Soros Sees the Chinese Economy Headed Towards Crisis

Often seen as a source of insight when it comes to all matters of finance, billionaire investor George Soros, has shard his prognosis for the Chinese economy and it doesn’t look good. In fact, Soros likens the current state of China’s economy to that of the United States just before the 2007-2008 credit crunch that kicked off a global recession that some countries are still dealing with to this day.

The credit growth of China on triggered this year so far is one of the more troubling signs for its future, Soros told attendees at an Asia Society function in New York earlier this month. The forecast for China’s economy was 1.4 trillion yuan, which would show a disregard for the nation’s debt and embracing growth as its focus, which isn’t surprising since growth has been at the center of their short-term prosperity in the recent past. However, an expansion in the economy by 2.34 trillion shows that the Chinese economy is growing to unstable proportions.

George Soros has pointed out that this pattern of growth, where banks supply more money than necessary, is the same blatant disregard for their responsibility towards their debt the US showed in 2008 that led to its recession. Banks across China have also been handing out loans liberally, both to traditional borrowers and even other banks, practices which has been tied again and again to the failing real estate market in the US.

Mirroring this trend affecting property values, major cities in China have seen a boost to the value of their homes, some rising as high as 62% in cost in the span of a year. This bubble is similar to the 2005-2006 real estate bubble in the US just before it burst. But this, Soros points out on, may take years to manifest, which is why many speculators may not see the signs pointing towards trouble now.

But the Chinese government seems aware of the trouble they face, which would account for the increase in international borrowing as they attempt to stabilize their economy. Yet state-run news outlets have targeted George Soros as a source of concern that deserves to be discounted over his analysis. In addition to the governments avowed lack of concern, Qu Hongbin, who leads HSBC Holdings Plc economists, has committed to writing that China’s ability to manage its economy is sufficient, and those worrying about systemic risk are mistaken.
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And it is true that Soros has pointed to similar levels of collapse in the past, most notably in 2011 during the Greek debt crunch. While that did not have as significant an impact on Europe as Soros had claimed on, there is no doubt that the country of Greece has been fundamentally changed from where it was prior to that crunch.

Whatever the outcome, Soros is backing up his intuition with actions. Soros has made it public that he’s been betting against currencies all over Asia because of the effect China’s economy is having across the region, and there have yet to be reported downfalls to that method of investing.

Active Dogs Need Premium Foods From Beneful

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The makers behind Beneful have the experience and expertise to craft dog food that compliments a dogs overall health. They trust their products so much that they feed it to their own animals. It’s easy to see why. Beneful also boasts variety. This means that all dogs are sure to love the products. There are many differnet flavors such as chicken, beef, fish, and more. Each bite of dog food also contains different textures which keeps dogs interested. Sometimes, owners have a hard time finding a dog food brand that their pooch will eat. That’s not the case with products.

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White Shark Media- Change and Progress


White Shark Media always enjoyed the amount of compliments that we have received over the years. But we have also had a number of complaints. White Shark Media like to share with our clients that we have taken all of your complaints under consideration and have undergone the action needed to correct them. We’d also like to show you how we are doing better so that your campaign always runs smoothly.

GoToMeeting Monthly Calls

Each and every month, our Client and an SEM strategist will review : all their work done over the past 30 days using GoToMeeting. This program gives the Client and Strategist and opportunity to share a screen, so both parties can browse the reports and Bing Ads account together.

Direct Extensions

Many Clients complained on facebook about not being able to get in touch with their contact person easily. Clients that sign up now will be given all contact information for both the contact person and that person’s direct supervisor. You’ll always be able to get in touch with someone if there is a problem or concern.

Old Campaigns vs. Newer Optimized Campaigns

We will always use every successful part of all of our new Client’s existing campaign. If your campaign is already performing at an acceptable rate, we will take what we can from it in order to produce the same type of results.

Feedback and Support from Supervisors

From now on, every SEM Strategist will be partnered up with their own personal supervisor. Each supervisor will be in charge of just 3-5 SEM Strategists so that they do not get overwhelmed. This will give each Strategist the opportunity to go to their supervisor when they have questions, concerns, or need feedback on their campaigns.

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Your Contact Person

After you sign up with our company, you will have a Senior SEM Consultant that will follow your progress the entire way. They will not be part of your contact information, but rest assured they will be there for any questions you may have during your cycle with us.





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Slyce Has An Outstanding Fourth-Quarter 2015

Slyce is a company poised for great things in the future. The Toronto company was launched in a quiet manner. The early plans for the company focused on releasing an image recognition and search program that expanded upon Amazon Flow. The new software would work with affiliated retailer to help customers locate merchandise via matching images. The idea of writing text in a box and hoping for good results was passe.

Slyce was founded in very early 2013. The company has since grown exponentially. The release of the company’s fourth-quarter 2015 report shows just how successfu Slyce has become.

There are three wheels to the report. The report details, investment capital, new products, and strategic partnerships. On all three fronts, Slyce has achieved much.

Slyce has raised an additional $7 million. In doing so, the company is sure to further expand its already impressive lineup of apps and programs. The fourth-quarter report reveals a significant number of impressive new products. These items are sure to help attract more retailers to work with Slyce.

Several huge name retailer have, in fact, signed deals with Slyce. As more and more top retailers sign on with the company, the more Slyce’s presence will grow in the industry. Retailers and consumers are sure to become more familiar with the name. As long as Slyce continues to release quality apps and software, the company is going to continue its path to becoming an industry giant.

Invest In Real Estate Through iFunding

Did you know that you can invest in real property development? iFunding affords you that opportunity by allowing you to invest with as little as $5,000. iFunding is a leading crowdfunding platform in US that deals with investments in real estate properties. This entity uses the internet, through its website, to bring together property developers, property owners and other sponsors into the real estate business. One advantage of investing in a crowdfunding institution like iFunding is that the pooling of investment resources together by the different investors allows them to enjoy the mutual benefits of raising and investing money for investment.

iFunding was founded by former investment banker William Skelley. Prior to the establishment of iFunding, William was a high cadre manager at the Rose Park Advisors, a fund established by Harvard Business School professor Dr. Clayton Christensen. He has extensive knowledge and experience in advising start-up companies having worked at Olympus, General Electric and Bain Capital.

According to William Skelley when speaking to MarketWired, real estate crowdfunding has numerous opportunities that investors ought to exploit. In an interview, Skelley said that he came to know of the immensity of these opportunities after he met Dr. Clayton Christen when he had joined his hedge fund. He says that with innovativeness in the real estate business, there is much potential.

What components of real estate does iFunding deal with? iFunding uses preferred equity finance to acquire real properties such as multi and single family residences, condominium estates, apartments, hotel establishments, retail buildings, malls, mixed use buildings amongst others. As noted earlier, the company allows investments as little as $5,000 which allows as many people to invest with them and share the profits of real estate. Once an investor enters into a deal, the company oversees the deal throughout its lifespan and informs the investor of any developments for oversight of their investments.

iFunding is one of the best-rated crowdfunding websites in the US. First, the company invests in knowledge of its investors. William Skelley says that what the company does is mainly educational. The company therefore posts as much information about every opportunity available for consideration. Additionally, by adopting the crowdfunding mode of raising revenue, the company has democratized its investment process thereby attracting more investors. These investors need not have prior experience in real estate as they will be adequately informed. Secondly, the company insists on delivering quality service to the investors. In that case, the company has adopted as a policy to give investors commensurate returns and operate globally. To that end, an office was established in Singapore just recently.  Skelley updates the Facebook as iFunding continues to grow and evolve with time.

Favorable Business Report on Slyce’s Fourth Quarter 2015

Slyce Inc. is the leader in Image recognition technologies. The 4th Quarter results for Slyce for fiscal year 2015 were announced. Along with their earnings the report highlighted some of their major activities during this period. Slyce has partnered with the online shoe retailer, SHOES.COM, which also owns both and Slyce’s smartphone Visual Search was incorporated into to enable mobile shoppers to submit pictures of randomly found shoes for women, whether from being seen on the street, in magazine pictures, or from snapshots of advertising flyers. The results of these image recognition are products that are the closest matches for what was seen. Purchase of the resulting shoes is then a simple matter of a few clicks or taps on the smartphone.

Neiman Marcus had already done the same type of integration of Slyce alternate search technology. They added the same technology for other products they sell, called ‘Snap. Find. Shop.’ through their NM app. This app includes the capability to submit 3D imagery for search results across their entire product line. The items available for this new type of search include shoes, jewellery, women’s apparel, handbags, pet accessories, and home furnishings. All are found without any use of textual search descriptions and are available for purchase immediately from the connected device.

Many millions of dollars were committed by investors to support Slyce’s further innovations and connections in the retail markets. The product development department at Slyce beefed up their technology in their core competency of Visual Search. The engineering involved new uses for this alternative type of online Search. Part of this effort was the development of unified new Software Development Kits (SDKs). Other enhancements were accomplished for 3D Object Recognition, better automation for the process flow, a new 2D Content Management System for use of printed imagery as input, and Coupon Author, which optimizes the redeeming of mobile digital coupons.

Visual Search Company Slyce Is Growing Strong

Visual Search Companies Gain Interest

The newest counterpart of online shopping is visual search recognition. There are several start up companies that have shown interest in this industry. In fact, according to an article from Live Mint, the industry is on an upswing in India, and there are start ups in visual search throughout the world. This industry has gained a great deal of interest from online retailers and offline retailers. All the suppliers in fashion, lifestyle products and home improvement products (and others) are showing interest in this industry because it seems like it is giving a new type of feedback about customer needs that have never been expressed this rapidly.

According to the article from Live Mint, the retailers and other suppliers don’t even know how to read these trends just yet. This is because they are used to taking trends into account for their supply driven models within a few months after they are generated. Now, the visual search industry is generating such a fast paced stream of high quality data feedback on the trends that they are seeing that retailers, especially fashion suppliers are having trouble keeping up with this new tool for data analysis.

Consumers Benefit From Visual Search Companies

It is only the beginning, but consumers are clearly seeing how they can easily benefit from using visual search like Slyce, make it easy for any consumer to log in to their application on their smart phone or other device in order to do their shopping. This is much easier than going through the typical methods of online shopping because visual search uses images instead of keywords. With Slyce, users can take a picture of anything in their environment, 2D images, TV screens, real objects, QR codes or bar codes. They can also use an image that they have already taken to conduct the search.

Slyce is growing rapidly, and it is helping retailers grow quickly as well. They are making it easier for consumers to find the products they want without unwanted recommendations. The recommendations must be generated accurately or else consumers will be turned off. Slyce has special features that are in place in order to generate recommendations. They also have an app called Snip Snap that helps consumers keep track of coupons.

New York Real Estate Faces First Effects Of A Slowing Economy

The slowing real estate markets of the world have traditionally had little effect on the markets of New York City, but the growth of the markets looks set to stall in some areas as rising interest rates begin to affect the ability of people to buy new homes. The rental market in New York, and particularly in Brooklyn looks set to remain dominant as thousands of new rental units become available in newly opened properties across the city.

Alongside the strong rental markets available the luxury properties of New York will also remain a successful area for real estate professionals to take advantage of, the New York Daily News reports. Rising interest rates will have little effect on luxury properties priced at $10 million and above; alongside the most expensive properties available in New York the entry level luxury market priced between $1 and $3 million should also remain strong.

Town Residential is looking to retain its position as one of the top real estate agencies in the city, a position the company has reached in just a few short years of business. Much of the success of Town is located in the management structure developed by CEO Andrew Heiberger who also ensures the company operates across almost every market in the city.

The work of Town Residential sees agents specializing in both NYC real estate, sales and rental markets, which should allow the company to retain its richly deserved position over the course of 2016. To ensure the health of Town Residential Heiberger has made sure the company operates across the residential and commercial markets and in almost every area of the city itself.

If the slowdown predicted by the New York Daily News does occur those agents with experience in the most important areas of the city will see themselves prosper; location will become an even more important aspect for the real estate markets with Manhattan and Brooklyn remaining the most important locations in the city.

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