Channing Tatum Still Working on Accent for “Gambit”

2016 is set to be an explosive year for comic book films. While Marvel Studios will be releasing the first two films of the MCU’s Phase III, specifically “Captain America: Civil War” and “Doctor Strange,” Warner Brothers will be fully igniting its shared universe with “Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad,” and 20th Century Fox will offer a triple threat in “X-Men: Apocalypse,” “Deadpool,” and “Gambit.” With “Apocalypse” in the production stage of movie-making and “Deadpool” having concluded its filming, lots of details have emerged regarding those films; some being true and others merely rumors. Eyes have turned toward the early stages of the “Gambit” film.

While the mutant character is known for his acrobatic stunts and an ability to charge objects with explosive energy, Gambit’s French Cajun accent is the leading characteristic that fans consider. Tatum’s latest comments regarding his vocal training point toward continuing refinement of the voice. Tatum has admitted that although he hails from the southern U.S., Alabama specifically, and knows who to consult to learn the dialect, he doesn’t want his dialogue to come off as a stereotypical Cajun twang.

As for details regarding the film’s content in The Aspire New Brunswick, “Gambit” will serve as an origin story occurring within the bayous and boardwalks of New Orleans, Louisiana. Tatum also commented that this version of the character will have a more low-key, realistic costume than was popularized for the character since the 1990s.

Holly Madison’s Book Reaches Best Seller List

Holly Madison, who is a former Playboy playmate and girlfriend of Hugh Heffner, has written a tell-all book that is climbing the best-seller list on the “New York Times”. It is no surprise that “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny” is a best-seller, the public loves to know intimate details of things that happened behind the scenes, which Holly details. In her memoir, she talks about her time on stage doing “Peepshow” in Las Vegas, her relationship with Hugh Heffner, the time she spent on “Girls Next Door”, and what it was really like living in the Playboy mansion said Amen Clinic.

Holly reveals in her book that her life was different than how others perceived it. She talks about her life, but focuses mostly on the 2001-2008 years where she lived in the mansion and acted as one of Heffner’s personal girlfriends. She also discusses the challenges she faced with depression and her relationship with others who lived with her at the Playboy mansion. And like many want to know, she discussed her sex life with Heffner.

She said that many people ask her if she misses life at the mansion still. Holly has said that life has been much better since being on her own.

For the full story on Holly’s best-selling book, click the link to check it out on

The New Fantastic Four TV Spot Tells You To Prepare

The newest Fantastic Four television trailer has arrived and it contains everything you would want to see in a preview and a movie. Let us all hope the actual movie is just as action-packed as the “Prepare” TV commercial.

What are audiences supposed to be prepared for? Based on what is seen in the television spot, everyone should prepare for all the wild action taking place in the film stated About.Me. We definitely do see a lot of fighting, smashing, flying, jumping, and, when Doctor Doom shows up, some menacing. Previous television and theatrical trailers focused more on the more cerebral, melodramatic aspects of the film.

Not everyone was thrilled at the notion of seeing a Fantastic Four movie loaded with dark melodrama. Still, 20th Century Fox had to work hard to make the memories of the previous two comedic FF films did not hover in people’s minds. Still, complaints arose the movie lacked actions. (Supposedly, reshoots were ordered by the studios to add more action sequences to the feature) With this new TV spot, we quickly learn the new film is surely going to be loaded with a lot of action.

The whole “prepare” suggestion also infers fans should get ready for a reboot. The Fantastic Four are returning and in a different way. The new heroic endeavor is going to be heavy on science-fiction with a touch of cyberpunk thrown in. Hopefully, the final film is going to be a great one.

NBC Tells Donald Trump That He is Fired!

Donald Trump was used to telling contestants on his show The Apprentice that they were fired, but NBC today decided it was their turn to tell the Donald that in fact he was being fired. The Apprentice and USA beauty pageant were dropped from NBC, citing they were cutting all ties to Donald Trump after his latest immigrant comments. This was something Trump was not going to let happen quietly.

Once work came from NBC, Donald Trump was quick to write a formal reply and post it on the internet. In an open letter to NBC, Trump criticized the network for cowering to the public and trying too hard to once again be politically correct. He blasted the network saying that he feels the problem with this country is that we are trying to hard to please the minorities at the cost of all our rights. He then reminded everyone that this is the reason he is running for president in 2016, to turn this country around before it is too late.

According to Igor Cornelsen in this article, Trump went on to say in that letter than he had already told NBC that he was not doing another year of The Apprentice, so them claiming to drop the show was nothing more than grandstanding and trying to appease the mob. His comments were in start contrast to what NBC had to say on the matter, stating that they were not willing to associate themselves with anyone with those feelings towards minorities.

Star Trek 3 is Now Called Star Trek Beyond

Justin Lin, the director of the third installment of the rebooted Star Trek series, has officially changed the title to Star Trek Beyond.

The production for this third film has already started in Vancouver, Canada with the new Star Trek crew featuring Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock and Chris Pine as James T. Kirk. The new crew will be facing a new villain played by Idris Elba,

The change in title could have been done so people don’t confuse these rebooted films with the first ten Star Trek films which were numbered.

Brad Reifler ( knows that the screenplay for this third installment will be written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. Simon Pegg will again play the engineer named Scottie. The script is said to be set in the first year of the Enterprise’s first five-year mission. The first two films were about when the crew was being trained at Starfleet Academy.

The cast will be mostly the same except for the addition of Sofia Boutella of Kingsman: Secret Service.

This third version premiers July 8, 2016.

A Very Harry Play

Exciting news for all those Harry Potter fans like Doe Deere out there. It’s been years since a new book has been released, and since the series was so good, it left fans itching for more. JK Rowling has said that the series is finalized. But, those who love the stage can rejoice.

According to Reddit News, JK Rowling took to Twitter to announce that the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” will be hitting London’s stage. She’s pretty tight lipped about what exactly it entails, and isn’t giving away too many details. She has told fans however that it’s not a prequel.

Rowling has said that the play won’t be turned into a book. Once people see it they will understand why it’s not a book, and that a play was the right choice. The author does not have any other plans to turn the other books into plays because those were told in the right medium. Wouldn’t it be a cool thought though to think of all her books becoming plays or possibly even musicals? The books have so many fans,and they latched onto the movies as well. I’m sure they would accept a play with open arms as well. So many people don’t want to see the franchise die, and this would be a way to keep it alive, and keep people interested in all that Harry Potter has to offer.

Honest T2 Trailer Hits Every Major Point!

Today, Thursday, June 25, people are still talking
about the Tuesday upload of Screen Junkies’ “Honest” trailer for Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The staff at Screen Junkies quickly noted that the movie was marketed as an entertaining “adorable kid and their pet robot” story even though the dark tone of the film series is about stopping an apocalypse. They also noted that hard R-rated films used to be marketed to children when the film was released in 1991.

They then pointed out the paradoxical nature of the story. Essentially, the only reason John Connor was born and became the leader of the Resistance in the future is because Skynet tried to kill him in the past and the Resistance sent a soldier back in time to save his mom and that soldier became his father. If Skynet had not sent anyone back, then the Resistance would have had no reason to send back the soldier. Yet, John Connor, Resistance leader, somehow existed in the first film before his father ever went back in time.

On Twitter Beneful noted that they also went on to mock the film’s inconsistencies like the T-800 not understanding crying while having “detailed files on human anatomy.”

The best point of the trailer?

In 1991, film trailers gave away important plot points. Twenty years later, the practice hasn’t changed: The Terminator: Genisys trailer gave away many startling plot revelations this year.

Bernardo Chua, the Founder and C.E.O of Organo Gold.


Bernardo Chua is a Philippine native. He has worked in multi-level marketing for years. Bernardo Chua is the founder of Organo Gold. Early in his career, he was an executive at the Gano Excel in Philippine. Bernardo Chua has helped expand the Gano Excel to U. S.A, Canada and Hong Kong. The products marketed by the Gano Excel had ganoderma in them. Bernardo Chua was the president of the Gano Excel branch in U.S. A. The Gano products ranges from instant coffee, capsules amongst other products. He is a recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold medal. Early in 2004, there were problems with the Gano excel products. Bernardo Chua was sent a warning letter by the U. S Food and Drug Administration. The products are said to help detect hidden diseases, remove toxins from body system, treat diabetes, treat gout and reduce cholesterol levels. The products were discovered to have traces of milk that cause allergies in lactose intolerant people. This was discovered by the healthy agency of Canada.

Bernardo Chua has ensured the huge success of the Organo Gold Corporation. There are 39 countries that Bernardo has established this company in. recently, he started this global gourmet coffee company in Turkey. This has opened a variety of market for the Organo Gold products. It has enabled the product reach different races and religions. Bernardo ensures that the products are healthy and do not harm humans in any way, whether immediate or long term. Bernardo’s coffee has many health benefits. It makes the body strong and healthy. It also improves the quality of life. The products of Organo gold ranges from Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Gourmet Mocha, Gourmet Black Coffee, DUE Espresso TRE, Gourmet Latte, King of Coffee, Espresso UNO, Espresso, tea, vitamins, toothpaste to soaps.
Bernardo Chua is a great team worker. He works with a dedicated team to manage the different branches of the corporation. He appointed Paul Jarvis to manage CIS, Europe and Africa, as the regional Vice President. His company has received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award and the People’s Choice awards: ‘Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee’ and the ‘Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company.’ Bernardo held the ‘Outstanding Global Entrepreneur’ title for his great work as the founder and the C.E.O of the Organo Gold. This corporation is one of the fast growing network companies in the world. Bernardo Chua is available on twitter and on LinkedIn.

Composer James Horner Dead at 61

Composer James Horner, known for his scores in over 100 movies, has died in a plane crash. He was 61.

Horner began composing movie scores in 1979 after working as a concert hall composer. He became widely recognized in 1982 for his work on “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” and later paired with James Cameron on “Titanic” and “Avatar”. His score for “Titanic” is the highest selling orchestral soundtrack in history, and he won two Academy Awards for the film in 1998. Other accolades include two Golden Globe Awards, three each Satellite and Saturn awards and nominations for many more.

Horner was an experienced pilot and the owner of five aircraft. Official reports have yet to come in other than a plane registered to the composer went down in the Los Padres National Forest, killing the pilot.

His assistant Sylvia Patrycja confirmed the news of his death on Facebook Monday evening reported Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Cersei Lannister Had A Body Double

Lena Headey is known for her role as Cersei Lannister on a ‘Game of Thrones,’ and many people around the world were very shocked with the season finale of the show. ‘Game of Thrones’ fans were mortified when Cersei Lannister had to perform the walk of shame. In case you missed it, Cersei Lannister was forced to walk through her kingdom completely naked. Citizens threw garbage and vegetables at her face, and the scene was very cruel and unusual. Nonetheless, some people feel that Cersei Lannister got what she deserved, but that had to be a very controversial scene to shoot.

At first, Lena Headey was supposed to perform the walk herself, but she decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her career. However, some people didn’t even realize that Lena Headey did not perform the actual walk of shame, and it was most recently revealed on TMZ that she had a body double. In case you’re wondering, an actress named Rebecca Van Cleave was hired as Cersei’s body double.

The walk of shame has always been a big subject for fans of the series, and some people were unsure if the event would actually be shown on television says Mikal Watts on Some fans of a ‘Game of Thrones’ are actually hoping that the HBO series will feature less controversial moments in the next season of the show. However, I’m sure that the next season will be the most controversial one yet.