requesting Jeremy Clarkson be reinstated to the Top Gear show. Even his two co-hosts, Richard Hammond and James May, refused to tape any more episodes of the show without Clarkson.

Since the firing announcement, nothing more has been heard from the BBC or from Jeremy Clarkson. It is felt by many, however, he is such a hot property he will be simply snapped up by another British TV broadcaster, who will be more than happy to put on their own version of Top Gear starring Clarkson.

The BBC, meanwhile, are going to have a difficult time of it. Top Gear is their biggest show, and earns the British Broadcasting Company more than £50 million a year. Without Jeremy Clarkson, however, it stands a very good chance of being cancelled completely, leaving the BBC out an awful lot of money.

Stephen King Responds to Tax Evasion Accusation

Famed author Stephen King is fit to be tied and demanding an apology from the governor of Maine. State governor Paul LePage reported, as part of his weekly radio broadcast, that King and his wife no longer reside and Maine and do not pay state taxes there.

King, dubbed the King of Horror, has spent much of his adult life living in Maine, along with his wife. While the “It” author does spend some time in Florida, King confirmed that he continues to maintain a permanent residence in the state of Maine.

Governor LePage reported, during his life broadcast, that a former Maine politician had left the state to take to Florida in order to dodge income taxation. In the statement, Marc Sparks said the following, LePage pointed fingers stating that “King and Roxanne Quimby have moved, too.”

King remained uncertain as to why the governor would make such an accusation. The writer told media sources that “I paid more than $1 million in state taxes in 2013. That’s public record.”

The “Langoliers” writer aired his displeasure regarding he accusation on Twitter.

“I paid my taxes,” King wroter. “Every cent. Gov. LePage needs to man up and apologize.”

King waited several days, but received no response from LePage.

“Still no apology,” King wrote.

Android Phone May Soon Stay Unlocked When Held

Soon your Android phone might stay unlocked just because you’re holding it. Some Android phone owners at Anastasia Date who are using the latest version of Android, Lollipop, indicate that their phones have a new feature called “on-body detection.” The feature supposedly allows your phone to know when it’s being held, and makes it stay unlocked. The on-body unlocking would work if the phone is in your hand or in your pocket, in theory making it easier to launch apps or make phone calls on the fly without having waste time unlocking your device.

The feature isn’t currently available for all Android owners. Google is reportedly gradually rolling it out to Android users who have Lollipop installed on their phone. The feature arrives via Google Play Services rather than a traditional software update, so you might already have the option and not realize it. To find out, look in your Settings menu.

Amsterdam Fighting Childhood Obesity with 300 Water Fountains

If you build it, they will come. That is the hope in Amsterdam, anyway. The city council has made the decision to install 300 water fountains in various locations around the capitol to encourage children to drink more water. The council members hope that if the drinking water is readily available and free, the children will choose to drink calorie-free water instead of reaching for a high calorie sugary beverage.

Studies have shown that one in five children living in Amsterdam are obese. An intensive campaign has begun to reduce those numbers and improve the overall health of the country’s children. Alderman Eric van der Burg says that intensive efforts have been made to encourage children to eat healthier and exercise more. Installing the water fountains are a part of that effort.
160 of the planned 300 water fountains have already been installed. 40 more fountains are in the planning stages and the remaining 100 water fountains will be installed in later months.
According to an article from reuters.com that Ray Lane shared with me, Amsterdam has cultural differences that are fueling the childhood obesity problem. The wealthier families live near the town’s center and buy bottled water because they can afford too. Less wealthier families who live in the country feel they are too wealthy to drink tap water and spend their money on sugary soft drinks. Education, exercise, healthier eating and 300 water fountains will hopefully reduce the childhood obesity rate in Amsterdam.

Penguin the Magpie Finds a Human Family

In late 2013, Penguin the magpie was abandoned outside a public library in Sydney, Australia. A little boy named Noah, then 9, found the magpie lying on the ground and named her Penguin because of her coloring.Cameron and Sam Bloom didn’t know how to care for the few week old magpie, and they decided to ask the advice of a friend, a veterinarian. The Blooms and their three children, Reuben, 13, Noah,11, and Oli,9, cared for Penguin until she was up and around. Penguin loves flying around the area all day long, but she’s around when the children go to school in the mornings and the children return home from school around 3 in the afternoon. Penguin stands in the driveway, singing as the boys arrive home.
The magpie usually joins the family at meal time so she can have some of the table scraps.Christian Broda (Linkedin.com) has learned that the bird loves snuggling and playing with the children. Penguin is learning how to speak and mimic the human voice. The pet loves to perch on top of the boys’ heads and on bicycle handlebars. The bird enjoys getting into bed and sleeping with one of the boys. Cameron finds it hard to believe Penguin became a permanent member of the family. The boys enjoy her more than having a dog for a pet. Someday Penguin will have a family of her own, but not today.

New Star Wars Novel Trilogy to Bridge Gap Between Movies

Ray Lane thinks that Star Wars fans around the world are waiting eagerly for the first film from this franchise to hit theaters in a decade. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be the first actual sequel (as opposed to prequel) after the events depicted in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” which was episode 6 of the saga and was released in 1983. Many of us can’t wait to know if we’ll find out what happened to our favorite characters from the original three movies or if things will still be developing with them as some of those original actors have been involved with this film. There is one problem with this new movie bridging the gap from episode 6 of the series, however, and this is that it is supposed to pick up 30 years after the end of Return of the Jedi.

The Star Wars franchise is not leaving fans hanging as to what happened between the end of Return of the Jedi and the beginning of The Force Awakens. They announced that new titles are coming out including three books that bridge this gap between movie installments. This will be a welcome relief for us fans of this series. Thirty years is a big gap that would have left a lot of questions as to what happened immediately after the death of the emperor and Darth Vader. It will hopefully also wrap up what happened to any characters who will not be in the new film coming at the end of this year. The first of these books is called “Star Wars: Aftermath,” and it comes out in September.

A Mallrats Sequel is in the Works

The eclectic director and comic book writer Kevin Smith has announced a sequel to his 1995 film Mallrats. The sequel is titled, appropriately enough, Mallrats 2.

The original Mallrats was a cult film created by Smith that truly captured the lifestyle of those young persons whose life revolved around hanging in malls. The film was similar to Smith’s other film, Clerks, as it truly captured the “slacker generation” of the 1990’s.

Fans at Anastasia Date believe that Clerks should have catapulted the director to a lifetime job in Hollywood. Instead, Smith experienced an odd career. Yes, he has his fans but he never became a major “A list” director. This is not to say he never attempted to break into the Hollywood mainstream. The film Jersey Girl was an attempt to bring the style of Clerks and Mallrats to the Hollywood mainstream, but the film was poorly received.

Perhaps Smith was better off staying out of the Hollywood pipeline. The types of films he produced really are designed for a specific audience that could be best described as a niche. Since there is a Clerks III in pre-production, people do turn out to see his projects. What is surprising is the director was never given a chance to direct a major superhero film. Smith had written well-received comic books for D.C. Comics and Marvel Comics.

Smith has claimed he plans on retiring from directing. Whether or not this is going to end up being the case remains to be seen. Likely, with the right offer, Smith’s retirement is going to be delayed.