Joseph Bismark: The Spiritual Entrepreneur


Joseph Bismark is a dynamic businessman with a unique philosophy that involves integrating business and spirituality in ways most would think impossible. Harmonizing the ruthless world of business with the the spiritual virtues he learned as a monk in the Philippines in his youth. A recent article posted on the word press blog Bring On The Random gave incite into how this unique business leader is not only changing the way business is done at his company Qi Group, but how he is spreading the word everywhere.

He accomplishes this integration through a combination of teamwork and realizing that the spiritual welfare of his employees is important, not only for the employee, but the company as a whole. Mr. Bismark understands that an unhappy stressed out employee will not provide the level of service needed to customers or be very productive. His philosophy of treating everyone with respect and encouraging a sense calm peacefulness is a refreshing change in the usually cutthroat world of business and his employees love him for it.

Mr. Bismark’s time as a monk has clearly left a lasting impression on him and he utilizes the philosophy he learned there to develop ways to resolve performance issues that have developed in business. Can one man change the way business is done and make the work place better for everyone? If that man is Joseph Bismark he just might.

Great Brazilian Lawyers

If you find yourself in need of legal assistance in Brazil, there are some lawyers that are very reputable. There is also a variety of different legal codes and statues in different regions within Brazil. A professional lawyer can help you to successfully navigate the system. This is true whether you are looking for assistance with a civil case or a criminal one. You can find good lawyers whether your legal dilemma is.

As with most (arguably all) countries, self representation is not a good idea in Brazil. Those who choose to represent themselves in court often do not know what they are getting themselves into. Luckily, there are plenty of lawyers that you can hire. They will help you navigate the Brazilian legal system and offer you representation in the courtroom.

One excellent lawyer in Brazil is Mr. Ricardo Tosto. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has helped many large and successful companies deal with various legal dilemmas. He has also assisted famous individuals and politicians in legal matters. He has also practiced law pro-bono (providing free or low cost legal services for specific cases).

He also did not start out at the top or even near it. First, he only had a small lawyer’s office. Then, as time went on, his law business became quite successful. As his business succeeded, Mr. Ricardo Tosto became the owner of a law firm. When he did this, his business became even more successful. This was when the high profile clients started coming to him for legal assistance.

If Mr. Ricardo Tosto is not accessible to you, there are certainly other skilled and competent lawyers in Brazil. Carefully look into any lawyers that you are considering hiring. Don’t just hire any old lawyer that you find online. Do a full background check. Make sure that they are being honest about their schooling and credentials. Also, look for lawyers that are experienced. Then, when you are seriously considering hiring a specific lawyer, have a consultation. Generally speaking, a reputable lawyer will provide a consultation without any charge. Luckily, there are many credible lawyers in Brazil. You just have to put the effort into finding one.

The Past, Present and Future of Mental Illness

In today’s world, the field of psychiatry is growing by leaps and bounds. New research followed by clinical tries has helped thousands with a variety of mental disorders. Through new medications and therapy many people are now able to lead normal lives. This is a far cry from the past when most people with psychiatric problems were institutionalized. This area of medicine is not new; papyrus from ancient Egypt around 1500 BCE mentions clinical depression. It would be another 3,000 years until the first clinical trial for an antipsychotic medication – chlorpromazine – was performed.

One of the leaders in psychiatry and Nuclear Brain Imaging is Dr. Daniel Amen. Born in 1954, Dr. Amen is the founder of Amen Clinics. Located in California, Washington, New York, Georgia and Virginia the Dr. Daniel Amen strives to help people live healthier through brain health. His clinics boast largest database in the world of functional brain scans with almost 90,000. Besides being both a physician and psychiatrist, Dr. Amen is also a New York Times best-selling author with over 30 books and 60 professional papers. Considered as one of the most popular Psychiatrist in the world, Dr. Amen continues to make great strides in the discipline of Psychiatry.

These days there are six defined areas of psychiatric medication; Antidepressants, Stimulants, Antipsychotics, Mood stabilizers, Anxiolytics and Depressants. Each treats a variety of the many mental illnesses that have been identified. Although there is still no known cure for psychiatric disorders, most patients can live normal lives with the proper medication and treatment. It is believed that more than 26% of Americans over age 18 suffer from some mental illness. This translates to one in four adults, or about 60 million people. The problem is no less severe with minors. From ages 13 to 18 about 20% are afflicted and 13% for those 8 to 15 years of age.

In conclusion, there is still a long road ahead in the treatment of mental disorders. With advances in medication, research, emerging therapies and pioneers like Dr. Daniel Amen the future is bright for the millions of those suffering.

Visual Effects in Movies

Visual Effects have undergone quite an evolution when it comes to movies. However, the effects are not necessarily better, they are just different. Some would argue that the visual effects of the older films were a bit better than they are now, due to the techniques that were used compared to today’s techniques.

These days, a lot of the effects are achieved with the use of CGI. A lot of the movies effects even to this day are rather cartoon-y, which often takes the audience out of the movie. There are other methods being experimented with in order to improve the effects in film. However, one major factor in effects is the people behind the effects. One of these people is the CEO John Textor

John Textor runs Pulse Evolution Corporation. He has lead the digital production in films such as Transformers, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and plenty of other big name movies. Among the effects that are used in the films are de-aging effects as well s other digital type effects.

Some of the films that have believable effects use practical effects or at least incorporate them into the visual effects along with CGI. Fortunately, some of the big name directors are making a return to practically made movies. They are getting a grasp as to what types of films audiences want to see. They are also looking into making the types of films that they themselves would want to see with compelling stories and believable effects.

How Does Visual Search Technology Apply to Product Recognition?

Product recognition is the ability to recognize an image based on certain characteristics such as color, shape, size, proportion, and text. These qualities help to understand an item based on its brand and product names. This type of technology differs from a keyword search, where keywords in both the product and query descriptions must identify with one another in order to find a certain item. Retailers use product recognition technology by visual search applications that can downloaded onto a smartphone.

Since product recognition uses visual search, it helps to strengthen the search of an item in various ways. For example, if a customer was in a department store, he or she might take of a picture of a certain item with a smartphone camera. A search is conducted that will help to identify just what the customer wants to know about. Since this gives a visual description of the item based from the photo taken, quicker and more accurate results will be come from it.

More results can also be found if a customer decides to locate an item quickly rather than browsing around for it. When using visual search, it allows a better set of results for the customer to understand. Social media websites can be used to assist a customer where he or she might identify an item on sites such as Twitter or Pinterest. Also, a technique known as creative merchandising helps the customer to look at a retailer’s website and change results by selecting different colors or shapes.

Slyce is an example of a product recognition company that applies visual search technology to various retailers. This is done so that retailers can allow customers to find out about items while using smartphones. As a leading provider, its products and services include: Snap-to-buy, which incorporates their visual search technology into retailer’s apps; a Visual Relevancy search engine that helps customers to identify what they are looking for; and even physical advertising recognition digital convergence, a type of technology where customers can take pictures of a retailer’s digitally-enhanced billboard to find out about a certain item.

Gold Prices Plummet on Strength of Dollar

U.S. investors may want to shop around for more lucrative opportunities as the price of gold dipped to a five-year low Monday. Gold fell to $1,106 an ounce, a 40% drop from its high of $1,900 an ounce in August 2011.

After the 2008 financial crisis, gold skyrocketed in value as investors worried that rock bottom interest rates coupled with a massive bond-buying policy would result in high inflation. That scenario didn’t happen, and now demand for the dollar is increasing as inflation has held steady and the stock market is maintaining its recovery. Owning gold doesn’t produce any Handy income, so investors are turning away.

The dollar is also gaining strength globally against the Japanese Yen and Euro as the Federal Reserve considers raising interest rates. Interest rates in Europe and Japan are expected to stay low.

Investors may want to hold off on dumping all of their gold, however. Diversification of investments is always a wise hedge as over confidence in the markets may lead to a sudden, unexpected downturn.

The Art Collection of Adam Sender

Art collector Adam Sender is in the spotlight during Art Basel Miami Beach as he exhibits art from his private collection. The exhibit will be taking place in one of his Miami homes. It will feature works from Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili and Rashid Johnson, all chosen by curator Sarah Aibel. At the age of 45, Adam has managed to piece together a huge collection of artwork from the very best contemporary artists around. There is a total of 400 pieces by 139 artists in Adam’s collection. Adam says that he didn’t purchase every single amazing piece of art there is.
He states he only has bought pieces from artists who have had a long art career. His collection features pieces various movements that have taken place in the past few decades such as conceptual art, minimalism and appropriation. It was difficult for Adam to find pieces that were intellectually stimulating and visually appealing. Fortunately, he was able to find pieces that fit the criteria thanks to his knack of focus. He also has a rapport with the top female art dealers in the art dealers. His collection also features work by great female artists such as Mickalene Thomas, Wangechi Mutu, Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer.
Adam Sender has actively shared his collection with the world unlike other collectors who keep their collections hidden from the public. When he started, he had no idea that he would have a collection that was worthy of loaning to museums. He also plans to donate some of the pieces to institutions later on. He states that when he started, he didn’t think it would turn into the amazing collection that it is. He says that every single piece he bought he was passionate about it. Adam Sender plans to continue buying more pieces of contemporary art to add to his collection.

Channing Tatum Still Working on Accent for “Gambit”

2016 is set to be an explosive year for comic book films. While Marvel Studios will be releasing the first two films of the MCU’s Phase III, specifically “Captain America: Civil War” and “Doctor Strange,” Warner Brothers will be fully igniting its shared universe with “Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad,” and 20th Century Fox will offer a triple threat in “X-Men: Apocalypse,” “Deadpool,” and “Gambit.” With “Apocalypse” in the production stage of movie-making and “Deadpool” having concluded its filming, lots of details have emerged regarding those films; some being true and others merely rumors. Eyes have turned toward the early stages of the “Gambit” film.

While the mutant character is known for his acrobatic stunts and an ability to charge objects with explosive energy, Gambit’s French Cajun accent is the leading characteristic that fans consider. Tatum’s latest comments regarding his vocal training point toward continuing refinement of the voice. Tatum has admitted that although he hails from the southern U.S., Alabama specifically, and knows who to consult to learn the dialect, he doesn’t want his dialogue to come off as a stereotypical Cajun twang.

As for details regarding the film’s content in The Aspire New Brunswick, “Gambit” will serve as an origin story occurring within the bayous and boardwalks of New Orleans, Louisiana. Tatum also commented that this version of the character will have a more low-key, realistic costume than was popularized for the character since the 1990s.

Holly Madison’s Book Reaches Best Seller List

Holly Madison, who is a former Playboy playmate and girlfriend of Hugh Heffner, has written a tell-all book that is climbing the best-seller list on the “New York Times”. It is no surprise that “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny” is a best-seller, the public loves to know intimate details of things that happened behind the scenes, which Holly details. In her memoir, she talks about her time on stage doing “Peepshow” in Las Vegas, her relationship with Hugh Heffner, the time she spent on “Girls Next Door”, and what it was really like living in the Playboy mansion said Amen Clinic.

Holly reveals in her book that her life was different than how others perceived it. She talks about her life, but focuses mostly on the 2001-2008 years where she lived in the mansion and acted as one of Heffner’s personal girlfriends. She also discusses the challenges she faced with depression and her relationship with others who lived with her at the Playboy mansion. And like many want to know, she discussed her sex life with Heffner.

She said that many people ask her if she misses life at the mansion still. Holly has said that life has been much better since being on her own.

For the full story on Holly’s best-selling book, click the link to check it out on

The New Fantastic Four TV Spot Tells You To Prepare

The newest Fantastic Four television trailer has arrived and it contains everything you would want to see in a preview and a movie. Let us all hope the actual movie is just as action-packed as the “Prepare” TV commercial.

What are audiences supposed to be prepared for? Based on what is seen in the television spot, everyone should prepare for all the wild action taking place in the film stated About.Me. We definitely do see a lot of fighting, smashing, flying, jumping, and, when Doctor Doom shows up, some menacing. Previous television and theatrical trailers focused more on the more cerebral, melodramatic aspects of the film.

Not everyone was thrilled at the notion of seeing a Fantastic Four movie loaded with dark melodrama. Still, 20th Century Fox had to work hard to make the memories of the previous two comedic FF films did not hover in people’s minds. Still, complaints arose the movie lacked actions. (Supposedly, reshoots were ordered by the studios to add more action sequences to the feature) With this new TV spot, we quickly learn the new film is surely going to be loaded with a lot of action.

The whole “prepare” suggestion also infers fans should get ready for a reboot. The Fantastic Four are returning and in a different way. The new heroic endeavor is going to be heavy on science-fiction with a touch of cyberpunk thrown in. Hopefully, the final film is going to be a great one.