Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Provide Top-Notch Leadership and Expertise For InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare CEO and President, Dr.Rick Shinto, is the recipient of a prestigious award meant to recognize excellence in business. In 2012 he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® in the category of service. Dr. Shinto was presented with the award at a gala held at the Hyatt hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey and expressed his honor at having received such an honor.

The recognition is considered the highest award of its kind and is sponsored in the United States by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and SAP America. The accolade is designed to acknowledge those who have shown an extraordinary dedication to excellence, especially with regard to financial stewardship.

Dr. Richard Shinto sits on the board of directors for InnovaCare Health and has had over 20 years of clinical experience. He has worked for several companies, including MMM Healthcare Inc., Aveta Inc, North American Medical Management of Illinois, Inc., NAMM, Medical Pathways Management Company, MedPartners, and Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County.

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Dr. Shinto has served his various employers in a variety of capacities, including as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Medical Officer, President, Chief Executive Officer, Director, and board member. He began his career as a pulmonologist and as an internist. Dr. Rick Shinto was educated at the University of California at Irvine, earning his B.S. and procuring his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He received his M.B.A. from the University at Redlands.

InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides possess more than 20 years experience and specializes in the administration of government programs. She worked previously for Centerlight HealthCare as their Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and as the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health and as Care Management and Disease Management’s Corporate Vice President. Ms. Kokkinides’s specialty is in assisting with company infrastructure and in creating efficient processes for healthcare management systems.

InnovaCare is a major provider of streamlined healthcare services, and they work to provide the highest quality in care. They strive to make sure the patient is always put first, and they put a strong emphasis on fostering relationships within the healthcare system. InnovaCare Health is headquartered in New Jersey.

InnovaCare Health manages networks of medical providers and health programs from Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. Their network is managed through MMM Healthcare Inc., and PMC. InnovaCare Health manages over 7,500 providers and services a base of over 230,000 members. InnovaCare Health partners with MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC to manage Medicaid and Medicare programs.

For more about Penelope Kokkinides, check out her BizJournals profile.

How Jason Halpern Intends To Put Aloft South Beach on the Map

Jason Halpern is an entrepreneur with every reason to smile about. Not only is he putting the final touches on his 235-room hotel, but also cementing his status as the latest businessman to watch in the industry. Developed by Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development, the project is slated to revamp the momentous Ankara Motel.


With the Midas touch, the hotel project is expected to incorporate an eight-story tower within its locus. Dubbed the Aloft South Beach, the project will offer opulent rooms as large as 360 square feet. The edifice is on the brink of excellence courtesy of its supervising architect, ADD, Inc. and Plaza Construction. In the process, the hotel is slated to surpass its competitors in the area.


Mr. Halpern, the Principal of JMH Development, has reiterated the company’s commitment to erecting remarkable structures. According to Halpern, the final touches are a significant milestone in the development process and point to the next phase towards completion and launching of the Aloft South Beach. The hotel will offer a unique waterfront feature with access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast. Furthermore, it will be easily accessible from the Miami Beach shores and minutes from the Bass Museum of Art.


In-house features consist of a palatial outdoor pool, a 2,349 square conference room with the capacity to host social gatherings and business meetings and a roof deck lounge. Additionally, the opulent resort will offer live music bands and provide emerging artists with an opportunity to showcase their musical talent. As a guest you are assured of lively music at the WXYZ bars.


Background of Aloft Hotels

The Aloft Brand has built an excellent reputation courtesy of its fresh approach to designs of new hotel projects. As a trendsetter, the Company focuses on providing a vibrant experience coupled with a tech-inspired modern style of design. The Brand currently has 100 hotels under way in construction in over 14 countries worldwide. As a subsidiary of Starwood, the Brand is gratified to offer the Starwood Preferred Guest program to its esteemed customers.

A Brief History of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.


Starwood is a reputable brand in the hospitality industry with over 1,200 properties in 100 countries. The Company boasts an impressive workforce of 181,400 employees to provide high-quality services across various locations. Through the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), the enterprise provides visitors with exclusive perks to redeem points for flights and room upgrades.


Jason Halpern in Brief

Mr. Halpern serves as the CEO of JMH Development, a top construction firm based in Brooklyn, New York. Formed in 2010, the enterprise has successfully overseen the development of the main local projects such as the establishment of 340 luxury apartments. As CEO, Mr. Halpern is committed to erecting state-of-the-art buildings for both commercial and rental purposes within the New York Metropolitan.

James Dondero Joins Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board

The President and Co-Founder of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management Company, James Dondero, has announced his selection to form part of the Executive Board Member of the Cox Business School at the University of Southern Methodist. For James Dondero, his appointment reflects the firm relationship between the two institutions to work together for the better future of the country. He insists that the close correlation between SMU and Highland Capital Management Company will strengthen further. This includes the Tower Scholars developed by Highland Capital Management Company as a way to promote the hardworking students in the Cox Business School at Southern Methodist University. James encourages professional pursuits.

The Cox Business School of the University of Southern Methodist contributes to the vibrant business community in Texas. For this reason, Highland Capital Management Company is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this system. James Dondero said that he is honored and thrilled to assist in the growth and excellence of the initiatives by the company. The Cox business School of Southern Methodist University has more than 100 appointed members. For this reason, most of the members are non-academics who have vibrant experience in this field. Moreover, they are here to provide their advice on the strategies to be taken by the school to add value to education. The Executive Board Members meet three times annually.

While James continues to lead the Highland Capital Management Company, he is the current Chairman to numerous institutions in the country. They include NexPoint Residential Trust, NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. He is also a serving Executive Board Member of MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital.

Highland Capital Management Company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment partner and advisor. The company, through its numerous affiliates, has over $16 billion under investment and management. In 1993, Highland Capital Management Company was founded as one of the fastest growing alternative credit managers in the country. The company specializes in credit hedge funds, separate institutional accounts, funds of funds, distressed, long-only funds, and the special-situation private equity. The diversified client-base of Highland Capital Management Company includes foundations, public pension plans, financial institutions, corporations, governments, and endowments.

How To Learn More About Kenneth Goodgame

You have more than likely heard of the True Value company because of the fact that this is one of the top Hardware companies in the country. Anyone who needs something to do with Hardware has more than likely used True Value because of the things that it provides to people that they simply would not be able to find anywhere else. This is why a lot of people are also very well known for knowing about Kenneth Goodgame because of the fact that he’s one of the chief executive officers for the company when it comes to their marketing and retail merchandising sector.

Learning more about this amazing professional known as Kenneth Goodgame is actually a lot easier than you think because of the fact that he can be found on social media sites all across the world wide web. He also has his own website that you can check out if this is something that interests you or if this is a professional you would like to learn more about in order to find out about the True Value company and its inner workings. A lot of people are beginning to realize just how important Kenneth Goodgame is to the True Value company because of his work and anything else that he knows when it comes to his knowledge in this particular field.

There has never been a better time to learn about Kenneth Goodgame for his expertise than right now because it is quite easy for you to learn as much as possible about this amazing professional without even needing to take out a book. You can find him on social media accounts or see what else he has done for the True Value company since he has been working there for these many years. This is a professional who has truly made it his mission in life to expand the knowledge of people who are interested in marketing and sales and is why he is continuing to grow in this particular field each and every day in order to be one of the best in this particular field as well.

What You Did Not Know About John Goullet

John is the current principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. John holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College. He founded Info Technologies Inc. in 1994. He served as its Chief Executive Officer. John first worked as a computer consultant and as an IT staffing account executive before starting his IT staffing company. He focused his business on knowing the corporate climate as well as the IT staffing requirements of clients. John wanted to match the work style and personality of his consultants.

Info Technologies had become an award-winning organization under John Goullet’s leadership. The Inc. Magazine recognized it as one of the fastest-growing private companies. John is an entrepreneur that has brought about the development of many great ventures in the Information Technology sector.

John has been able to go on with his passion for coming up with new methods of meeting the challenges faced in the IT industry in his position as the principal of DIVERSANT LLC. John merged DIVERSANT Inc. with Info technologies and founded the DIVERSANT, LLC in 2010. DIVERSANT LLC is a certified minority-owned business enterprise (MBE). It is the leading IT staffing company in the United States that is owned by an African-American. The company assists its clients in solving critical problems through the use of a consultative method. The company also involves the customers as true business partners.

The experience that John Goullet gained from working in the IT staffing sector and consulting side gave him a broad perspective of the IT industry. John has managed to steer his company to success as a result of his professionalism and hard work. This is evident in the drastic growth of the firm.

John currently continues to work hard to establish new and innovative methods of meeting the challenges of the ever-growing IT industry. John’s advice to entrepreneurs is that they should work hard and commit to the core values of their beliefs. He says that commitment is the most important thing in building an active organization. John has been able to mentor other upcoming entrepreneurs in the IT industry.

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Michael Zomber Takes a Critical Part in Historical Preservation Through His Passion in Antique Collection

Michael Zomber has a multitude of interests of passion. Among his leading talents is Antique weapon collection and Storytelling. When some people become nervous on hearing or seeing weapons, Michael is the man who will spend all his time collecting, researching and owning antique arms, pistols, Samurai swords among others. Michael is an expert historian and storyteller he has written several as a hobby out of passion and peace.

Michael partnered with his wife in the establishment and ownership of the Renascent Films LLC, a film production company from where most of Zomber’s films are written and produced.

Michael is also a remarkable prolific writer having written several books about wars and weapons such as Five-Shogun Iemitsu, A Son of Kentucky, Sweet Betsy, That’s Me, Jesus and the Samurai as well as the Park Avenue.

Michael is one of the resourceful contributors to the History Channel. He uses the platform to share his over forty years’ exclusive experience on antique arms and teaches on the importance of preserving the antique weapons in history. His viewers gain a lot of knowledge about the antique firearms. He popularly hosts the “Tales of the Gun” documentary on the History Channel. The documentary consisting of several series such as Dueling Pistols, Guns of the Orient, Automatic Pistols and the Guns of the Famous have been said to be very insightful, interesting and holding lots of reliable information.

In all his works Zomber is ever willing and looking forward to sharing his for forty years knowledge about the antique guns and armory, he has been collecting. Michael Zomber’s exceptional mastery of the Japanese Samurai words has also earned him great repute and played a significant role in his worldwide recognition.

Other than being a storyteller and antique arms collector, Zomber is a great peace advocate and a philanthropist. He selflessly works with other organizations to ensure world peace and humanity unity is protected all over the world. Michael Zomber’s exceptional mastery of the Japanese Samurai words has also earned him great repute and played a significant role in his worldwide recognition.

Burch Creative Capital’s Story: From Young Entrepreneur to Innovative Investor

Burch Creative Capital prides themselves on being more than just an investment firm, but a promoter and nurturer of creativity and innovation. The founder, Christopher Burch tries to maintain the imagination and creativity of a small boy and pair that with the entrepreneurial knowledge and spirit he gained as a young man. From running a hot dog stand to selling sweaters door-to-door, Burch has always honed his skills as an entrepreneur. Embracing a learning disability at young age, Burch saw the greater creativity and imagination that he was able to tap into by focusing on more things than others could. After selling his first company, he was fortunate enough to make some quality investments that established the reputation of Burch Creative Capital as a company that supports, creates value, promotes creativity and invests in the businesses that they work with.


Christopher Burch was born and raised in middle-class family in Pennsylvania. He graduated from Ithaca College where he began his first business with his brother, Robert Burch. The clothing company by they name of Eagle Eye started out small, purchasing sweaters and then selling them door to door. The company that started in 1976 with a few thousand dollars quickly took off and Burch decided to open up a factory. The greater production allowed him to expand sales to other campuses and even into some retail stores before eventually establishing his own. Eagle Eye was eventually sold to the Swire Group in 1998 for $60 million.


Another fashion company that Burch was instrumental in creating and establishing was Tony Burch. He served as co-chairman of the company which was founded in 2004. Owning just under 30% of the company, Burch eventually sold all of his shares for around $650 million which eventually propelled him to his first billion dollars. His accomplishments were recognized by Forbes Magazine when Burch was added to their prestigious list of billionaires. These experiences in the fashion, entrepreneurial and investing world led Christopher Burch to his next and greatest venture yet, the founding of Burch Creative Capital.


Burch Creative Capital was created to work hand in hand with other entrepreneurs and businesses to bring their creativity and ideas to life. Burch wanted his company to be much more than a simple investment. With over 30 years of investment and entrepreneurial experience and expertise, Christopher Burch brings a unique set of skills to all of the companies that he works with. During his active career, Burch has been an instrumental part of the success of over 50 companies. Creative Capital’s mantra is to Create, Disrupt and Scale. Some of Burch’s earlier investments were Jawbone, Voss Water and Powermat. More recently, Burch Creative Capital has been excited about their involvement with ED by Ellen Degeneres, TRADEMARK and Cocoon9.

Engadget profile: https://www.engadget.com/about/editors/chris-burch/

Highland Capital Takes Aim at Family Violence With $1 Million Challenge Grant to Aid The Family Place

Highland Capital, co-founded by James Dondero, is an alternative investment management firm that manages hedge funds, distressed investment funds, and structured investment, but Highland Capital is about more than just making investments and money. Co-founder James Dondero also believes in giving back and supporting the community and helping the victims of family violence.

Family Place is a leading organization that supports victims of family violence which are a serious issue in the Dallas as well as around the country. A $1 million challenge grant was administered through Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc, a division of the company that handles its philanthropic work, and the grant will match 50 percent of any funds raised up to $1 million. The Family Place campaign, known as the Legacy Campaign, is looking earn another $2.8 million which is needed to reach the fundraising goal of $16.5 million. The Highland grant challenge ensures a strong finish to help reach that goal. The funds raised by the Legacy Campaign will support the building and operations of a new Central Dallas Counseling Center for the victims of family violence.

Who is James Dondero?

James Dondero is the Co-founder and President Of Highland Capital Management and has over 30 years of experience in the credit markets. James’ accomplishments in the financial industry are wide and impressive. Between the years of 1989 and 1993, he served as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and played a vital role in growing the business from concept to over $2 billion.

James Dondero’s experience in the credit markets include mortgage-backed securities, investment grade corporates, and leveraged bank loans just to name a few. He holds a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia and currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and NexBank. Dondero also serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios.

John Goullett Can Get It Done

There is something to be said for a man who is not afraid of hard work. John Goullet is that type of man; a self-made entrepreneur he has worked for everything that he has gotten. He is a visionary who sees opportunity where others may only see race, background, or lack of training. Goullet started at the bottom but pulled himself up by his own “boot straps” and now he sits at the top.

A graduate of Ursinus College, it was Goullet’s knowledge of market trends that led to the founding of his first company Info Technologies. He initially started his career in the business as a consultant later on he became an IT staffer. Since then, he has been involved in a number of successful IT businesses.

Info Technologies is an IT staffing company that provides Fortune 500 companies across the nation with “solutions.” Goullet started the business from “scratch” with an investment that grew in five years to $3M and landed a place on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing 500 privately owned firms in the U.S. Six years ago, John Goullet’s Info Technologies merged with DIVERSANT, Inc. to form DIVERSANT, LLC.

DIVERSANT is a minority-owned business that provides diversity while adhering to solid business principles. DIVERSANT sees itself as more than an IT staffing company; they are a “connection” company that connects the top Fortune 500 companies with the most qualified professionals. DIVERSANT’s goal is finding the perfect fit for those who are just starting a career as well as those seeking a career change. Now that Goullet is a part of DIVERSANT’s leadership team, he plans to continue with his passion for hard work. As DIVERSANT’s Principal, John Goullet will work even harder to meet the challenges that are a part of the IT marketplace by developing new and better solutions.

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College Football Betting: The Right Way To Do It

When it comes to college football betting, there is truly only one site to go to and that is Covers.com. It is the right way to place bets on NCAAF Odds and to get the best results. There is a reason that so many people visit the website and so many people go there and that is because they want to win. Let’s face it: no one wants to lose when it comes to college football betting. That defeats the whole purpose. They want to win and they want to win big. That is the thrill of Saturday and the excitement of watching the game. However, it is a process that requires research and doing it the proper way.

Research is a great tool and there are plenty of research tools on Covers.com that will make the bettor rest a little bit easier when it comes time to place any type of bet whether it is the point spread or the odds. They want the odds to be in your favor. One thing that is great about Covers.com is they have a boat load of experts on their website. They don’t just have one or two people on there. They have experts that know all of the ins and outs of the game. They know what they are doing and they know how to get it done right.

Again, that is where the trust factor comes in. It is the oldest cliche in the book, but it is also true: trust is easy to lose and hard to gain. Covers.com has worked hard to gain the trust of bettors out there and that is why it gets so many hits and is visited by so many people. A lot of times it is the little details that go a long way when it comes to placing bets. They have the little things and the big things under control. This way, there is nothing that is going to catch the bettor off guard or surprise them.

It simply gives them the chance to enjoy the games and make some extra money as well. Everyone could use a little extra money in their lives at some point and why not do it by watching something you love and placing a bet on something you love? That is the proper way to do it. Life is about having fun and college football betting is tons of fun!

A North Carolinian's Renaissance Effort